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Many say Bison is better tastin’ than beef, and we agree. Full of that rich prime beef like flavor without all the steroids and antibiotics, these American Buffalo burgers are real popular around the Pit. And they’re really easy to grill on the barbecue, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys. Bison provided by Blue Bison at http://www.CrownBlueBison.com Use the coupon code YOUTUBE to get 10% off your next purchase!

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25 thoughts on “BISON BACON CHEESEBURGERS recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

  1. FirefightersTV says:

    @ElPasoTV eat meat …
    @ElPasoTV eat meat / nah…a frustrated virgin! that’s why she’s preachin’!

  2. ElPasoTV says:

    @missQuerdenker do …
    @missQuerdenker do you eat meat?

  3. missQuerdenker says:

    @ElPasoTV see what …
    @ElPasoTV see what I mean? xD hey, come down, eat this….”food” 😉 its your body. lol.
    ps: I dont even know how soy milk taste ;-*

  4. ElPasoTV says:

    @missQuerdenker …
    @missQuerdenker yeah, right!…Stick to your grass and soy milk, miss preacher. Move on if ya got your panties in a bunch! rofl

  5. missQuerdenker says:

    this food made you …
    this food made you fat and unhealthy.

  6. CecoBg3 says:

    oh man I’d give …
    oh man I’d give anything to be your neighbor! mmmm-mm its gonna smell GUD

  7. notaninvaildname says:

    Now that’s a burger.
    Now that’s a burger.

  8. DEMax87rus says:

    mmmmmman it’s Gud!
    mmmmmman it’s Gud!

  9. JaiCourvoisier says:

    @YTGamerCommunity . …
    @YTGamerCommunity …Yeah, I’m gonna’ get the whole Jason Voorhees vibe going. Lol

  10. YTGamerCommunity says:

    @JaiCourvoisier Are …
    @JaiCourvoisier Are you gonna get a machete for cutting your meat too?

  11. mrbr549 says:

    Wow, one of your …
    Wow, one of your best videos!

  12. chiquettethedeadpoet says:

    this guy talk like …
    this guy talk like a mix of bush and obama

  13. NecramoniumKISSvideo says:

    @homesca When you …
    @homesca When you start up the barbecue, than there are some flames, just dont get in the way of the flames and smoke and you will be fine, when the coals start to glow and no more smoke and fire is coming out of the BBQ, your ready to go!

  14. pu2to3 says:

    damn u..DAMN U!! im …
    u..DAMN U!! im starving now lol

  15. 15551cue says:

    11:09 LMAO!!!
    11:09 LMAO!!!

  16. Xithon says:


  17. 15551cue says:

    This makes It SO …
    This makes It SO hard to stay on a fast.

  18. miguel87649 says:

    10:09 ohhhhh baby
    10:09 ohhhhh baby

  19. deathlord619 says:

    @homesca People …
    @homesca People have been using fire to cook there food for hundreds or thousands of years, I would think its safe.

  20. homesca says:

    Here in europe, …
    Here in europe, they say the the flames are bad for the health, gave cancer and stuff … Is this even true ? My grand father is making a lot of barbecue, but I really want to try the flame grilled style, but i’ve got to conveice him …

  21. tomo115511 says:

    I no longer care if …
    I no longer care if I become huge, just give me some of that!!!

  22. tehBLAX says:

    @kce003 vegitarian …
    @kce003 vegitarian ilol

  23. TheQotsaRules says:

    @lestube001 the …
    @lestube001 the video itself is 12mins long, which is stretching it by YouTube standards. If they had to show him washing his hands, cleaning the boards, cleaning his knives it would nearly be half an hour of filler. The Pit Boys in many videos stress the importance of hygiene.

  24. omfgroflma0 says:


  25. nomames2008 says:

    he done did it …
    he done did it again ..took a bite front of us ..man this is efin’ torture but worth to watch…

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