***This message is for those women in our culture who gladly accept the precarious pedestal upon which they are perniciously pressured to perch. Your disillusionment, well earned, will be well-deserved, once you are past your physical prime. Your disillusionment, well earned, will be well-deserved, once you are past...
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how do you cut prime beef?

primes are not divisible. I guess if it were prime beef you have to divide the cow by just one person. In that case you wouldn’t cut it up, you’d have to eat the whole thing in one bite.
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All About Chickens : How to Read Chicken Egg Carton Labels: Part 2

Watch a naturalist from the Massachusetts Audubon Society’s Drumlin Farm explain how to read chicken egg carton labels in this free online video. Expert: Tia Pinney Contact: Bio: Tia Pinney is a Teacher Naturalist and Adult Program Coordinator at Mass Audubons Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary in Lincoln,...
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Welcome to South Lake Tahoe’s Only Full-Service Meat Market, Overland Meat Company. We feature all Natural Meat with no hormone implants, no antibiotics, and no animal by-products, Free Range and Organic Poultry and Fresh Seafood. You’ll also find a nice selection of Fine Wines, Sauces, Rubs, Cheeses and...
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Prime Rib Recipe : What is Prime Rib?

Learn what Prime Rib is with expert tips for cooking beef in this free online video recipe clip. Expert: David Postada Bio: David Postada is Chef and owner of the Big Easy Catering company in Santa Barbara, California. Filmmaker: Diana Bacon Duration : 0:1:4
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Cumbrae’s Great Alternative Grilling Steaks, Part 3

GREAT ALTERNATIVE GRILLING STEAKS In this video, Cumbrae’s owner Stephen Alexander gives you the insight into the relatively unexplored world of alternative grilling steaks. We explore the part of the animal the cuts come from, how to best prepare them and how to ask for and select the...
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