Knowing More About Japanese Sushi

Japanese sushi is a type of vinegar rice topped with fish, meats and vegetables. Nowadays, sushi is prepared creatively for a more inviting appearance. It possesses many nutritional benefits.

Sushi comes from an archaic grammatical form of word which means sour. Rice and fish is being combined for a more likable meal. Most restaurants today serve sushi in different ways. Here is some additional information about one of the most popular food not only in Japan but in many countries across the globe.

Sushi Origin

Sushi did not actually originate in Japan. It was introduced into Japan from China during the 17th century. People made sushi from fermented fish. This is since there were no refrigerators back then.

The fish was consumed and the rice is discarded. Sushi is even considered as the marriage of vinegar rice with many other ingredients. Different sushi combinations had actually evolved. Sushi became the most popular food in Japan until now.

The Japanese love sushi, especially if it is served in rolled nori called Makizushi and nigirizushi (toppings laid in clumps of rice). This is also for inarizushi (stuffed with fried tofu) and chirashi-zushi (toppings scattered over a sushi rice bowl).

One should learn the basic ingredients in preparing sushi. Ingredients should be properly set in order so as to achieve the perfect art of making sushi.


Sushi rice – This is a type of short grained rice mixed with vinegar, salt, sugar and sometimes sake. Short grain brown and wild rice can also be used and is usually cooled down before placing it into a type of filling.

Nori – Nori is an alga, a type of seaweed wrapper. Algae are scraped, rolled out into thin and dried into the sun just like rice paper. High quality Nori must be thick, shiny, smooth, and green, having no holes on it. The Nori standard sheet is about 18 cm by 21 cm.

Omelette (fukusazushi) -An omelet is used in forming the pouch for the fillings and rice. It may also replace the nori, for wrapping purposes.

Toppings and fillings may include fish, seafood, vegetables, red meat, tofu and eggs.


Shoyu – This is referred to as murasaki. It is more commonly known as soy sauce.

Wasabi – This is made from the grated root of the wasabi plant. Hon wasabi (real wasabi) may reduce food poisoning because of its anti-microbial properties. However, seiyo-wasabi (imitation wasabi) is made from mustard powder and horseradish.

Gari – This is a sweet pickled ginger which aids in the digestive processes. It actually cleanses the palate.

Ocha – This is a type of green tea (ocha) in Japan.

Nutritional information

The main ingredients of sushi which is rice and fish are naturally low in fat but are high in carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals.

• Fats: Rich in Omega 3 or unsaturated fat. No fat was introduced in making sushi because it is served raw.
• Proteins: High levels of protein are found in tofu, seafood, egg and most specially fish.
• Vitamins and Minerals: Gari, nori and many other vegetables are rich in nutrients.
• Carbohydrates: Found in vegetables and mainly rice.

Risks in Health

Fish such as tuna and bluefin is found to have high levels of mercury. It can be hazardous to one’s health when eaten in large quantities. A weekly dose should acquire 2 to 6 pieces depending on the person’s weight as well as the amount of tuna inside the sushi. Raw seafood may result to risks of anisakiasis, causing diarrhea, parasitic infection and poisoning, especially if not prepared properly.


Sushi can be eaten via chopsticks or with your bare hands. This can be served with desired condiments like wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger.


• Fukin: Kitchen cloth.
• Ryoribashi: Cooking chopsticks.
• Hangiri: Rice barrel.
• Hocho: Kitchen knives.
• Makisu: Bamboo rolling mat.
• Shamoji: Wooden rice paddle.
• Oshizushihako: a mold used to make oshizushi.
• Makiyakinabe: Rectangular omelet pan.

David H. Urmann

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No.4397 Vina Acecook (Vietnam) Đệ Nhất Mì Gia Mì Thịt Bằm

Acecook Vietnam (ベトナム) Instant Noodle High Quality Pork Flavour

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Where can I find a prime rib restaurant in Manhattan, especially in mid – Manhattan area?

I am looking for a restaurant that does prime rib, ie one of the best cuts of beef slow cooked in prime rib style.


I love prime rib and make a point to eating at steak houses often.

In my opinion, the best prime rib in NYC can be found at Ben Benson. (It’s not just the steak that’s good there btw, everything is excellent). It’s located on 52nd st b/w 6th & 7th.

Smith & Wollensky on 49th & 3rd also serves up a wonderful prime rib.

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Kansas City Steak (6) 10-oz USDA Prime Rib-Eye Steaks

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Discover taste and quality beyond compare in every bite of these juicy USDA prime rib-eye steaks from the Kansas City Steak Company. Marbled for unmatched tenderness and flavor.

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What is an excellent beef roast that is symmetrical for oven rotisserie comparable to prime rib for feast?

Want to use rotisserie but it only works with symmetrical cuts. This is for 14 people and has to be great quality (like standing rib roast) for Christmas dinner. Maybe this is misguided and rotisserie is not better than roasting. Any chefs or butchers have advice?

Here is one using eye round of beef.

And I’m sure you can find a lot more here.,GGLD:2004-03,GGLD:en&q=rotisserie+beef

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What would you grade this informative speech out of 100 points I’m in a high school speech class?

Close your eyes and imagine one of the most deadly viruses that could kill hundreds of people, birds, and other animals in the world this virus is called the bird flu virus. The bird flu virus is one of the most worst flu viruses that is infecting the whole world as of now and is killing many people, birds, and other animals daily due to so many birds are carrying this virus and are infecting humans as well as other birds and other animals with this virus. The main areas that I will be discussing in this speech are what the bird flu virus is, what the signs and symptoms of bird flu are, and how to prevent yourself from not getting bird flu.

To begin with, Bird flu can also be known as avian influenza or H5N1. Bird flu is one of the most leading causes of death of many humans, birds, and other animals in the world today. Bird flu is considered to be a respiratory disease. There are four different types of the bird flu virus H5N2, H5N3, H9N2, and H5N1. Bird flu can infect the lungs and other parts of the human body such as the muscles and the throat. The bird flu virus is caused by birds receiving this virus in there nose and then once the virus that is in the birds nose hardens up and breaks into pieces, the bird can then infect other birds and people and also other animals such as pigs and tigers with this virus. The bird can infect a person, another bird, or another animal with this virus by their saliva. Normally right after the bird receives this virus it automatically dies. Some birds that carry this virus are ducks, sea birds, crows, and shore birds, these birds can infect other birds such as chickens and turkeys. In 2000 there were 200 chickens that died on a poultry farm from the bird flu virus. According to the July 20, 2007 edition of Farmers Weekly in the article called “migrated birds bring risk of avian influenza”, farmers weekly stated that birds that have passed through Germany, France, and Czech Republic may be at risk for having bird flu. About 45 countries in the world have been infected with bird flu such as Nigeria, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Poland, and Vietnam. Bird flu has also infected countries in Asia, Europe, Russia, Africa, and Canada. In 1997 bird flu had its first out break in Hong Kong killing six people and millions of birds. According to the student edition of the world almanac titled “Avian flu” the world almanac stated that between 2003 to 2005 there have been 115 people who have been infected with bird flu and 50% of those people died. There has been only one known vaccine for bird flu so far. According to the April 26, 2006 edition of The Journal of American medical association in an article titled “mixed success found for avian flu” Tracy Hampton stated that an experimental vaccine from an inactivated avian influenza virus can induce immune responses in about more than half of healthy adults this vaccine requires two doses of it to be taken in order for the vaccine to work.

Next off, Bird flu symptoms can range from being mild to sever. Some of the symptoms of bird flu are diarrhea, fever, sore throats, muscle aches, coughs, swelling of the head, lack of appetite, and respiratory distress. Birds may experience a drop in egg production if they have caught this virus. Some people who have a regular flu virus on top of the bird flu virus, the two viruses will combine in the body and form a new type of virus which can be even more deadly. Symptoms of bird flu virus usually occur within two to four days after being infected with the virus. Some people can develop a pink eye or an eye infection. Sometimes bird flu can lead to phenomena. Some people can be hospitalized if bird flu virus gets sever enough. Sometimes people can go into a coma for weeks. Some birds and people may die without showing any signs or symptoms of having bird flu. The drug Relenza may help to relieve the symptoms of bird flu. According to the January 7, 2007 edition of New Scientist in an article titled “the bird flu threat” Debora Mackenzie stated that a drug called tamiflu saved a few Asian victims who had the bird flu virus but in order for tamiflu to work you have to take it within 48 hours within the start of the bird flu symptoms in order for it to make a difference.

Lastly, one way to prevent yourself from not getting bird flu would be to avoid open air markets. Be very cautious when at a poultry farm some of the birds or other animals there may be infected with bird flu. Try to avoid rural areas sometimes infected birds with the bird flu virus like to hang out there. Always be sure to wash your hands a lot during the day germs tend to always be on your hands. Also be sure to always cover your mouth when you cough this is a very easy way to spread bird flu to other people. Never eat anything with undercooked eggs in it. Never eat raw or not well cooked meat this can be very dangerous and can be a good way to catch bird flu. According to the science and development homepage titled “bird flu update” the science and development homepage had stated that a 23 year old teacher from northern Phu Tho province in northern Vietnam had became ill with the bird flu virus after eating contaminated poultry. Consider getting a flu shot at your local clinic this flu shot will protect you from hopefully not getting bird flu but the shot wont guarantee you that you wont get bird flu. Bird flu has caused many people in Asia to have to wear surgical mask .in public so that people that aren’t infected won’t catch the bird flu virus from them and some people must avoid all social contact with other people so that they don’t infect the people who don’t have bird flu. Some restaurants and theaters and schools are going to close in Asia in order to prevent the spread of bird flu.

In conclusion, the bird flu virus is one of the most dangerous viruses in the world today that could kill hundreds of people, birds, and other animals. So now you know what bird flu is, what the symptoms of bird flu are, and ways that you can prevent yourself from not getting bird flu. So the next time that you go to a poultry farm or come in contact with a bird or a person that is infected with the bird flu virus you will know how to take proper precautions so that you don’t catch the bird flu virus.

Well the facts are wrong, and there is a very great deal of excess verbiage in it. Avian Flu is not by any strech of the imagination one of the leading causes of human death as you claim. It is not even in the top 1000.

Fix the facts, and cut down on the retpitition and the talking about what you are going to talk about. A good speech is clear, concise, to the point, and accurate.

Were I to grade this as is, assuming a good delivery, I’d give it about a 35 out of 100.

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New Mexicos Hot Chefs tm Vernons Hidden Valley Steakhouse Creme Brulee

Looking for a big city dining experience? Find it at Albuquerques prestigious Vernons Hidden Valley Steakhouse on 4th Street.

Designed after the old speakeasy of the Prohibition Era, Vernons cozy and intimate atmosphere is punctuated by shiny black diamond plaster walls, rich red planked ceilings, and elegant live music including piano solos and jazz vocals.

Sometimes referred to as one of Albuquerques best kept secrets, Vernons is a popular destination for those in the know. And what they know is that the dining experience at Vernons Hidden Valley Steakhouse is memorable.

Noted for its sumptuous steaks, Vernons menu includes butter-tender filets, rich-flavored bone-in rib eyes, and prime rib aged to perfection.

Youll also find exceptional choices in seafood, veal and lamb, all prepared for the most discriminating palette. From tempting appetizers, soups and salads to delectable desserts, youll marvel at the exquisite flavors, dramatic presentations, superb service and extensive wine list.

Vernons Hidden Valley Steakhouse. Discover it for yourself. Make the reservation

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Maximize Your Profitability With Internet Marketing

At the time of this writing, the country is facing real and growing fear … on Wall Street and on Main Street. The Congress, without shame, has passed the bailout plan along with a whole bunch of pork. In other words to get enough votes, individual members of Congress traded their “conviction” for their pet projects designed to do what … get more votes and insure their own political longevity. This is Democracy?
So what can you do? I say control those things that you and only you can control; your business and for the purposes of this writing your online business. For more details go to .Pay even closer attention to your business. Analyze all areas of your business. Don\’t cut cost just for the sake of cutting costs. Concentrate on efficiency … getting more done with less! Through careful analysis you can always increase your efficiency and productivity in all areas of your business … sales, marketing, customer service, finance and accounting, manufacturing, research and development.
1. The former involves \”coming at the potential customer\” almost always when not welcome. These methods are considered wildly successful if just a success rate of 1 in 200 is achieved … not very efficient or cost effective.
2. The latter involves the targeted visibility achieved through Google, Yahoo and the rest where the potential customer initiates the contact at a time and place of their choosing. They are ready when they decide to search for your products and services. Predictably, the success rate is much higher than, sometimes as high as 15-20% if your website is easily found and is further optimized for converting the visitor.
Being found by those potential clients and buyers at precisely the time and place of their choosing … where else in the world can you more efficiently get the highest quality, the most qualified new business? While traditional advertising uses a wide and inefficient net to hopefully reach the right buyer mainly by the math of a tiny percentage of the market that will see your ad, open your mail, answer your phone call at precisely the time they are interested and ready to actually act, Internet Marketing is targeted and Search Engine Visibility in the organic or natural listings is only seen by the buyer when they want to see you. How many times have you called on a prospect or advertised traditionally where the buyer says “I’m amazed, I was just about to call you” … very rare, indeed. ALL searches that find you on the search is amazing in that you are being found exactly when it is “at the top of their list” of things to do.
So, if you find that your marketing dollars are restricted and therefore more precious than ever, you need to make the most out of every marketing dollar. So cut the inefficiency of traditional advertising and focus your marketing dollars on targeted traffic through the power of the internet and specifically the search engines. For more help go to .My message: In these troubled times, the best investment you can make is in yourself and in your business. Focus on efficiency and productivity to maximize your profitability. Yes, cut costs where you can; but stay on offense more than on defense.


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GI Joe PSA Spoofs by FenslerFilm (Best Quality Version HQ)

This upload is the original Public Service Announcements spoofs as parodied by Fenslerfilm.

This video was converted from an original large format 720×480 MPEG-2 that I dug up on the FENSLERFILM website years ago. The 2nd generation format is 640×480 2-PASS VBR DIVX 4.12, with upsampled 48kHz audio, for “breathing” room. Watch in HQ for best results.

There is no higher quality version on Youtube or anywhere I’ve seen.

“Body Massage”
“Porkchop Sandwiches”
“Your Got Sacked”
“Help Computer”

Sorry I am not more descriptive about episode origin, but I will update later. Enjoy.

Duration : 0:2:15

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Three Ravens – Leafy Greens & Mutton

Local medieval singing group, Leafy Greens and Mutton, performing the song “Three Ravens” (Thomas Ravenscroft) at the Bangor Public Library on August 29, 2007.

Check out their website at

Leafy Greens and Mutton are also members of the SCA’s (Society for Creative Anachronism) Shire of Endewearde (central and northern Maine).

Check out photos from the event at:

The Society for Creative Anachronism:
The SCA’s East Kingdom:

The Three Ravens

There were three ravens sat on a tree,
Down a down, hey down, hey down
They were as black as they might be,
With a down.
The one of them said to his mate.
“O where shall we our breakfast take?”
With a down, derry, derry, derry down, down.

Down in yonder green field,
Down a down, hey down, hey down
There lies a knight slain e’en his shield,
With a down.
His hounds they lie down at his feet
So well they do their master keep.
With a down, derry, derry, derry down, down.

His hawks they fly so eagerly
Down a down, hey down, hey down
There is no fowl dare come him nigh,
With a down.
Down there comes a fallow doe
As great with child as she might go.
With a down, derry, derry, derry down, down.

She lifted up his bloody head,
Down a down, hey down, hey down
And kissed his wounds that were so red,
With a down.
She got him up upon her back
And carried him to earthen lake.
With a down, derry, derry, derry down, down.

She buried him before the prime,
Down a down, hey down, hey down
She was dead herself ere even-song time,
With a down.

God send every gentleman
Such hawks, such hounds, and such a leman,
With a down, derry, derry, derry down, down.


Duration : 0:2:44

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