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Washing dishes keeping a clean working kitchen. Simple tips

Dishes the alpha and omega of the kitchen. How much thought do we put into washing dishes? Nowhere near enough consideration is given to this so-called menial task. It is probably the most important thing done in the kitchen if you have improperly washed dishes your life and others can be compromised food poisoning is no laughing matter and cleanliness determines who is plagued with this malady and who is not. I know we should put some time into washing dishes I like most people want to put as little time as possible and maintain the highest standard. Safety is your first priority I have had OSHA training we use to make little jokes about OSHA but this group takes the time to consider things that were overlooked making all our lives better. Never put knives in dishwater use a knife sharpen it wash it and place it on the magnet on the wall keep track of them by keeping them in their place where they are less likely to cut you. You have your kitchen set up our way you will always have a good sharp knife clean and ready to do your bidding.

Some let the clean up pile up and never return to cooking in their home short of microwave dinners cereal and popcorn. If you are that person cheer up you didn’t shoot the pope, get pen and paper evaluate your kitchen go get the supplies you need to get your kitchen back to work this can be fun. Many would call these people lazy I beg to differ they have a failed system to start with. Get a pan and a plan start these dishes to soaking so you can get the crusty caked on mess off call a friend to help. I am a true friend If I encounter a friend that has sunk into a depressed state I have helped clean their house you do have friends that would be glad to help you get your life back.

Ask yourself what can I do to accomplish the task and make it more enjoyable. If you have a roach problem because of the mess get some fogger bombs first. Then turn on every light you can in the area if it seems dim get more lights crank up the stereo start a pot of coffee. Take out the trash clear off the counter tops put things in boxes if you have to but get more than enough space to get your job done.

Ever wonder why dish drying racks sold at the store barely do the job? As with everything it is a conspiracy it’s because if you have a dinky useless strainer it will keep you from wanting to wash dishes this keeps you from cooking and the downward spiral has begun. You will buy the prepared foods maximizing the stores profits. Your waistline the larger it gets the more clothes you have to buy. Then there is the weight loss industry now you are going to buy useless exercise equipment useless because most equipment is never used it’s just purchased; don’t believe me go to a yard sale or a thrift store you will find plenty of workout stuff there near free.

In this video, I address some of these problems and my simple solutions that are inexpensive and require a measuring tape and a trip to the wal-mart. Using a dishwasher tray like the one I do is recycling it is the key to maintaining a working kitchen it is the most important thing in my kitchen and it was FREE. This is a sturdy basket that will never flip over, you have more space than you need you can stack over 2 foot high with it using heavy pots plates casserole dishes you name it this thing is designed to last years its industrial grade. It drives my wife nuts I will use a spoon and instinctively toss it in the sink. Why, because it is sanitary you do not want to cross contaminate use it wash it immediately.

If you handle poultry wash up and afterward I even change the water immediately take no chances wipe everything you might have touched use sanitizer (bleach water).
I start a dishwater with a fresh towel first then I start getting out pots, food etc. It will change dishwater some 3x while cooking if it gets cold or dirty what ever I change it. Using the pan inside the sink the way I do means I can change water quickly, just flip and all the contents are free from your pan you can go to the other side the sink and begin a fresh water. It is the fastest most flexible way to get the job done.
Sometimes you will have dishes pile up when you are in and out the house you just place things in the dishwater to soak. We just roll those dishes out into the sink and start fresh hot dishwater in the next sink takes seconds and you don’t have to pull the gross plug.

Sure, we have those tips like placing a sponge in the microwave for 2 min to kill any germs in the sponge ok I do that. We like to use 1 to 2 tablespoons of bleach to sanitize the water that way I know we are going to be safe. When you wash dishes you are not doing this for show you are first and foremost doing it to be healthy and that requires you kill germs I wish you the best enjoy your kitchen. This is a major wealth wound in many families today many are eating out getting poor food choices as a result they are paying a lot of money for their mortality.

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11 thoughts on “Washing dishes keeping a clean working kitchen. Simple tips

  1. scotplaya says:

    I think a way to …
    I think a way to keep dishes clean is to be more resourceful with the pots and pans when cooking. It takes my sister 2 pans to cook bacon and eggs while it takes me only 1 pan.

  2. cdltpx says:

    We recently …
    We recently replaced the countertop and the sink.and put the tub/bucket away guess what happened we started to get lazy on the washing I know why the bucket system allows you to change water instantly you don’t have to wait for the water to drain you invert then immediately begin running water. Since I returned to bucket system the kitchen stays clean and we eat at home more. If you are choosing a faucet please get one with the hose so you can rense pots and things.

  3. cdltpx says:

    Thanks I made this …
    Thanks I made this video b/c I have seen so many folks with a kitchen not being used due to dishes getting backed up. U
    sually its first time away from home youths that never got a grip on reality. They end up eating either fast food or microwave food on paper plates. Use to be kitchens could back up b/c trash cans lacked capacity now we have huge wheeled dumpsters compared to the store bought stuff we use to use.

  4. NekkidRomeo says:

    Funny ,just saw a …
    Funny ,just saw a vid’ where’s healthier to drip dry your dishes ,compared to drying same dishes with same bacteria,,Good Work!!

  5. cdltpx says:

    Understood my …
    Understood my intention is to answer any questions that might arise I will not be here to respond to any questions once I return to duty.

  6. bambizzoozled says:

    Man you type a lot! …
    Man you type a lot! The description is longer than the video. By the time you read it, you’re dead. Anyway, that bucket is called a “dishpan” and that is EXACTLY what I do at home.

  7. cdltpx says:

    The dish rack had …
    The dish rack had dishes piled 2.5′ high drying after I was done washing. I had to cook roux chop all the veggies prep the roast it took many pots plates spoons and you name it used over 4 large pots and one 2 quart sauce pan. Was able to start washing as soon as I was done with something it was washed and since I don’t dry they piled up that high If I had the store bought dish rack it would have taken over 3 hours to cook all that.

  8. cdltpx says:

    Last weekend I had …
    Last weekend I had 2 pressure cookers going cooking the week’s food a large roast and chicken breast all in gravy $25 worth of meat. I was able to cook all that food have it all put away and kitchen clean in 2 hours we still haven’t eaten all the food since we ate out a couple times for the of it but we had options. I save tons of money doing this when considering it cost $25 to eat out per incident having food ready saves time too. Grab a main meal and a canned good some bread and yum.

  9. CMLovejoy says:

    Thats a good little …
    Thats a good little set up you got there.

  10. cdltpx says:

    If you are …
    If you are scratching your head wondering why I would do a video on washing dishes because I feel it is important click on the “more information” hyperlink to read more I write a lot more b/c I have all the room I need to explain myself. Besides a lot of young folks are getting their first place and have less desireable places with these problems. We live here by choice we can afford a palace but want to do it debt free. We are saving for a dome home we want to own it 100%.

  11. Amy says:

    It is really about washing your hands correctly. There is no short cut. Paper towels are not going to decrease the spread of germs if washing is not done properly. Not only can you stop using paper towels at home but also when you are out. You can BYOT(bring your own towel) such as a PeopleTowel and save some trees when you are at work, school, or the local coffee shop. We really do not need more disposables in our life.

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