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Since humans are just a form of animal, aren’t we being cannibalistic when we eat the meat of other animals?

What’s the beef with meat? This question can be answered in two nutritional words: fat and cholesterol.

Too much fat. No matter how you slice it, meat is high in fat. Unlike milk, in which you can separate out part or all of the fat, you can never get rid of all the fat in meat, no matter how well you trim it. Even the lean parts are laced with fat. Extra lean select-grade beef contains around seven percent fat.

Wrong fat. Not only is there too much fat in meat, it’s the wrong kind. Nearly half the fat in meat is the artery-clogging, saturated type. And, of course, meat is also high in cholesterol. Beef fat is more saturated than poultry fat because the bacteria in the ruminant stomach of cattle hydrogenate, or saturate, the fats in the plants that cows eat. It’s like having a fat factory inside the food source.

Fat without fiber. Unlike meat, plant foods that are low in fat and high in fiber tend to pass through the intestines rapidly, causing less upset and fewer problems, such as gastroesophageal reflux. Meat has a double fault. It’s high in fat and contains no fiber, so it takes longer to empty from the stomach and pass through the intestines. While most people do not experience "indigestion" from meat, those who suffer from reflux should not eat much meat, as it may aggravate the problem.

Problems with protein. Not only are the fats in meat unhealthy, meat proteins have also recently come under fire. Recent evidence suggests that animal proteins increase blood cholesterol levels, while plant proteins, especially soy, decrease them. Meats contain high levels of the amino acid L-lysine, which increases insulin production, prompting the liver to release fat and cholesterol into the bloodstream. If L-lysine is experimentally added to animal diets, blood cholesterol levels increase by over fifty percent and the animals get plump. Studies show that substituting 30 grams of soy protein daily for a meat meal dramatically reduces cholesterol levels. So, the Japanese may have lower cholesterol levels than Americans, not only because they eat less meat, but also because they eat more soy. The quality of meat protein ranks below that of egg white, fish, and dairy products.

I’m a veggie. 😉

11 thoughts on “Since humans are just a form of animal, aren’t we being cannibalistic when we eat the meat of other animals?

  1. Above Normal says:


    1. the eating of human flesh by another human being.
    2. the eating of the flesh of an animal by another animal of its own kind.
    3. the ceremonial eating of human flesh or parts of the human body for magical or religious purposes, as to acquire the power or skill of a person recently killed.
    4. the act of pecking flesh from a live fowl by a member of the same flock.
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  2. Mister Knower says:

    I’m a veggie. 😉
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  3. Lulubelle says:

    No, we’re being carnivorous if we eat meat of other species. We would be cannibals if we ate human meat.
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  4. crimsondragonscales says:

    Cannibalism has nothing to do with whether or not you eat meat. Aside from that, I am so tired of hearing conflicting nutritional advice. One week, eggs are bad for you. Next week, they’re okay. I pretty much ignore stuff like this and try to eat a balanced diet. Eating a strictly vegetarian diet isn’t exactly healthy either; it lacks many key nutrients that we need to stay healthy. Everything in moderation.
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  5. Jazz says:

    Cannibalism is eating members of the same species. A cat and a dog are two different species under the umbrella term "animal". A dog eating a dog is cannibalism. A cat eating a cat is cannibalism. A human eating a human is cannibalism. A human eating a pig or a cow is NOT cannibalism.
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  6. A P says:

    Cannibalism is the act of eating a member of the same species. Animalia (animals) is a kingdom. Homo Sapiens (humans) is a species. Therefore, you are only a cannibal if you eat another human being.
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  7. Bluebeard's Wife says:

    A study published by Oxford University claims that vegetarians and vegans are 6 times more likely to experience brain shrinkage, because of the lack of essential nutrients in their diets, namely B12.


    I hope you’re enjoying your fortified processed veggie burgers and nutritional supplements. Why do you even need to eat so many fortified foods and supplements if you weren’t missing key nutrients in your diet? And how would you survive in a place where you had to eat what you found, and not what you chose? Clearly you must be missing some B12 in your diet since you think humans are cannibals for eating other animals. How about you take a trip to the jungle or to the rain forest? Do you really think animals wouldn’t kill and eat you if they had half the chance?
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  8. Wild Sage says:

    No, because cannibalism means eating your own species. We are not the same species as turkeys, chickens, pigs, or cows. You do raise some important health concerns about eating too much meat, but it is in no way, shape, or form cannibalism.

    Humans are not the only species to eat other animals. Wolves eat rabbits, cats eat mice, bears eat fish, and so forth. Eating the flesh of other species is completely natural and part of the food chain.
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  9. wendy g says:

    Then that would make ALL carnivorous animals cannibals, right?

    Lions who eat impalas are cannibals? Alligators who eat antelope are cannibals?

    Think before you post….
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  10. Bill G says:

    Linda, I think your getting the word carnivore ( meat eater ), mixed up with the word cannibal ( eats their own kind ). A. carnivore eats meat,like a tiger B. vegetarian eats vegetables,like a cow C. omnivore eats everything like a bear.
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  11. DrPhil says:

    "Meat is murder! Meat is Murder!"

    Okay, another BS flag to be thrown. This is just as exploitative as any PETA "public service announcement". Anybody remember the Giuliani "Got Cancer?" anti-milk ad?

    Contrary to the poster’s claim, a meatless diet does not provide enough protein and B vitamins, tending to make the eater splurge on processed foods high in carbohydrates. This reliance on carbohydrates makes the eater susceptible to blood sugar lows and spikes, and eventually diabetes.

    Eggs, dairy, and meat provide the essential nine amino acids and are not easily absorbed by the body through vegetarian diets. This necessitates the Vegan eater supplementing their diet with vitamins, and unhealthily processed fortified foods.

    The lack of protein, even a small deficit, causes any number of mental and physical symptoms, up to and including memory loss and moodiness.

    A healthy diet is a balanced diet, and like it or not, Mankind are omnivores.
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