According to statistics of the World Health Organization 800 million people (of whom 200 million are under 5 years of age ) suffer” chronicle hunger” (=described as “protein deficiency”medically) .Actually I do not belive in the reality of these numbers because a person just with a small piece of land can grow his foods or he can get his protein need from the eggs of 2-3 chickens or from the milk of one goat.Let’s not forget that Gandhi who founded India fighting against the biggest powers of his time had only one goat and for years he just lived on the milk he took from the goat. This was also what I heard from the intellectuals&academicians of the African countries when I went to meetings under name ” Save Africa from hunger”. They were really hurt and offended by being called so and explained that “mostly wars make people migrate to other places and this makes them lose their lands and thus foods”.But still the methods I will explain you for obtaining proteins and solving hunger are at least useful against poverty and chronicle diseases of our day like Diabetes , Cancer and High cholesterol.
So what’s chronical hunger or Medically described protein deficiency ?We need 22 amino acids daily that we take from proteins. 14 of these amino acids can be produced by our body but 8 of them can not. So these 8 are “called essential amino acids” and foods containing these amino acids are called First Grade protein Foods like meat,poultry, dairy products,eggs and soya.According to medical considerations, the daily protein need of a person is 0.75 gr/kg..Namely a 50 kg person needs 37,5 gr 1. grade protein a day If we add 30 % defatted(containing 51% protein) soy flour-75 gr- to 250 gr bread-which is almost the global standard- an avarage person’s daily protein requirement will be fulfilled perfectly.Such a “SMART BREAD” is the shortest solution for chronicle hunger of the world .In 1995 I wrote an article about the subject in Turkey and the municipality of Sivas city began to produce this bread after consulting me and the Medicine Faculty in their city. They put only 5 % defatted soya flour in bread.This added the nutrition value of one glass of milk(200 grams= 20 cents )in each bread & they produced 20.000 breads /day. There was a profit of 40.000USD/day to people which meant 1,5 million USD/year and the total profit was 3 million USD in the 2 years they made it. I wrote that if this was done nationwide with 30 % soya flour there would be a profit of about 4 milliard USD/year compared to meat consumption but as you may guess the politicians did not pay the faintest attention to my words. It is clear that the reason of hunger in the world is again us human beings.Of course such a protein intake would also cure chronicler diseases like Diabetes , Cancer and High cholesterol in Turkey and at least 30 milliard dollars spent for these illnesses per year would be saved.
Anyway the second way is ,as you know it is possible to make products like milk,cheese,yogurt,meatball,etc from soybeans. The problem here again as you know is the high cost of soymilk machines .Here I show you 2 inventions from me to make these machines 10 times cheaper and better.
HOW TO MAKE SOYMILK MACHINE/200 $ INSTEAD OF 7.000 $http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJ2NA2ucPss&mode=related&search=

The third way is extracting proteins from leaves here are some photos showing how simply and quickly you can obtain it. and I am giving you their webaddress for detailed info. http://www.leafforlife.org/ Best Regards

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  3. pawnjp says:

    I share the offence …
    I share the offence expressed by the African intellectuals you mention.

    Perhaps you should consider that a starving family needs to eat TODAY to survive.
    Given some soybeans they cannot plant them and wait a year for them to grow.
    They have to eat the beans TODAY to survive.

    Perhaps your suggestions can help to improve nutrition for people who can afford bread.

    By the way, the word you’re looking for is “chronic” not chronical or chronicle.

  4. sorrymeagain says:

    Ok you try to help, …
    Ok you try to help, you are maybe a very good man but pls your articulate is so low; The letter is ok but you don’t know somebody that can speek for your idea?

  5. Funkzilla303 says:

    Hemp is exttremely …
    Hemp is exttremely cheap it has all the amino acids and omega 3, 6’s and 9’s plus protein. It can be grown anywhere and is local soil friendly

  6. BornAtNight says:

    Probably best to …
    Probably best to eat beans and peas if you’re looking for a cheaper source of protein.

  7. BornAtNight says:

    Dairy and soy …
    Dairy and soy products prevent the absorbtion of certain vitamins and minerals. Dairy (milk) prevents the absorbtion of iron primarily as well as coats the stomach to slow down absorbtion in general, and soy, zinc, calcium and magnesium. Further more, soy causes the retaining of estrogen in the body in both men and women. Because of these things, soy has been linked to impaired growth.

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    Sorry for the bad …
    Sorry for the bad voice quality but there is a text of what I am saying near the video

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    I don understand …
    I don understand one word: 1/5

  10. hitturkey2424 says:

    Sorry for the bad …
    Sorry for the bad voice quality but there is a text of what I am saying near the video

  11. hitturkey2424 says:

    Sorry for the bad …
    Sorry for the bad voice quality but there is a text of what I am saying near the video

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    maybe a better …
    maybe a better microphone would help too.

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    can u put …

    can u put subtitles it’s kind of hard to understand what you are saying

  14. harriedmystic says:

    Your post is lovely. I appreciate the idea that anger just is: a state of mind-body-spirit. It is a conditioned complex of associations and our meditations are are-conditioning. the goal is to get back to the simple beginner's mind: before we became our ideas, our emotions, our attachments, our fears, our pleasures, our allusions, delusions, and preoccupations. Namaste.

  15. talib says:

    isn't the more fundamental paradox the fact that pleasure cannot exist in the absence of pain? one could argue quite easily, for example, that hunger, even the mildest hunger, is pain (needs are called “needs” because without placating them, we experience discomfort or pain). and the pleasure one derives from eating is simply the assuaging of the pain of hunger. it seems to me that all worldly pleasures are derived from dealing with these pains. but real pleasure, the peaceful, transcendental kind believers are after, is achieved through gradually alleviating the source of the greatest pain: separation from one's Creator.

  16. Yesquire says:

    The statistics reflect the fact that we live in a civilized kleptocracy, where elites within both political parties have for decades used government to steal money from the populace. The Tea Party movement is a reaction to this, but their anger is misplaced. Government is not inherently bad. It the people who run the Democratic and the Republican parties who have been thoroughly corrupted by power, and who use the government as a huge, knobby club to clobber the rest of us with laws which only benefit special interests at the expense of everybody else.

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  18. tinkan says:

    Take advantage of the lack of hunger and feed your body solely for the purpose of properly fueling your weight loss. It’s a good thing to be disconnected from the pleasure of eating, it makes it a lot easier to control yourself.

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    That has nothing do with taxes, or defecits. The Karl Rove machine and Fox News is telling that myth, but people being able to pay for college has nothing to do with liberals, conservatives, right/left, and any of that. It’s part of the corporate control over government.

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  31. Rock for Hunger | Homelessness and At Risk Youth in Orlando, FL says:

    .. there’s something to associating unfinished food with hunger, morally.. [Jonathan Bloom: American Wasteland]

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    Dear Denice!
    It's nice to see your comment on my blog. Dziękuje za życzenia i również życzę sto lat! 🙂
    What about your reply. I would like to notice, I'm agree! Anthropology should be open to the new methods of gathering data. I think there is no limits to utilized methods of others discipline, but all this new method should be perceived as auxiliary methods for anthropology! What it means for me?
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  38. Heather says:

    With regards to hunger: It is both environmental and biological. There are glands in your body that trigger hunger. If you medicine interferes with the glands' secretions, it will send hunger signals, to either eat or to not be hungry depending on the hormone that is being effected. So it is both will-power and biological. Anything that interferes with the hormone secretion levels will show an effect in appetite, in your case it is medication.

  39. From all of the beauty gurus I’m subscribed to, you are the only one to upload a video related to Japan and its crisis. As a Japanese-American, this means a lot to me and my family in Japan. Thank you so much for caring, for helping, and for raising money. I cannot stress enough how thankful I am. This is what true beauty is, helping each other..inner beauty I guess. Thank you so much bubz.

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