Math help, my son needs help? 10 points best answer?

He is in 4th Grade, I am terrible in math, yesterday he had a party but he failed to mention his homework thats worth half his grade, HE IS FAILING, passing this will help him pass, the teacher said its a " Act of charity", please help, he is going in late and he has 1 hour, please 10 POINTS!

Fresh Meat 75,000 lbs
Fresh Fish 11,000 lbs
Salt & dried fish 4,000 lbs
Bacon and Ham 7,500 lbs
Poultry and game 25,000 lbs
Fresh Eggs 40,000
Sausages 2,500 lbs

Net tonnage: 24,900 tons

Fresh Milk 1,500 gal
Fresh Cream 1,200 qts
Condensed Milk 600 gals

Lifeboat Total Rated Capacity: 1,178 persons
Personal floatation devices: 3560 life jackets and 49 life buoys
Fuel requirement: 825 tons of coal per day
Water consumption: 14,000 gallons of fresh water per day
Top Speed: 23 knots
Staterooms: 840.The Titanic was designed to hold 32 lifeboats, though only 20 were on board; White Star management was concerned that too many boats would sully the aesthetic beauty of the ship.

1.) How many tons of meat (fresh meat and fish, salt and dried fish, poultry and game, bacon, ham and sausages) were aboard the ship?
2.) How many pounds was the net tonnage?
3.) How many pounds of coal were used per day?
4.) How many quarts of fresh milk, fresh cream and condensed milk were present?
5.) How many additional 30′ life boats should have been on board to avoid this catastrophe?

1) add up the pounds and divide by 2000 lbs per ton.

2) a ton is 2,000 pounds: 24,900 tons x 2,000 lbs/ton = 49,8000,000 lbs or 4.98 x 10^7 lbs

3) the answer is on the page: 825 tons : convert this to pounds using the ratio 2000lbs per ton.

4) the answer is on the page, sorta: You have to convert gallons to quarts and add up:
1500galx 4q/gal + 1200 qts + 600galx 4q/gal = 9600 qts

there are 4 quarts per gallon.

5) we don’t know how many people were onboard, so we can’t find out how many boats were needed. we also don’t know how many people a single boat holds.