I just want to……….. cut all my damn ugly jiggle flipping ughh!?

Recently I’ve been trying to eat healthier. POINTLESS. Im 14, and 148 pounds, about 5’3. I have jiggly fat on my arms, stomache, and thighs. I’ve tried to eat veggies, fruit, and poultry, which I have. I’ve drank more water. But I caved! I had a WHOLE butterfinger bar yesterday, and some peanut cluster this morning, and had a whole 7-up this morning with a HUGE freakin cinnamon role! And had a most half dr.pepper yesterday night. I lost a bit a weight in my shorts, and I went to the store to get some new shorts ( I’m a size 13). I tried a size 9, NOPE. Im wayyy to fat for them. im just FAT! I can cry! I’ve resented becoming fat from the day I went into 7th grade. But im FAT. I feel ugly, fat, and boring.

What do I do? I feel horrible in every way! Please dont be mean…
I’ve also tried to walk, but have no motivation.
im 14, a size 13

I’m glad that you’re trying to lose weight in a healthy way 🙂
Well what you have to realize is that you’re losing the weight not for vanity, but to be a better, healthier you.
You can’t give up on yourself.
Motivation is sometimes the hardest part in losing weight. But if you really want it, then you’ll keep going.
Also, seek support from maybe friends or family.

Don’t ever think negatively about yourself, that will just bring you down.

Also don’t weigh yourself everyday! If you don’t see weight loss each day then that’ll just bring your hopes down again.

Keep up the healthy eating but make sure that you’re not over eating so watch your portions.

Cut out junk and snacks and don’t eat after 7 or 8.

Oh and exercise is crucial. Make sure to get at least any hour of physical activity a day 🙂

Remember that you’re beautiful in every way. A number on a scale does not measure a person’s level of beauty, it comes from within. Be confident and stride to youe goal.

Hope I helped and good luck 🙂