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Final Grade

Plot: Alex is a kid who's obsessed with horror films. Yet is his obsession causing him to go insane?

Runtime: 2:40

Starring: Jonathan Pino, Albert Faz

Director of Photography: John- Pierre Gautreaux

Written and Directed By: Eric Backer

Commentary: Second film by South Miami Senior High Students.

Dog Day Productions 2007

Duration : 2 min 40 sec

3 thoughts on “Final Grade

  1. L. Otto says:

    I distinctly remembering “brouhaha” and “hullabaloo” on my seventh grade vocabulary test. Each week, we were required to memorize the spellings and definitions of obscure words such as these.

    My son is in seventh grade, and I don't think he takes vocabulary tests. I don't remember the last time he did – I think it was in grade school. Luckily, he's an avid reader.

    Was this practice abandoned, and if so, when?

  2. DameFresh says:

    La ora 13:00, in Buzau, este În Mare Parte Înnorat si se inregistreaza temperatura de 18 grade C.

  3. Solnushka says:

    We have to include as part of our interview process the point that trainees are not guarenteed a Pass grade. You can grade people into the Proper People catagory and Everybody Else by the way they react to that comment, although they all pretend that that was blindingly obvious. I thought it was a result of working in the commercial sector. Deary me.

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