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Cattle Decapitation Bovine, Swine And Human Rinds

Album: Human Jerky
Deep in the butchery
Spurs a concoction of human innards
Sauteed and boiled with poultry and swine
The stench is unbearable
Twitching, severed, lifeless
To be ground into filler
Grade D yet edible
Innocent you lie-the stench wont die!
In bloody piles of swine-my god, the stench!
Blistered and cauterized-stench of burnt flesh!
Of bovine and swine-and sapien rinds
Intestines and fatty tissue swept aside, theres more
In line to die

Duration : 0:0:45

19 thoughts on “Cattle Decapitation Bovine, Swine And Human Rinds

  1. Twitter says:

    RT rel=”nofollow” Time heals all wounds. Except decapitation. There’s just no coming back from that.

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  3. kat021zen says:

    Just Say No to the Swine Flu Vaccination – Vaccines

  4. fierybydesign says:

    NEVER look after young children…. its worse than herding cattle..

  5. jyothsnay says:

    as a younger & level-headed woman, I insist my men (younger & older) to kiss me ardently first and then park themselves in the corner to proceed with the agenda. Most times, the agenda – conversations and discussions across the table, does not require support from a cig.
    interesting to note that all my men are heavy smokers n they forget the existence of that cylindrical stimulant rolled or robed in white clothes, manufactured out of cured and finely cut tobacco leaves, when they are with me…ah,power of a lady! men become gentlemen!
    respect your words, my lady. I am sure my love of life would extricate self from this with much ease when I am hovering around. else, I consider Cig n Cigars are the symbols of masculinity…I myself an admirer of “Bovine custodial officer”, well, I mean the COWBOY, the M!

  6. Twitter says:

    Discover your passion. Learn to apply it to your work and life. Follow a practical plan for making real change.

  7. Bethany Period 3 says:

    Good job on your paper on swine flu. If swine flu hits the U.S. I wont be worried. The flu kills more people then swine flu ever did. There are more things to worry about now. I think there is more swine flu in Mexico because they work with pigs more then the U.S. or any other country. Swine flu is something to worry about but all of us shouldnt get that worried.

  8. ...huh? says:

    …If anyone here is a member of PETA, I gots a question…
    Right now, where I work, I have to deal with steers (male bovine with no nuts) and cows together in one group, the pasture they're in now is about 50 sections, a section being a square mile, so about 200 square miles. Now, the steers are “riding” the cows, which is basically mounting them, causing damage to the hips and potentially killing the calf inside of the cow. Now, since PETA is all for animal rights, can these cows sue the steers for sexual harassment , attempted murder, and abuse?

  9. Cheryl Stubbendieck/NeFarmBureau says:

    I would add #cowfilms as a key 2009 hash tag. Folks began rewriting movie titles with bovine lingo, such as “Four Udders and a Tail.” Yes, it was Friday afternoon goofiness, but #cowfilms became a trending topic on Tritter and a lot of nonag folks asked what was happening. It provided an opportunity to connect and in some cases, to DM about serious matters.

    Here are few of my #cowfilms faves: The Good, the Bad, and the Bovine. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Calf. Amoolia Earhart. You get the idea.

  10. larsonite says:

    Kenny made me do it. RT

  11. "Oral history" -bush -white -zombie - Twitter Search says:

    Top 20 al celor mai mari proprietari de bovine din România. Cel mai mare are 3.086 de vaci :

  12. Ivana Hump: It reaches the hand downwards and it undoes his cattle tenders who feel that its ascent of the hardness arrives to find the hand.

    Erm.. cattle tenders had me in tears – I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want the one I was getting intimate with to say 'cattle tenders.' But hey, maybe some people get aroused by those delectable cattle tenders. They even sound sexy, and I don't even know what they actually are.
    Thats sarcasm. xD

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  14. Hannah says:

    Back in his college days, my husband and his football team buddies supplied the “manpower” at the starting line at races in Bemidji, MN. Holding these teams back was the hardest work-out he ever had! The excitement and joy given off by the dogs as they wait to be released was awesome! Drivers are very careful with their teams, and treat them well. Dogs do indeed LOVE to work. Now we have a Border Collie, and he’s bored silly unless he’s over at the neighboring cattle ranch, helping out.

  15. TheChemist187 says:

    damm mexican u dunno how to make no spread fooo. u guys cant even afford food in the county

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  17. _lowell says:

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  18. blu3violet says:

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