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Why did my chicken come out rubbery?

My first time making baked chicken…. I seasoned it, put 4 legs in a Pyrex pan thing and cooked them for 1 hour at 390 degrees…. 30 mins on each side… they are tough and rubbery….. not easily falling off the bone like normal… what did i do wrong? Could it be the meat quality?

slow and low is the key. Season them, put them on a baking sheet, or a pyrex pan, whichever, but add a little water in the bottom. this will keep them moist while cooking. Bake them at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes, and check them. If you have a probe thermometer, check the temperature, it should be at 160 degrees when you take them out. There is no need to turn them, they will cook evenly enough. Once you take them out, let them sit a minute or two, then serve! They should turn out alot better. Don’t ever cook chicken at 390, that is way too high and it cooks the chicken too fast, drying the meat out. And keeping it in for an hour definitely took all the moisture out, no wonder it turned out rubbery! I hope this helps, and I hope your chicken turns out delicious!

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    Dang i didnt know that it could do that if you bite down. I still want to try a long churchwarden clay do you recommend it? It would´╗┐ be like 7 dollars

  2. foongpc says:

    Why is black chicken more nutritious? Are they kampong chicken? Long time I didn't eat black chicken.

    Not the same. We have kampung chicken that eats organic chicken feed…and ordinary chicken that are fattened with hormones and all those chemical chicken feed. The texture of the meat is different and kampong chicken tends to be “sweeter” and supposedly healthier. Black chicken is a different variety by itself. It's black!

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    can't believe all dis crap comes out of my head.

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