what quality pints should i look for in these foods in a working kitchen?

I am doing questions for my cooking qualification. What should I look for when checking the quality of these foods.

sliced bread

unsliced bread


cooked meat/poultry

cooked fish

dairy products

salads/ vegetables/ fruit

sauce/ dressings / relishes

sliced bread – even slices, no squashed or ragged slices.

unsliced bread – uniform browning and texture of crust, no deflation between crust and crumb, uniform crumb with slight gluten stretch, good aroma.

fats/spreads/pastes – absence of rancid smell, not separated, smooth consistency.

cooked meat/poultry – poultry juices clear, surface void of pin feathers. Meat correct temperature, texture, color for stated oneness.

cooked fish – moist translucent flesh, absence of scales, coating if used should not be soggy.

dairy products – correct temperature for refrigerated dairy, absence of soured or turned smell.

salads/ vegetables/ fruit – proper temp, no evidence of browning or bruising, fresh appearence and aroma, no wilting. no dirt.

sauce/ dressings / relishes – proper temp, smooth textures, no seperation, fresh aromas, bright colors.