Vegetarian Diet Good Or Bad?

Main reason I ask this is after answering another question similar to this on this site seems as though everybody seems to think meat is the only source of protein and iron and with out it you will die. I agree whole hearted that there are benefits to eating meat but in terms of quality of diet meat is one of the lowest forms of nutrition for human beings. For example upon eating cooked meat, when it enters the stomach it is meet by white blood cells as the body believes it is a foreign invader unlike plant material, protein intake has a massive affect of cancers ability to replicate but ONLY animal based proteins. This has been proven in both rats and mice (sources being dr bass and the book The China Study the biggest nutritional study of nutrition ever done ISBN 978-1-932100-66-2) in terms of human design the only aspect of our body designed for meat consumption is our K9 teeth our intestines are designed for plant based material. In that sense we are a hybrid, omnivore teeth and vegetarian insides. Meats a big Business it is highly promoted. the disadvantages of drinking cows milk (excluding the stupidity of drinking an animal so differents milk) are well documented but again its big money but that’s a different thing altogether i suppose. Anyway after than rant the point of the question is to try and figure out why all you 13 year old americans seem to think that meat is so important in your diet! (No offense meant by that) Who ever gives the best answer in terms of researched and makes their point well whether for or against will get best answer. Should be interesting 😀

The answer is they’re right, meat is important in any diet. The proteins in soy and beans and such arn’t filled with all the essential amino acids the body needs for healthy muscle, hair, skin, etc. If you have to be a vegetarian you should pick up a why isolate protein supplement.

To go on with meat being important so other benefits of meat to someone who is trying to grow is the importance of cholesteral in hormone production. The cholesteral we get from meats help produce hormoones which are absolutely needed for growth, wheather it getting taller or stronger.

Also fat from meats ARE in fact important to a healthy diet, though in moderation. It’s excepted that we should get 25-30% of our caloric intake from fat split between saturated fat (the meats in out diets and eggs) monosaturated (nuts, fish oil) and polysaturated (olive oil). So thats about 8-10 percent of calories from saturated fats you need to get from meats.

Sorry if I don’t include any sources, I’ve been doing research on healthy eating and weight trianing all my life and it would be a bother to find all my sources again. I don’t expect to get best answer but I do hope you don’t give of meats for good. Also in college I read a couple of articles that claim our habit of eating meat was what gave us the ability to evolve to our current state of intellect. Can’t know for sure though