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Solar Cooking – Meat Loaf and Navy Beans

Cooking another solar meal. 1.5 lbs ground chuck, 1 pkg of onion soup, 1 tube of crackers, 2 eggs, salt, pepper . 1 cup of white beans presoaked.

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19 thoughts on “Solar Cooking – Meat Loaf and Navy Beans

  1. MzProgressive says:

    @centervilletn …
    @centervilletn Congratulations! Bet it was yummy!

  2. fal2grace says:

    @fal2grace btw I …
    @fal2grace btw I tagged you on the 50 things I own vid…don’t you hate it when people tag you? lol

  3. fal2grace says:

    @centervilletn I …
    @centervilletn I cook well when I can be creative… I hate having to make dinner every night:)

  4. centervilletn says:

    @BlacksAreBeautiful …
    @BlacksAreBeautiful ill help you any way i can with your gardening ..im not an expert but ive done quite a bit…somethings are so easy anyone can do..other things require more work…squash grows itself….potatoes are pretty easy too but are more labor intensive….but grow what you like to eat…and partner up with someone and you grow certian foods and they grow others and you can trade ..

  5. BlacksAreBeautiful says:

    @centervilletn …
    @centervilletn Hey, I must tell you, I eat many of my vegetables raw. This is actually the best way to maintain the nutrients in the meal. I don’t consider myself a RAW VEGAN though, since I do cook some of my foods, but for the most part, my meals mainly consists of nuts, fruits and vegetables. I do a lot of navy beans as well. I’m actually really interested in your garden, that’s my next step!

  6. centervilletn says:

    @MzProgressive …
    @MzProgressive beans were done! ..i soaked them in the fridge overnight..so they didnt have to soften …the oven held 225 degrees for 3 hrs…and the beans were well done…i was suprised ..

  7. centervilletn says:

    @fal2grace i bet …
    @fal2grace i bet you cook great…

  8. centervilletn says:

    @glenisah im just …
    @glenisah im just glad you mentioned it…someone could get hurt if a jar exploded in their face.

  9. centervilletn says:

    @BlacksAreBeautiful …
    @BlacksAreBeautiful it would be great if you posted some vegan meals…id like to make at least one meal a day vegan….i think we eat too much meat….less would be better…the neat thing about the solar cooker you can cook vegs. without adding water the lower temps and slow cooking preserves the nutrients better than other methods of cooking

  10. glenisah says:

    @centervilletn Wow, …
    @centervilletn Wow, I like the juice can idea.
    Sorry bout crackin jokes about ka boom but It was my first video of the day and it made me chuckle. Suppose you found a can that a jar fit into and you painted it black..I wonder if enough heat would transfer into the jar. It’s got me thinkin. Good stuff.

  11. BlacksAreBeautiful says:

    @centervilletn I …
    @centervilletn I guess that is definitely a benefit. I’m a vegan so my meals really never take more than 15mins or so to prepare anyway. To each his own, but it’s definitely fascinating to me though, because I had never even heard of it until you posted your first vid on it.

  12. centervilletn says:

    @glenisah i should …
    @glenisah i should has mentioned that the lid is just sitting on the jar…its not tighened……im going to try bread as soon as i get a chance…i saw a person use a large 1/2 gallon juice can for their bread pan…it makes a round loaf but cooks throughly

  13. centervilletn says:

    @BlacksAreBeautiful …
    @BlacksAreBeautiful i think the benefit for me is that i dont have to watch it …i can put the food in the cooker and mow the yard, work in the garden, run to the store for gasoline …not much chance of buring dinner and i can eat whenever im ready instead of when the meal is ready..but yes…i prefer a nice grilled steak any day of the week!

  14. fal2grace says:

    that looks really …
    that looks really good and not too hard for me. lol

  15. MzProgressive says:

    Hmmm, I think the …
    Hmmm, I think the beans will not be ready when the meat is done, but hey, give it a shot!

    If you want to try “bread” why not give the old stew and biscuits idea a shot. Wagon train women used to do this a lot with the old style footed dutch oven over coals. Best luck. Hope it turns out!

  16. skybirdbird says:

    @BlacksAreBeautiful …
    @BlacksAreBeautiful i can think of a reason…….you set it in to cook and walk away…..a bbq needs to be tended …..there is also maintenance….getting rid of ashes and all…..

  17. skybirdbird says:

    cool beans……i …
    cool beans……i mean hot beans and meatloaf!………LOL

  18. BlacksAreBeautiful says:

    I understand that …
    I understand that you are showing ways on how to not overheat the house, that you will eventually end up paying to cool during the summer. Can you tell me why it’s worth doing this, when you can create a barbecue pit, and still use the outdoors, without using gas or electricity and cut the time down probably 75%?

  19. glenisah says:

    Awesome, but It did …
    Awesome, but It did raise a chuckle with my first thought on the bean jar…kafriggin boom, although I kinda doubt it would happen.
    I will be waiting patiently for the bread/cornbread experiments.
    If only my 1/4 acre was not fully shaded by design with only an 8 ft sq patch of sun on the entire property up on the roof…a branch died lol

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