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Runescape F2P Quest Cook’s Assistant

You are asked by the cook of the Lumbridge castle to get some ingredients for a cake he was making for the Duke. He says that he does not know where the ingredients are but he places a few places on the world map to where they might be. First go west to the cow field and ask Gillie Groats about how to get some top quality milk. She will tell you to use her prized cow in the east end of the field. Once you have got the milk you must then go to Fred’s farm and enter the chicken pen across the wooden bridge from the cows. In the top left corner there will be a super large egg. Pick it up and walk toward the windmill. Ask Millie Mill about getting some extra fine flour and she will turn the hopper controls to make extra fine flour. Go outside and pick some wheat from the nearby field and go to the top floor of the windmill. Put the wheat into the hopper and operate the hopper controls beside it. Once you have all three ingredients return to the cook and give them to him and that’s the quest completed. For this quest you gain 20 cooked sardines, cooking experience, 500 coins and the ability to cook on the cook’s range. This range allows you to cook these foods without it burning as much as normal: chicken or turkey, stew, cake, trout, shrimp, anchovies, meat, meat or redberry pies, tuna, salmon, pike, bread, crayfish an sardine. All the rest have the same amount of chance for cooking any where else.

Duration : 0:8:43

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    thx dude!!!!!!!!! grate help! i had no idea where the large egg was.

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