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Quality Student Cooking: Ep.1 Noodles in Soup

Here’s my first video in a series of cooking instructions, recipes, tips and how cheap it is compared to what you’d buy in stores for the same equivalent amount.

Episode 1:
Noodles in soup with corn and meat

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Duration : 0:6:33

8 thoughts on “Quality Student Cooking: Ep.1 Noodles in Soup

  1. Katkootahmed says:

    I am so sorry …
    I am so sorry forgive me.
    I removed the comment.
    thxx for the video 🙂

  2. streamlinedata says:

    Thanks 🙂
    Thanks 🙂

  3. streamlinedata says:

    I have a spending …
    I have a spending problem. So I get poor really quickly. 😛

  4. streamlinedata says:

    I guess you could …
    I guess you could say I’m “dirty”. I do want to be a sexologist. However, in terms of personal hygiene, I shower just about every other night.

    It’s unfortunate that you think I’m disgusting. I do have a lot of interests that some people would find disgusting. To each their own, really.

    I’m not gay, I’m lesbian. However, if you were meant that I’m interested in the same sex, then yes I am gay in that sense. However, I really do prefer the term “Lesbian”.

    Thanks for your fantastic comment! =)

  5. charisma103 says:

    Good Video – I …
    Good Video – I would never have thought of the combination you came up with but it sure makes me want to try it 🙂

  6. piss777of says:

    you gone eat that …
    you gone eat that for a few days?? why don’t student in america get money!!! anyway tha looks good gone try it thnxs …

  7. justbypattie says:

    haha… the diet of …
    haha… the diet of a university student… i feel you =P

  8. orangecatfiona says:


    ” …

    “Quality Cooking” on a budget. That’s hilarious for some reason. Good reason though. “I am hungry.”

    Love it.

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