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Pumpkin Meat For Pie

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Larita, from the local farmers food stand often answers questions from customers about what to do with particular produce items. Here, she explains how to extract pumpkin meat, to use in making fresh baked pumpkin pie. Roasted Pumpkin Seed Recipe: http://cookingupastory.com/index.php/2006/11/06/roasted-pumpkin-seeds/

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11 thoughts on “Pumpkin Meat For Pie

  1. oldtimeway1 says:

    A lot of info for …
    A lot of info for the question asked. Cinderella is a great pumpkin but a striped cushaw makes the best pumpkin pie. Put your shell in the compost or feed it to your chickens and you don’t waste a thing, not to mention you didn’t waste a tin can in buying canned pumpkin which I suspicion is canned squash or cushaw, not pumpkin.

  2. 3slimdog says:

    Thats right, pick …
    Thats right, pick on cinderella. Throw her in the oven. Make sure you don’t cook her glass slippers in the pie. Thanks for the informational video. I never even heard of cinderella pumpkins. Learn something new everyday. 5 star and fave.

  3. 54spiritedwill54 says:

    Awesome… …

  4. yukitomichi says:

    you made my day!! …
    you made my day!! in mexico there aren`t any canned pumpkin puree, but we do have a lot of cinderella pumpkins. thank you.

  5. cookingupastory says:

    I like your style : …
    I like your style 😀 !!

  6. HighPlainsWoman says:

    The pumpkin I made …
    The pumpkin I made into pies was just the big, round ones normally used for Halloween carving; the ones they usually sale in the grocery stores. I don’t know the name of the variety, but it turned out well altho a little labor intensive. I grew a couple of my own last year and gave them to a neighbor/friend who then baked them into pies for Thanksgiving and invited me over. Much easier 😉

  7. cookingupastory says:

    Do you know what …
    Do you know what kind it was? Just wondering if it was a carving type of pumpkin. I’ve baked w/the cinderellas (what she is holding here) and sugar pumpkins for pies and breads.

  8. HighPlainsWoman says:

    I was given a …
    I was given a pumpkin from work & I hated to waste it. I searched my cookbooks for a pumpkin pie recipe starting with an actual pumpkin. There wasn’t any. Undaunted, I cut open the pumpkin, dug out the seeds & used a big knife to cut it into chunks, then sliced the hard skins off, boiled the flesh. Then pureed the cooked pumpkin, added the other ingredients and baked the pies. They were very good,looked store bought. I didn’t think about baking them.
    PS: The canned pumpkin is much easier… 😉

  9. frankfranklyn says:

    I must have led a …
    I must have led a sheltered life. I’ve never had pumpkin pie; and they are the first things I walk past in the Store. Mind you …. I live in the UK, maybe that’s why Informative video though and thanks for sharing 🙂 ~F~

  10. larlar752000 says:

    she needs to stop …
    she needs to stop eating pie god dam

  11. teflonmagnet says:

    this is what would …
    this is what would happen if i was at a pumpkin farm and happened to ask her: how much does that one cost?…you want to pull away, but she just keeps yammering (no pun intended).

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