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Porterhouse Steak Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Looking for a real good eating Beef Steak for your next BBQ? Then, check out the infamous Porterhouse Steak. It’s actually two steaks in one -a New York Strip and a Tenderloin, also known as a Fillet Mignon. Similar to the T-Bone Steak but with a difference, as explained by the BBQ Pit Boys.

One of the BBQ Pit Boys demonstrates what to look for when purchasing a quality Porterhouse steak, what makes a Porterhouse different from a T-Bone, how to properly sear it, and then barbecue it over an open flame on the grill!

You can print out this BBQ Pit Boys recipe at http://www.BBQPitBoys.com

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    looks like a perfect medium

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    You smell that….lol

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    Viele Grüße aus Deutschland -> Bayern -> München

    Ich liebe eure Videos – perfekt!
    Kultur und Tradition.

    Bitte nicht aufhören 🙂

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    emmm eemmmm steak.

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    I love the narrator’s voice! Keep it going.

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    man, it’s 3:20 AM here in taiwan and my mouth watering all over the ground…im crazy about having some food

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    Man, I got my eyes glued to these sizzlin’ steaks as if I’ve just fallen in love..

  9. JISINSANE1 says:

    BBQPITBOYS VS COWBOY FLAVOR, Your both kick all american BBQ kings, But the pit boys not showing there enitre faces ever and wearing shades which is my style as well, I always wear shades even at night if I could get away with it and never look a person directly makes these guys mysterious which is just the way that kicks the most ass! The commentary voice is also just the best. Brilliant true all american dudes, I wish I could have a few beers with these guys and learn some shit.

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    Yessss I can smell it!!! 🙂 so hungry

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    that looks good!! my dad has the same knife as you’re haha

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    thats what a steak looks like haha

  18. raynyc5 says:

    One procedure used …
    One procedure used by the Pit boys is that they almost always sear over hot coals and then move the meats off the hot coals and unto indirect heat. I always cooked over hot coals and over cooked or under cooked my steaks. So simple.. take the meat off the coals and finish cooking on indirect heat.

  19. TheVittleVlog says:

    Another great …
    Another great lesson!

  20. imyourhustler says:

    Love this channel. …
    Love this channel. I have an off set smoker grill and it is the ####ing best. You can vent down to prevent flare ups. Apple smoked baby back ribs are tasty if you got room in the grill you can smoke some almonds while you are at it. Store bought smoke almonds arent really smoked and cost about $5 for 10 almonds lol.

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    that entire video sounded like a blues song haha! love the machette ‘kitchen knife’ =D Made In America! mmmm those look so good

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    WTF is that ? a machette?

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