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Luigi Fails At Cooking

NOTICE! All media and characters belong to their respective owners. this video is for entertainment purposes only. Luigi wants to cook a tasty meal, but how can you do it without quality meat, skill and good luck? The answer: YOU CAN’T.

Duration : 0:3:19

16 thoughts on “Luigi Fails At Cooking

  1. WTFmusterdman087 says:

    dose luigi fail’s …
    dose luigi fail’s at every thing?

  2. mariogothic4 says:

    Dammit If i have a …
    Dammit If i have a movie with wegame…
    i cant open it in windows movie maker :0

  3. mariogothic4 says:

    ok thnx MAKE MORE …
    movies like

    Luigi Fails at bowling 🙂

  4. NerdKoopa says:

    You mean for …
    You mean for editing or recording? For editing I use Windows Movie Maker, for recording I use WeGame Client. Both of these programs are mentioned in the credits. Read those next time 😉

  5. mariogothic4 says:

    which video program …
    which video program do you use?

  6. ChampionRevilo says:

    So funny! LOL (im …
    So funny! LOL (im serious!)

  7. BlindedByEvil says:

    more more
    more more

  8. squidd98 says:

    Luv your luigi …
    Luv your luigi videos <3

  9. lycotx says:

    sorry i ment to …
    sorry i ment to click good comment sorry

  10. lycotx says:

    hahahahahaha jaw …
    hahahahahaha jaw music

  11. MarioMan10CP says:

    Man this one is a …
    Man this one is a lot better than your other ones! Great Camera Transition

  12. kitty0706 says:

    Nice job as always …
    Nice job as always :3

  13. Gml0man says:

    We Want More!
    We Want More!

  14. Jaketele says:

    Do want moar
    Do want moar

  15. MJS says:

    As a follow-up, Sara and I tried Luigi's Pizza up at Steele Creek. Luigi's won best pizza in Charlotte for 2009. After trying their pizza with Brooklyn-buds, I feel Lorenzo's Pizza is by far a better pie. The crust at Luigi's lacked flavor and the cheese and sauce all mushed together. Lorenzo's Pizza should be considered the real deal if you are looking for Pizza the way a New Yorker (City) would really like it!

  16. mcon says:

    Yikes Romney is consolidating and pulls 41% in an 11 candidate field. There is really no 2nd place at all lol.

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