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London Has the Best Indian Food?


Better quality meat, fish and vegetables could very well put London ahead of any Indian city when it comes to high end Indian food.
World renowned London-based Michelin star Indian chef, Atul Kochhar said
Indian needed to reform and reorganise its farming industry, so consumers and
caterers had reliable access to fresh produce.

Watch out – be warned! Chefs in India could lose their cutting edge in preparing top quality Indian food to chefs in London.

Atul Kochhar is one of the few Michelin star Indian chefs. He warns that if India’s farming industry is not reorganised – London will become the center of Indian cuisine in terms of quality.

[Atul Kochhar, Owner, Benares Restaurant]:
“It’s not because of lack of good skill, or lack of good spices. It’s purely because of lack of excellent ingredients. India doesn’t have excellent ingredients in terms of fish, meat or vegetables.”

Kochhar is the head chef and owner of Benares – a high-end Indian restaurant in the exclusive Mayfair area of central London.

Back in 2001 Kochhar became the first Indian chef to be awarded the highly coveted Michelin star. Kochhar is looking to return to India and open up restaurants. His biggest worry however is getting a regular supply fresh food.

[Atul Kochhar, Owner, Benares Restaurant]:
“How will get the best produce India has to the restaurants and to the tables of my guests. The lamb farming has to be niche. The goat farming has to be niche. The vegetable farming has to be amazingly good. All those things are there, but there is no organized effort.”

London is home to five Michelin star Indian chefs, New York has one. And there is no reason why more Indian chefs or restaurants in this city will be awarded Michelin stars in the near future given that the reputation of high end Indian food is growing.

[Atul Kochhar, Owner, Benares Restaurant]:
“There are more people traveling to India right now. there are more people conducing business with indians. they are trying to understand the culture and cuisine better now. hence the recognition.”

Kochhar says the corner curry house which churns unique English scorchers such as ‘chicken tikka masala’, or ‘balti chicken’ – are on the decline.

[Atul Kochhar, Owner, Benares Restaurant]:
“It was never an authentic cuisine. I call that British Indian food – because that’s how brutish people liked it. That’s why they were cooking it and thats why it went on for so long.”

The curry house will always be part of the British landscape. But with changing tastes – its high end and expensive Indian food that is on the rise.

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26 thoughts on “London Has the Best Indian Food?

  1. gemphu1234 says:

    No ,there is …
    No ,there is nothing called bangaldesi.This is not their own.Bangladesi food is completely belong to the eastern India(Odissa and west Bengal)

  2. fatraju says:

    Bangladeshis run …
    Bangladeshis run over 75 percent of indian restaurants in the UK if it wernt for the bengali population indian cuisine would not be as famous as it is in the UK today. the unsung heroes and then those indians take the glory. and this is british indian food made to appease the british palette its not orignal indian.

  3. MuRpHy1680 says:

    I can imagine this …
    I can imagine this alot of people off! but if you actually listen to it, it’s about produce. London has far better meat far better fish far better veg and i don’t think we are short on talented Indian chefs.. so you work it out.

  4. cmorebut says:

    All food is Indian. …
    All food is Indian…the terms ‘Pakistan’ and ‘Bangladesh’ have been applied to areas of land taken away from India…so ultimatley all food is Indian.

  5. shamraj99 says:

    india, bangladesh, …
    india, bangladesh,pakistan was one country.The food varies depending on what region one happens to live in eg the coastal areas use alot of fish and coconut because they have it in abundence.

  6. Neileality says:

    wtf is wrong wit u. …
    wtf is wrong wit u….ur behind a keybrd tlk shit..i understand the pakis fuckd u guys here and thr…but wat u goin on abt bangalis,,

  7. kaushik7786 says:

    you guys are sick
    you guys are sick

  8. penta15786 says:

    I have lived about …
    I have lived about 40 years in the West and went to a lot of so called Indian restaurants and always got disappointed.

    The classification of Indian food should be Vegetarian and Meat based dishes.

    Maybe the Vegetarian dishes can be cooked easily in the West but I have yet to find good Biryani or Korma or just plain Dal Maash with rice.

    I grew up around women who practiced the art of cooking in UP, India where real Indian food still can be found.

    There is no cook that can make ‘Bariyaan’.

  9. kitteds says:

    fuck u indians
    u indians

  10. kaushik7786 says:

    fuck those …
    those bangadesies and pakies ,,,, stop eating tjeir food

  11. HardcoreClassics says:

    Most curry houses …
    Most curry houses in Britain are actualy Bangladeshi resturants and not Indian and most of them do not server authentic Indian cuisine. Some of it is quite unhealthy but that doesn’t mean it’s crap food though – I love most of it.
    Also enjoy the authetic style indian dishes too. The authentic resurants are generally more up market and are more expensive and the majority of them can be found in London.

  12. RD34000 says:

    i want to get …
    i want to get inside your naan

  13. Zrider87 says:

    i want naan!!!
    i want naan!!!

  14. happyness01 says:

    I lived in London …
    I lived in London for 8 years and found the Indian curries did not have the same taste as the curries in Durban (South Africa has the biggest Indian community outside India). It tastes like it caters for western tastes, and also the variety of sub tropical vegetables, herbs and fruits cost a lot to import so are not placed into the meals in the quantities I was used to.

  15. AbstractMan23 says:

    plenty of places in …
    plenty of places in london. southall, wembley, kenton, tooting…

  16. jasonrego2008 says:

    indian food in …
    indian food in england isn’t indian food that indians will love! the british like it in England. it’s too mild, lacks the rough indian touch and authentic indian food is hard to get in any place where indians are not the majority.

  17. SYLFan2008 says:

    I guess you have …
    I guess you have try the same in India to have a proper comparison. I’ve not had food in London, so I cannot say, but yes, having known how the FPO operates in India, the quality of spices and produce that the locals consume is far inferior to what is exported. However better quality means higher prices, which a majority in India cannot afford. That said, I’ve had the best Indian food in India and not in USA, where I currently live and street food tops whatever any fancy restaurant has to offer.

  18. StephenFiorentini says:

    Im not going to get …
    Im not going to get into a debate over this, all i will say, is that when i was very youn and being brought up in london, my dad would frequently take my fmily and friends out to indian restaurants in london, and the food was superb.
    Real tandoori food, cooked from fresh, beautiful aroma’s, and i loved it.

    London does have some outstanding curry houses, and i LOVE Indian food!


  19. JesusPaid4You says:

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  20. lumpfish99 says:

    this guy is an arse …
    this guy is an arse…..he sells you a curry with a sprinkle of coriander and a tiny portion of rice served on a huge white plate and charges you 28£……hes a thief…..and his clients are fools…..

  21. reemadaangel says:

    I was born in …
    I was born in England and I still hate the Indian food you get in restaurants I would say food in India may not look as neat and tied but it defiently tastes better and is so much cheaper

  22. ABCunite says:

    kalsolan by reading …
    kalsolan by reading your comment I have come to the conclusion
    1 Your a rascist & that usually means you have a low education level& by reading your writing Im pretty sure.
    2 Have you ever eaten there? If not, which im 90% sure of, please dont make any comments & if you want to make a comment make sure you have something to back it up.
    3 In the end food is subjective, meaning its a personal thing but comparing High end food with street/home food is like comparing a Ferarri with a Rolex, You cant

  23. ABCunite says:

    Its true that in …
    Its true that in the end in comes down to personal taste, but keep in mind that A quality product produces a better result than a B quality product, so what Atul Kochhar says is true in a way. If you for instance would cook exactly the same dish, with exactly I mean with the same amount of ingredients but you use for one dish an A quality product and for the other an B quality product. You will definatly taste the difference and thats the point he wanted ot make and not about style of cooking.

  24. fatraju says:

    85 percent of …
    85 percent of indian restuarants in the uk are not even indian owned thewy are bangladeshi owned then u got pakistanis and indian owned indian restuarants are not many

  25. IAMINDESPAIR says:

    Food in any …

    Food in any dhaba(kinda like a Indian pub I guess) is many-a-times better than high end restraunts’ .I don’t doubt that London has got the very best ingredients and what not, but in the end, its down to personal tastes.

  26. 18thClaire says:

    Hahaaha, this is funnyyy 🙂 What also is funny is people that are like “How can this be filmed 20 years ago, Charlie is only about 20” well it is something that is called a j-o-k-e it's f-u-n-n-y:) Some people make me laugh 🙂 Hardy hardy har 🙂

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