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I’m thinking of breaking veg…Advice?

I’ve been vegetarian for over the past two and a half years. I started out very convinced that it was the right thing to do, and I still think that vegetarianism is a very noble practice. I just don’t believe in it as strongly as I used to, so I’ve decided to go back to eating meat. I definitely won’t be eating as much meat as I used to –probably just when my family cooks quality meat, or for holiday meals– but I hope you understand my reasoning and respect my decision.

That being said, do you have any warnings or advice for when I begin to eat meat again? I’m sure I’ll need to go through a slow adjustment, to get used to consuming animal products again, but I appreciate any input you can give me.

stay away from red meat…..too much fat if your not careful!

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  1. Fall Out Boy <3 says:

    Start eating only small amounts. It could make you feel sick if you eat too much at first.
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  2. Just Another Girl says:

    take it slow. and its your choice! do what you want !
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  3. Waverly says:

    You’re disgusting. I do not respect your decision. You had a reason for becoming vegetarian in the first place…those reasons didn’t just disappear…
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  4. sweetnshort66 says:

    hmm…i would say mix it in with the veggies. start with turkey and chicken..and work up to the big meats, like steak and pork. anyhow, i don’t really eat steak that much and i mainly eat the white meats, as well as pork. i don’t think you need to incorporate too much meat in your diet. just eat it when you feel like it!
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  5. Seagull says:

    You already answered your own question – take it slowly. Also, eat quality meat.

    Do you eat fish at all? Ex-vegetarians tend to find fish easier to consume than meat.

    You’ll eventually start feeling better with the extra protein. But again, take it slowly.
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  6. Caligirl says:

    stay away from red meat…..too much fat if your not careful!
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  7. Daniel C says:

    Honestly, eating meat in moderation is more beneficial than not eating it at all is. The fact that you tried it and realized it wasn’t for you, gives you a leg up on the subject over most other people, but as far as getting back into meat, just eat it slowly and take smaller bites,,, it will be easier on your stomach that way.
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  8. Gii says:

    dont worry about it!
    switching back to meat was one of the best things i ever did,
    it has made my diet much more balanced and i feel alot less weak all the time.
    plus it made things a hell of alot easier for my mum to cook.
    i switched straight back to meat with no problems
    as did my friend cat without any trouble.
    just as long as you dont over do it, your fine to just eat what you want (:
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  9. TIM A says:

    Dont start out slow, come back with a bang. Go to the local meat market and have them cut you about a 2 or 3 thick ribeye steak. Then only grill it for about 3 minutes on each side. Have some buffalo wings for an appatizer.
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  10. funguyy says:

    i was a vegetarian for 5yrs.
    i didn’t have any physical symptoms when i started back eating meat.there was still some quilt about starting to eat it tho.
    but i also, did like you are planning. holidays and when i eat at someone elses house. that way i just eat what i am served and nobody has to go out of their way for me.
    the only meat that i missed when i was a vegetarian was hot dogs.
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  13. Chris Medeiros says:

    A related, but almost opposite perspective is “Do you see life as it is?”

    I was at my meditation class last night listening to a talk on perceiving vs thinking. She gave the example of looking at a flower, enjoying it, seeing it (perception), vs the racing mind (thinking) that is filled with thoughts about the flower like ” How big are the petals?” “Would this look good in my living room?” Can I grow this in my garden?”.
    She said very clearly that thinking is important and necessary, but cultivating not thinking can create a certain spaciousness in the mind that can open us up in new ways. Just thoughts…

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  19. Paul Perrin says:

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  20. Dava says:

    “That’s what will save the world, I think. Not cloth grocery bags, sustainable energy or organic yarn, as wonderful as all of those things are. But returning to that deep, concentrated energy, that kind of unthinking thinking that comes to people in different ways.”

    “Unthinking thinking.” I think that's a very eloquent argument for art education!

  21. Lindsay Lopez says:

    I love this piece Ginny. Well written.
    When I do my workouts I find that I'm free of thinking about anything but what I'm doing. I'm naturally an anxious person with a head full of a million thoughts so working out is such a great release. When I'm exercising I only have to think about what I'm doing, how I'm doing it, and everything else fades away. Afterwards both my body and my mind feel relaxed mooshy:)

  22. logancod says:

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  27. tim scott says:

    Adoption is a great if done for the right reasons. Adopting children and raising them Christian with the intent to “spread and overtake” disturbs me. Children should be raised in a loving house where they are taught how to think not what to think, and hopefully they will grow into a thinking Christian. A thinking Christian who can show others their Christianity, not use it to “overtake” them.

  28. Theresa says:

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  30. Roberta Balder says:

    Thanks for the shout out. The ability to find the humor in a situation is a good indicator that you are thinking outside of the box. PodCamp is/was a great place for out of the box thinking. Thanks to all the participants who make it such an amazing event. I'm looking forward to another great day.

    Thanks to you, Aneta, for recapping some of the more insightful observations!

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