I need advice on changing my senior dog’s diet, help?

I plan to switch my Setter to Innova EVO Reduced Fat for seniors dog. She is not overweight but a couple pounds less would be ideal. She will be 8 in September.

I was feeding her Californa Natural and always suplemened it with 1/4 lean cooked meat and vitamins.

This Evo dog food has 52.0% protein whereas California Natural only has 21% protein. So adding more meat with Evo would not be wise, right? Also should I drop the vitamin supplements? Would she be getting too many vitamins with EVO?

Any ideas what I can mix with the kibble to keep my dog happy and not screw up the nutritional balance of this high quality food?

I would quit giving her the meat (or at least really reduce the amounts) when you switch her to the EVO. I would also drop the vitamin supplement (unless it is a glucosimine/chondroitan supplement).

I would just switch her very slowly (over at least 2 weeks) and give her just small amounts of the meat with the EVO. You can also try soaking the dry EVO with a little bit of hot water or broth (salt free or low sodium) until it becomes mushy.