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How to make sausage

http://www.survivalistboards.com/showthread.php?t=74959 James at Jasper Quality Meats and Smokehouse in jasper, texas agreed to do an interview and how us how to make smoked sausage.

Duration : 0:8:22

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  1. mananachronism says:

    Nice video. I like …
    Nice video. I like the way the butcher doesn’t really know how hot or how long the smoking process is. He just knows from experience when everything looks right. IMHO that’s the sign of a real expert.

  2. jonlukemiller says:

    thanks for the video
    thanks for the video

  3. LowBudgetBushcraft says:

    I’m hungry now. …
    I’m hungry now. Nothing like good ol’ smoked sausage. Thanks for the vid.

  4. cdltpx says:

    Around here we …
    Around here we usually have crayfish boils mostly around the time the waters rise in the spring. Good Friday crayfish season is in full swing. sometimes we even have shrimp boils now you talking. In the 1990’s our family started adding bags of veggies to the boil, mushrooms, cauliflower, we always added potatoes and sausage. Those things added so much to the event since a lot of folks can’t eat seafood due to gault. Some have a boil for mardigras.

  5. BirdOfParadise777 says:

    Gloves, gloves and …
    Gloves, gloves and gloves I say! lol
    The more I see the way people handle food for others’ to buy and eat. The less I want to buy it! I’d much rather buy a “chunk” of meat and know what I’m eating. I don’t eat “processed” meat that has God only knows what in it! lol
    They never tell the truth about what’s in it. They use words like “trimmings” to hide behind. They know if they told the truth no one would buy it!
    Mad cow disease spread because they were using the spinal cord as “trimmings”.

  6. fredalan says:

    Lawd cdltpx, you …
    Lawd cdltpx, you just made me salivate with all that talk of boils and garden fresh goodness! I’ve never gotten to experience a authentic crawfish boil, nor crab boil, but I’d suuuuuure love to. Or at least get a recipe for such. Homegrown goodness is mighty hard to beat!!

  7. soulcollecter1329 says:

    Looks good to me. …
    Looks good to me. Great vid. Like the his her team.

  8. urvideoizgay says:

    with as many hogs …
    with as many hogs that get hunted in Florida they’re bound to have em. Google game processors or hog butchers or something

  9. aztec11 says:

    wish I knew of …
    wish I knew of places like this in south florida

  10. ArrowDel says:

    It looks like most …
    It looks like most of the articles about that are from the UK, does that mean they simply block the video from UK IP access or they delete the video entirely for everyone?

  11. aimsuxdoggydills says:

    No credit for the …
    No credit for the artist making the stuff in the back, eh?

  12. martykean1967 says:

    I didn’t know that. …
    I didn’t know that. I sure hope they don’t because I’m a sport shooter and collector. I watch a lot of gun vids on youtube including yours where you show us how you sight in your rifle shooting a paper plate! (GOOD VID!) I understand where your comming from though because you have so many other vids and subscribers and so forth,but it sure would be a shame to have all those vids banned from here. I love youtube. Hunting a sport shooting is legal and protected under the Constitution,why ban it???

  13. Bulletproofshirts says:

    As the saying goes, …
    As the saying goes, “He who loves sausage and respects the law should never see either being made.”

  14. salmonking007 says:

    Also, an apology, I …
    Also, an apology, I didn’t realize you were the one who posted that comment.

  15. salmonking007 says:

    No way… are these …
    No way… are these idiots for real? What ever happened to the bill of rights?

  16. survivalistboards says:

    salmonking007 – do …
    salmonking007 – do a google sarch for youtube bans gun videos. One of the top 10 results should be from survivalistboards, go read that thread.,

  17. survivalistboards says:

    cajun47 – its the …
    cajun47 – its the anti gun groups and especially the animal rights groups. The animal rights groups will report hunting videos over and over until youtube finally removes the video.

    Do a google search for youtube bans gun videos and you should find a lot of information about where youtube is going with gun videos.

  18. salmonking007 says:

    No one. Obvious …
    No one. Obvious troll is obvious.

  19. cajun47 says:

    “Certain special …
    “Certain special interest groups are pressuring youtube to remove all hunting videos and all gun videos.”

    what groups?

  20. hedgehoghunter007 says:


  21. YouMockMe says:

    Makes me wish I was …
    Makes me wish I was in Texas.

  22. survivalistboards says:

    martykean1967 – …
    martykean1967 – youtube and google have an anti-gun attitude. Youtube has already blocked certain gun videos to people in england.

    Certain special interest groups are pressuring youtube to remove all hunting videos and all gun videos.

    That is something I do not want to be part of.

  23. TreyNitrotoluene says:

    That guy is awesome …
    That guy is awesome. I need to find a real butcher like that. Thanks kev!

  24. huntinguy532 says:

    Great vid kevin …
    Great vid kevin keep them up

  25. martykean1967 says:

    Your right, I …
    Your right, I enjoyed your sausage vid but there are always sticklers anywhere ya go! I think you should do more vids on guns man! Guns AND ammo! I believe thats a huge part of self reliance don’t you? Making sausage is too ‘cuz we’re gonna have to grindup and spice up all kinds of nasty critters if the stuff hits the fan right! LOL!!!

  26. Great post! I like the blog!

  27. Tiak says:

    But understand that’s not whole grains vs. no grains, that’s whole grains vs. not whole grains. Not whole grains in this case most likely means refined grains. For an analogy, let’s say that 95% of the population smoked cigarettes and that unfiltered cigarettes were the norm. In this world, smoking a 5 or more filtered cigarettes a day would be correlated with lower cancer risk. This would not necessarily make smoking filtered cigarettes the healthiest way to live your life.

  28. Carol says:

    Pam ~ so sorry for little Sausage, loved by all of you. She sounded like a dear little thing. I truly believe we will see our pets again. Michael and Sausage, good image. There are so many stories about dogs longing for their masters. Perhaps, Sam and Blackie (aka Killerfang) will bark hello to Sausage. Have a good day and hope there is no snow on the horizon for you. Think LILACS.

  29. ArgentaMarket says:

    At the waffle house and I should ask " 'cuse me mam what come on a sausage biscuit"

  30. all you kids are trying to be hipsters, but you have no swag.

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