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How to Accomplish Fitness Goals for the Whole Year

It’s not true that people have an innate dislike for accomplishing fitness goals. The problem perhaps is the goals themselves. According to Gregory D. McCollum, co-owner of the Training Loft, a private personal training studio in Chicago:

“Start slowly, but do it with zeal. Ninety percent of all fitness programs work if you simply apply yourself. You will see a positive change in yourself by improving your cardiovascular health, increasing your flexibility and building up your strength.”

Starting out right

The first thing to do is to acquire a fitness evaluation. This can be gotten from your local gym or from your doctor. After getting the results, get a good trainer to tailor a fitness program that would match your needs.

If your cardiovascular health needs improving, you can readily engage in power walking. Power walking with constant and rhythmic pumping of the arms and legs can raise the heart rate and burn calories. Get a pedometer so you can see your “progress” immediately.

Other exercises

If you want to tone your thighs and your buttocks, consider doing lunges. Lunges can easily be carried out in hallways or in any long strip of space where you can go backward and forward easily. At work, consider using the stairs when going to upper floors. It might take longer, but it will be good exercise. Eventually, going up three floors would be as easy as one, two, and three.

If you have a pre-existing membership to a fitness club or a locally gym, take advantage of exercise equipment there. Forget “bulking up” during the first few weeks. Lose as much fat as you can first by engaging in aerobic exercises like treadmills and stationary bikes. If you can engage in exercise for 30 to 40 minutes in this equipment, you’re well on your way to improving your cardiovascular fitness.

Real health threats

According to Stephanie Kong, author of A Minute for Your Health: The ABC’s for Improved Health and Longevity:

“Two out of three people will die from cardiovascular disease or cancer. Eating too much fat contributes to both. Most Americans, even slim ones, eat too much fat. Why take the risk? It’s time you discovered how delicious low-fat eating can be.”

More fish, please!

One easy way to balance the good and bad cholesterol in one’s diet is by eating more fish. Once you fill up on good sources of protein like fish, high-fat red meats won’t be as satisfying. There are plenty of recipes floating around the Internet to make fish more interesting. Frying, filleting and roasting are only three of many ways to cook fish.

McCollum advises regarding brisk walking, the urge of bingeing and cooking at home:
“Take a brisk walk when you feel a binge is coming on. You’ll find it refreshing, and you’ll lose weight. Cook more at home. That way you can control the quality of your food and you can control portion sizes. You are the only person who can prevent you from meeting your goals.”
You’ve heard the experts; now it’s time to turn those fitness goals into reality.

Benedict Yossarian

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  1. Silverbird says:

    Would it be better if i tried to be better than everyone else? rather than just staying a nerd?
    DON’T FEAR THE LENGTHY PAGE, JUST READ THE FIRST 3 PARAGRAPHS (I’m going to add the details at the end so feel free to skip them)

    During this summer break i finally have enough time to do whatever i want, and now i’m wondering if i should work towards maintaining a perfect hygiene, working towards combined fitness goals, and preparing myself to achieve the highest possible academic scores availible to me next year in schooling.

    Unfortunatly, this all comes at a price. The only reason i would do it is to surpass my predecessors and become better than them at just about everything.

    Either i attempt to accomplish this or i can continue living a filthy lifestyle of being a nerd and playing runescape all day long, every day of summer.

    ~now for all the boring stuff, seriously just skip this if you already have an answer~

    To be blunt, i hate my school, i hate half the idiots that teach school that have no idea what they’re doing, and i hate my idiot peers who think the whole world is a game and that they should just sit around and dilly dally all day long.
    This opinion was based on many annoying factors, my school limits student achievement, charges outrageous prices for food when they clearly already have enough money, wastes money on hundreds of laptops and large-screen computers that never get used, fills soda machienes with diet-only sodas even though they’re worse than normal sodas, wipes computer memory and installs software that will only half block internet games and other inappropriate things while the other half blocks resources that could be used for schooling, and constantly nags teachers into becoming zombies that dont let you do anything other than what they tell you even if it does no harm, or encourages further learning (put that textbook down and stop doing homework! i told you to read this book! NO, i DONT CARE if you’ve already read it you have to read it again!)

    Basically the sooner you shut up and become a puppet for the teachers to manipulate, the better off you’d be.
    This makes for a long and tedious year.

    Of course, i hate the students too, and although i still attempt to get along with them as well as i can they still enjoy elbowing me in the side and choking whatever was left of my breath in a headlock whenever the teacher isn’t looking. Please don’t bother telling me to become a ‘tattle tale’ towards everything, although it would temporarily solve one problem it would create a dozen more in an instant (from making stricter rules to getting into even more fights with other students).

    If i really did decide to go through this then it would solve nearly all of these problems, i could counteract the playful headlocks with ‘elbow in the gut that makes want to puke out all of the school’s expensive ass lunch’, hopefully become better known towards teachers as a student that wants to learn everything he can from them, and be able to walk around throwing an imaginary middle-finger at anyone i disliked by knowing that i would be that much better than them.
    If i would have stayed true to myself then i would probably already have killed myself =P
    I mostly live for 2 things, others (a couple relitives that still rely on me) and the human race itself (the more technological knowledge i can add, the sooner we get to wherever we would’ve been by now)

  2. Serena S. says:

    No stay true to yourself. It is the suppossed nerds you turn out to be successful in life.
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  3. stfdk69 says:

    go for it…if you have a chance to better yourself then do it. you are quite intelligent, i can tell because you didn’t abbreviate words or substitute numbers or symbols for words and your articulation is excellent. you have the potential for greatness…if it were me i would jump on that. but if you want to stay a nerd and live in mommy and daddy’s basement playing runescape or world of warcraft that is your choice, but it would be a waste of a great brain. don’t worry about impressing anyone and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks of you. just remember this…at the end of the day, when all is said and done, you are the one who has to live with the choices you make. so make sure whatever you choose to do really is what you want.
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  4. =] ~ Me ~ =] says:

    first off, in reading everything you wrote, i think you are awesome.

    you should always remain true to yourself. don’t change things about yourself that aren’t absolutely necessary…like body building or whatever. however, showering and washing your clothes and such would be one of those necessary things. if you stink, seriously…nobody is going to care what kind of knowledge you have to offer.
    the government controls what programs are taught in our public schools. they want to manipulate people to being who they want us to be. look this up ok? http://www.honested.com/essays/fritz/wash_u.php Government also controls private schools too. it makes sense because they fund it…and/or control how our taxes are spent in those areas…
    that should answer a lot of questions for you right there. also, you could talk to your parents about sending you to a school where you could reach your academic goals..i think there are schools that take in kids with higher IQ’s. another thing is, try talking to a counselor at your school about AP classes. AP=advanced placement. there you might be more in your leauge. =]
    don’t waste time thinking or analyzing your peers. its unfair but you cant change anything about them. they should want to change themselves. its not worth your time to even care about the people who "dilly-dally" its their life, and they will pay their own consequences.
    as for those who bully you, or put you in head locks…ya…thats not cool at all. i know you dont want to be a tattle tale, but its wrong of them to do, and if you let them continue, they will see no justice for their actions. if you really dont want to go through the school to have them stop, go to the police station and file restraining orders on them. bring a list of names. at the very least you could just tell them that you are getting sick of their harrassment against you and tell them to stop..then they might possibly try to get you to become mad, but remain neutral. it will piss them off if you laugh at them. (you could try laughing at them, causing them to bury themselves) they might try to hit you. never hit them first, but you can remove their hands or bodies from your body, it is your right to not have someone touching or hurting you. when/if they strike you go to the health office immediatly while you have the marks on your body. take photos with your phone or have the nurse take photos. this will help your case. write down every instance that they say something harsh to you or hurt you in any way, shape or form clearly on a calender on the exact dates that it happens. judges like that stuff alot. its a good way to proove your case.
    anyways…its summer vacation. have fun. hang out with your friends and think about what ive said. it will help you. good luck. =]
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