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How I can make restaurant quality sandwiches and salads at home??

Lets, get one thing straight before everyone accuses me of being a bad cook, I am a very good cook when it comes to meals that come with a recipe or that are already in my head. But I would love to make restaurant quality sandwiches and salads.You know what I mean when I make a sandwich or salad at home it doesn’t taste as good as it does as certain restaurants. Someone help… I’m sure this sounds weird to some of you but I would love to make good deli-like sandwiches and restaurant-like salads at home.

P.S. Please no avocado or gaucomole, Any meat and any veggetable are fine. Also oils, cheeses, dressing etc. give me the works.

The sandwiches can be hot too. You know share with me different breads and exotic cheeses. And different taste for the salads.

ok try this webby


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  1. dk says:

    This is kinda funny–restaurants bust their buns to make home cooking!!

    Buy your meats at a deli rather than packaged and ask for a stacked sandwich setting on their slicer. Toppings vary depending on the type you’re making. Lettuce and tomato mostly with onions are staples and basically, whatever you want to eat. Always put the lettuce (any kind as well as spinach) on each piece of bread, patted dry, and this will keep your bread from getting soggy and falling apart.

    For bread, Wonderbread and Aunt Millies makes some wonderful sandwich bread for a decent price. Use a variety of cheeses from American to brie to cheddar to…oh gosh–I’m getting hungry!! LOL

    For your sauces, try just simple salad dressings like Italian ( a staple at Subway) and to find out what you like, I suggest making sandwiches on a square bread and dividing it into halves, fourths or whatever and then put your dressings on. This way, if you make a mistake, you won’t be out the meat and etc. By the way, I love to experiment while cooking and always eat my mistakes–it really helps to remember the mistake unless its so gross I can’t stand to be on the same planet with it. If this happens, find your worst enemy and give it to them!

    This answer is rather long, so e me if you want more info.
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    Restaurant worker and formerly at Subway and various delis.

  2. turtle says:

    First, start with a good bread. I like all rye breads, but especially like Orowheat Master’s Best Winter Wheat (not a rye).

    Second, Best Foods Mayo is the best!! It has more flavor and body than any other. I recently converted from Kraft to Best Foods and I will never go back.

    Third, mustards. I use one or any combination of Maille Honey Dijon, Jack Daniel’s Horseradish Mustard, Dijon, and/or Terrapin Ranch Smokey Onion. There are more I’m dying to try, but for now this is a good start.

    Next, cheese. I like a good smokey cheddar from the deli, or horseradish cheddar from the deli or sharp cheddar from the deli.

    Then, Primo Taglio Oven Roasted Turkey Breast and/or Black Forest Ham are my favorite meats.

    Top this off with lettuce or spinach, tomato, and red onion slice.

    If you want to make a spread for your sandwiches:
    Best Foods Mayo
    Half and Half
    Garlic Powder
    Onion Powder
    Italian Seasoning (whatever seasonings you like, get creative)
    A little rice vinegar

    Mix in blender or by hand until thick and creamy. Add liquids sparingly at first. You can always add more but you can’t take it out. Make ahead and put in frig overnight, it thickens way up overnight!

    Bon appetit!
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  3. googoogirl says:

    Get good sourdough bread . Always get fresh sliced Cajun Roast Beef, sliced Horseradish Cheddar cheese. Hellman’s mayo, onion, tomatoes. This is good either hot or cold.
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