How I can make restaurant quality sandwiches and salads at home??

Lets, get one thing straight before everyone accuses me of being a bad cook, I am a very good cook when it comes to meals that come with a recipe or that are already in my head. But I would love to make restaurant quality sandwiches and salads.You know what I mean when I make a sandwich or salad at home it doesn’t taste as good as it does as certain restaurants. Someone help… I’m sure this sounds weird to some of you but I would love to make good deli-like sandwiches and restaurant-like salads at home.

P.S. Please no avocado or gaucomole, Any meat and any veggetable are fine. Also oils, cheeses, dressing etc. give me the works.

The sandwiches can be hot too. You know share with me different breads and exotic cheeses. And different taste for the salads.

ok try this webby