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Grinding 7lbs of chuck roast – 1 hp Cabelas Meat Grinder

Here’s my new Cabelas 1 HP meat grinder with 7lbs of cut up chuck roast in the feed tray. 1 minute 17 seconds later and it’s ground and ready for chili. Notice the motor never changes RPM. You cant tell there is meat running through it. This thing Rocks! If you want a top quality grinder then check out Cabelas, they’re made in Italy. All SS head, internals and reduction gears with a fan cooled motor. Great grinder!!!

Duration : 0:1:20

25 thoughts on “Grinding 7lbs of chuck roast – 1 hp Cabelas Meat Grinder

  1. MonkeyManBlues says:

    I am seriously …
    I am seriously craving a blue cheese burger using ground chuck now……thank you.

  2. Bamaquer says:

    @johnpatrick818 …
    @johnpatrick818 Very easy because of its size. Normal sized hands fit easily inside. Hence the guard on the feed pan.

  3. Bamaquer says:

    @cinderellacorpse I …
    @cinderellacorpse I think you answered your own question.

  4. Bamaquer says:

    @warnut Maybe just …
    @warnut Maybe just maybe the serious replys were interested to see how well this particular grinder works. Ya think?????? The rest are just those that think making stupid comments actually contributes to the world.

  5. warnut says:

    Am I the only …
    Am I the only person int he world that finds it disturbing that this video has so many views? Is this some sort of fetish I wasn’t filled in on?

  6. PAQTISM222 says:

    @Bamaquer just got …
    @Bamaquer just got grinder in mail does not turn on, circuit breaker is out

  7. DeadParrotsLTD says:

    Hey! You! Teacher! …
    Hey! You! Teacher! Leave them kids alone!

  8. TheVittleVlog says:

    GO MEAT!!!!!
    GO MEAT!!!!!

  9. rabiz818 says:

    thats one meat …
    thats one meat grinder

  10. cinderellacorpse says:

    bored or what? ö.Ö
    bored or what? ö.Ö

  11. camoismycolor says:

    hey honey I …
    hey honey I finished the kids christmas presents…..HAHAHA…just kidding that is one nice grinder 7 pounds in just over a minute…you could do a 180# deer in like 23 minutes thats cool…

  12. johnpatrick818 says:

    how hard is it to …
    how hard is it to clean the grinder?

  13. l33794m3r says:

    ya go meat woot
    ya go meat woot

  14. victoriapschen says:

    Actually I have a …
    Actually I have a general fear of human machines like that.

  15. ladyjane2001us says:

    I think you have …
    I think you have watched too many horror movies.

  16. Addamsfn120 says:

    sweeney todd:

    sweeney todd:

    this is the grinder, pop in the meat, give it a good grind… comes out there…you try

    give it a good grind, comes out there….

    these thing scare me….. but handy to have..

  17. sudnaidu says:

    Proper machine.
    Proper machine.

  18. rurmundo says:

    picadora de carne …
    picadora de carne para carniceria

  19. rurmundo says:


  20. TheChexMex says:

    don’t get your …
    don’t get your fingers caught!

  21. Twilight0Princess says:

    i agree
    i agree

  22. Twilight0Princess says:

    we dont need no …
    we dont need no education

  23. Bamaquer says:

    They work great for …
    They work great for cows and pigs but I think it’s the prefect solution to prison over crowding. Mmmm soilent green….

  24. victoriapschen says:

    Are meat grinders …
    Are meat grinders supposed to appear scary? @w@ I always seem to look at them as a horror icon. lol. Or is that just me?

  25. SirSchranzALot says:

    dude, dont be hard …
    dude, dont be hard on yourself.
    just because youre vegan does not make you an <:0

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