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Fort Lee Culinary Competition Training Video on Aspic

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An ACES Aspic Training Video for the 2008 competition.

Culinary Arts Program – U.S. Army Culinary Arts Competition


The American Culinary Federation sanctions the competition. Medals received from federation entries can be used towards chef certification. The competition is open to active duty members of all Services, DOD civilians, and USAR and ARNG personnel. Active duty teams will be formed by
installation. The USAR teams by DRC/RSC. ARNG teams will be formed by State. The number of competitors allowed per team will be reviewed each year and may be adjusted on facility and equipment availability. The number will be addressed in the annual competition rules.

The United States Army Culinary Arts Program is really progressing and representing culinary trends from around the world. The overall program includes the Annual Culinary Arts Competition at Fort Lee, VA, home of the Quartermaster Corps; the United States Army Culinary Arts Team; and the Culinary Skills Training Division. Here students from AIT, BNCOC, ANCOC, and the Advanced Culinary Skills Training Courses receive their hands-on instruction.

The Culinary Arts Competition at Fort Lee. In its 31 year history the only time the competition did not take place was in 1991 during the Desert Storm campaign and 2003 during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The 31st annual competition is truly shaping up to be one of our best events held here at Fort
Lee. For the first time ever the competition will showcase our young culinarians and really test their knowledge and skill. The three tier Installation of
the Year event will begin with the Culinary Knowledge Bowl Examination, a fifty question test which includes Food Safety and Sanitation; Nutritional Cooking; Food Service Management; and Quality Food Preparation. The top four teams compete in a Jeopardy style event that includes music and daily-double format. This event takes place during the public viewing exhibition at the Fort Lee Field House. The juniors are further tested in the all new Student Skills Competition. This event tests four E-4s and below in their knife skills, meat fabrication and menu production. These two primer events are open to the public and held in the post field house during the second week of the show. We truly look forward to seeing these young soldier chefs
at work.

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7 thoughts on “Fort Lee Culinary Competition Training Video on Aspic

  1. XXblacktoothgrinXX says:

    I could care less …
    I could care less about trophy’s. When I medal in a competition, that medal goes into shoe box. It’s about bettering yourself. It’s not all about the actual competition, it’s about all the preparation before hand. From start to finish I could have over a hundred ideas for one dish, trying to constantly fine tune until the final dish is perfect. I’ve had the opportunity to work with one of the team members of the 2012 Olympics and I have learned more than any restaurant i have ever been in BY FAR

  2. salezosomano says:

    @XXblacktoothgrinXX …
    @XXblacktoothgrinXX LOL competitions. Too much young cooks train for competitions in order to get any kind of recognition in this buiseness. But being a cook is a job. You must like it to do it. I had a cooking teacher who showed us his trophies but he’s only 34 and he’s out of the buiseness and he’s a weak fatso who use a thermometer to make sure his meat is cooked. I’ve seen people on the streets cooking faster than “cooks“. India shocked me, they are fast with their hands.

  3. XXblacktoothgrinXX says:

    Yes I work in a …
    Yes I work in a real kitchen and was judged by him in competition. This is David Turcotte, team manager for the military olympic team, and he just recently judged the Culinary Team USA tryouts for the culinary olympics in 2012 in Erfurt Germany.I do agree with you in that he does have too much equipment, but the man knows what he’s doing. I just use a water bath and Plexiglass bowls to do my dipping to keep a constant temperature of 88-92 degrees. 95 degrees for smaller cuts and delicate greens.

  4. salezosomano says:

    Do you even work in …
    Do you even work in a real kitchen? it seems glamourous when you look up to him but it’s not. It’s dirty most of the time and you don’t have has much gear has these guys have and you need to organize yourself in order to use less equipment. Plus I’ve made aspics before I used to take a lot of equipment to make sure it’s gonna be allright but you don’t need that much. A good understanding of what you’re doing that’s the real tool. Plus his hat makes me laugh, Marco would’ve burnt it.

  5. XXblacktoothgrinXX says:

    @salezosomano LOL! …
    @salezosomano LOL! I hope you’re not serious. Do you even know who this man is?

  6. salezosomano says:

    fuck me how much …
    me how much equipment is he gonna use to make a aspic. I wouldn’t like to see the garbages of that chef.

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