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Does anyone else noticed how poor the quality of meat is lately?

It seems no matter where I purchase meat (Mainly beef is the issue) it goes bad really quick. Even if I immediately put it in the freezer once thawed out it is horrid. I know other family members that live about an hour away are also having this issue. I’m tired of having to pitch it because the meat is bad. And yes, I have taken it back several times. I no longer will purchase any pre-packaged meats, buy only from the counter now and still am having problems. Anyone else having these problems? Just yesterday I purchased meat from the Meat Counter and when I got home immediately began cooking it. It was horrid, had to throw it away as well and my entire house smelled like a rotting animal. I have also tried to buy from the Meat Lockers with the same results.
Frige is in excellent working condition, also use restaurant grade refrigerator thermometers to ensure temp, and I meat is cooked as it should be. Prevous owner of Restaurants and cooked in professional settings.


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  1. sweetroll says:

    Not having a problem in my area, however some of your issues may be with a fridge that’s not working as well as you think contributing to the speed of which your meat is going bad.
    A meat counter cannot sell bad meat. Maybe you aren’t cooking the meat correctly, using few spices or none at all.
    I have access to great poultry, seafood, beef & pork in my area.
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  2. kjh says:

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  3. Olivia W says:

    Probably because the market isn’t selling as much beef as before because of the economy and they are trying to keep it longer. Also many supermarkets have downgraded from choice to select. Select is OK for braising, but not for steaks and roasts.
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  4. Henry Winckelmann says:

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