Does anyone else noticed how poor the quality of meat is lately?

It seems no matter where I purchase meat (Mainly beef is the issue) it goes bad really quick. Even if I immediately put it in the freezer once thawed out it is horrid. I know other family members that live about an hour away are also having this issue. I’m tired of having to pitch it because the meat is bad. And yes, I have taken it back several times. I no longer will purchase any pre-packaged meats, buy only from the counter now and still am having problems. Anyone else having these problems? Just yesterday I purchased meat from the Meat Counter and when I got home immediately began cooking it. It was horrid, had to throw it away as well and my entire house smelled like a rotting animal. I have also tried to buy from the Meat Lockers with the same results.
Frige is in excellent working condition, also use restaurant grade refrigerator thermometers to ensure temp, and I meat is cooked as it should be. Prevous owner of Restaurants and cooked in professional settings.