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Cumbrae’s Great Alternative Grilling Steaks, Part 3


In this video, Cumbrae’s owner Stephen Alexander gives you the insight into the relatively unexplored world of alternative grilling steaks. We explore the part of the animal the cuts come from, how to best prepare them and how to ask for and select the best one for your individual palate.

These alternative grilling steaks are important to Cumbrae’s nose-to-tail eating philosophy and sustainable farming practices. Not to mention, they are also great value at half the price of premium cuts and are a great way to serve steak at a big summer BBQ. Enjoy!

The Cumbrae’s tradition of farm-to-fork quality started over a decade ago when third-generation butcher Stephen Alexander first brought Cumbrae Farms’ naturally raised meats to Toronto’s food connoisseurs.

Cumbrae’s has become Toronto’s meeting place for people who love to buy, prepare and eat great food. For leading chefs, ardent connoisseurs and families who value quality, Cumbrae’s enthusiastic staff set the standard for personal service, great cooking advice and true enjoyment of food.

Read more about Cumbraes farm-to-fork philosophy at www.cumbraes.com

Created by Neil Mills and Stephen Alexander

Duration : 0:7:25

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    Thanks guys! You’re …
    Thanks guys! You’re definitely passionate about your work and that’s why you’re the best on YouTube. Well that’s my opinion anyway.

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    Thanks Love that video keep up the good work

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    this guy loves his work and it shows. lucky bastard

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    Excellent, excellent vid.
    Thank you, Cumbrae!

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