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Cooking With Caylyn

Please watch in High Quality!

Here is a recipe I thought looked like I needed to try, so I did. Here is the result! The original recipe also called for mushrooms. The link to the original video, that I did my little veriation on, is after this recipe.

Stuffed Zucchini (Courgettes)

Serves: an army!

1 lb lean ground beef
about an inch of root ginger chopped
1 large or 2 small onions chopped
2-3 cloves of garlic
chopped coriander (Cilantro)
dash of Worcester Sauce
3 cloves
dash of tomato ketchup
chilli powder or chillies
zucchini/courgettes (remove ends and seeds) or marrow
salt and pepper to taste
2 cans diced stewed tomatoes (I used with chilis)
1 can beef stock
grated cheese for topping

Fry onions, garlic, ginger and beef until onions are soft
Add cans of tomatoes, chopped cilantro, ketchup, chili, Worcester sauce, cloves, 1 cup water and stock.
Simmer for half an hour
Add a 1 cup of rice and simmer until rice is cooked — add extra liquid as necessary

Place prepared zucchini/courgettes in an oven dish and fill with the meat and rice mix — cover with foil
Cook in oven at 180c (350f) for about 30-40 minutes — remove foil and top with grated cheese during the last 10 minutes

Serve with whatever you fancy!

To watch the original recipe from the Master himself, RandomWritings:

Duration : 0:3:57

25 thoughts on “Cooking With Caylyn

  1. GreatGig1 says:

    This was delish, …
    This was delish, Kathleen!! It’s on the spicy side, so beware…:-) You might want to cut the recipe down a bit. This recipe made a LOT of filling so I froze the left overs! If you have a lot of people to feed, this recipe would be great. Just fill up more zucchini! 🙂

  2. 77nova454 says:

    Im faving this vid …
    Im faving this vid because yum yum I want to make this for dinner and the plate made it look all the more funky.

  3. GreatGig1 says:

    The stove does look …
    The stove does look cool…but it doesn’t clean up so cool! LOL It takes these “special” cleaners, so it’s a real pain! It’s a KitchenAid. 🙂

  4. phoggee says:

    That stove looks so …
    That stove looks so cool. I love the all black top. What kind is it??

  5. GreatGig1 says:

    It was delicious. …
    It was delicious. Dorrie!! You might want to cut the recipe down a bit though…this made a LOT of filling! 🙂

  6. GrandmaDorrie says:

    I will have to try …
    I will have to try this too, it looks yummy!

  7. GreatGig1 says:

    It was delicious! …
    It was delicious! It makes a LOT of filling! I ended up making “sloppy joes” with the left overs…:-)

  8. GreatGig1 says:

    You will LOVE this …
    You will LOVE this dish! Thanks for stopping by and watching! I don’t know how I missed this comment! I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to answer… *hugs*

  9. GreatGig1 says:

    It was really good! …
    It was really good! This recipe will make a LOT, so beware…:-)

  10. shyone4444 says:

    Looks so GOOD!!! I …
    Looks so GOOD!!! I might have to try this!

  11. simlay says:

    Looks like …
    Looks like something I would cook. In other words unbelievably delicious.

  12. torigirl35 says:

    oh my gosh, i just …
    oh my gosh, i just saw this on someone elses channel favorites and it looks divine. zucchini is my favorite vegetable. this looked so good. thanks for sharing the recipe. take care. ciao for now.


  13. reefrunner9 says:

    Bon appetite !
    Bon appetite !

  14. GreatGig1 says:

    It was! I was …
    It was! I was starving waiting for it to finish cooking after smelling it for so long…LOL

  15. AbrekGirl says:

    Looks delicious:)
    Looks delicious:)

  16. GreatGig1 says:

    I’m glad you tried …
    I’m glad you tried it and liked it, Phil! The original recipe did have mushrooms in it and the fried rice sounds like a nice addition! 🙂 Now to go and see if I can find out what Nan bread is…lol *hugs*

  17. GreatGig1 says:

    It was delicious! …
    It was delicious! Took awhile to cook it but worth the wait! Good to see you again, Joey…:-)

  18. Zoltrix67 says:

    I tried it, and it …
    I tried it, and it was actually quite good. Well, as far as I went, cos I hate Zucchini as you call them. They are Gross. Instead, I used a Nan bread and some Mushroom fried rice, so was like a curry really 😉 5 stars

  19. pinklantana says:

    That looks …
    That looks delicious, and easy to prepare. 🙂

  20. GreatGig1 says:

    Better late than …
    Better late than never to see this gem…LOL It was so tasty! 🙂 I lived with an electric stove too for awhile. For me, there is NOTHING like cooking with that flame…:-) ((((JR))))

  21. GreatGig1 says:

    It’s worth the try! …
    It’s worth the try! It had my taste buds singing…LOL It does make a LOT of the filling, so I froze it until it’s next incarnation…:-) It was a recipe from RandomWritings. He was the one who through a little of this and a little of that in…I tried to follow it…hahaha! But I do have to admit that I cook that way too. Throw it all in there and hope for the best…:-) The music is Brandenburg Concerto No4.

  22. jrsnyderjr says:

    oh wow I missed …
    oh wow I missed this great vid! not only was that obviously delicious but you presented it so well. it’s cilantro here in arizona also…I wish I had a gas range again. excellent ;~}

  23. enjoythevoyage says:

    Yummmmm! I am going …
    Yummmmm! I am going to try this! You remind me of the way my mom cooked–a little bit of this and that! She never used recipes but was a great cook! 5 culinary and videography stars! I loved the music, familiar but can’t name it!

  24. GreatGig1 says:

    LOL!! Well, it …
    LOL!! Well, it might! I still haven’t read the complete manuel on what all it does…lol I should finish reading it…I could use a flight somewhere! 🙂

  25. MaxwellsDemon2000 says:

    I’m sure your stove …
    I’m sure your stove is also capable of flying! 🙂 Looks super high-tech!

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