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Cooking-RibEye Steak with Gordon Ramsey in 1 Minute!


Duration : 0:1:11

25 thoughts on “Cooking-RibEye Steak with Gordon Ramsey in 1 Minute!

  1. CAZPERsayz says:

    pro just PRO!!
    pro just PRO!!

  2. circlesarereal says:

    This guy is a good …
    This guy is a good Chef, but a total dickhead in the rest of his affairs.

  3. ikvsabre says:

    “Rib eye with the …
    “Rib eye with the bone on tastes so much better and looks better.”

    If there is bone, then it is not “rib eye”, but a “rib steak”

    Both are great.

    Not knowing the difference = FAIL

  4. mmfairhill says:

    i like the way he …
    i like the way he cooks the steak not crazy about the artichokes though

  5. landis69 says:

    fail he’s using …
    fail he’s using boneless ribeye…sorry but that is not good enough. Rib eye with the bone on tastes so much better and looks better. Gordon is still one of my favorite chefs though. Granted it is a tv show made for housewives.

  6. HypersonicWave says:

    Maybe. I have been …
    Maybe. I have been in the restaurant business for many years working with many chefs and I can honestly say that there are people just like GR or even worse and there is no camera team present. That is why I quit and changed job – but I do miss the great food!

  7. Stickalas says:

    Yeah I can’t …
    Yeah I can’t imagine his staff being very motivated if he’s like that all the time, I have a feeling it’s put on for TV

  8. HypersonicWave says:

    Stickalas, who said …
    Stickalas, who said that this is no action movie set – with an unforgiving, fast working and swearing bully chef. This is Gordon Ramasses view of how a kitchen should work.

  9. SchneiderStudios says:

    lol true
    lol true

  10. Stickalas says:

    Jesus this …
    Jesus this cameraman should be on an action movie set, not a bloody cooking programme…

  11. senoramariposa says:

    @RuudJH I see …
    @RuudJH I see what you mean; it can be a little disturbing to the senses. But I like the fact that his videos get right to the point. He doesn’t waste the viewers’ time and energy with a lot of introduction, which takes the focus off the subject.

  12. GKFC says:

    Take stick.

    Out of …
    Take stick.

    Out of ass.

  13. pmfernandez says:

    bout two, two and a …
    bout two, two and a half minutes.

  14. weicc84 says:

    the end product …
    the end product looks medium. with a small piece of meat, it should take a minute to sear on both sides for that thickness. then the steaks are drizzled with hot butter to your liking, medium rare or medium. I assumed the steak was already at room temperature and not straight from the refrigerator.

  15. RuudJH says:

    This presentation …
    This presentation is terrible with the punching words and the horrible camerawork.

  16. ofdiscordia says:


  17. Ryancuasay says:

    mouthwatering shit!
    mouthwatering shit!

  18. lixueryo says:

    @jjjazzycraig as …
    @jjjazzycraig as long as you want depending on how well done you like it.
    you can tell by checking the firmness of the meat. if you push down on it with your finger and its soft its rare, the more its cooked, the firmer it gets.

  19. eriesel says:

    he cut it for the …
    he cut it for the appearance, hence the camera and the video and the narrative. he’s demonstrating how it looks both inside and out, “cock head.”

  20. facetha says:

    It’s …

    It’s passion. Something he cares about…

  21. zackalphaomega says:

    its an act to get …
    its an act to get viewers

  22. jjjazzycraig says:

    how long on each …
    how long on each side???

  23. RazielKain says:

    Because food is …
    Because food is such an important thing in his life he takes it that seriously
    That’s passion

  24. nephildevil says:

    that camera …
    that camera man shud stay of the energy drinks!!

  25. twocanoes says:

    How can someone who …
    How can someone who has the sensitivity to cook like this be such a cruel on some of his shows?

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