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Cooking a rack of lamb

Learn how to cook a restaurant quality rack of lamb. This video will give you an understanding of how to fry and cook meats in general making your meat softer and full of flavour.

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5 thoughts on “Cooking a rack of lamb

  1. greennectar says:


    Yes, it is a …

    Yes, it is a french technique, you can use it for cooking most meats even at home.

  2. loner1520 says:

    is this a french …
    is this a french technique?…always wanted to do this technique but the restaurants i worked in dont use it:(

  3. richardm80 says:

    How much did that …
    How much did that frying pan cost?

  4. greennectar says:

    Can you be more …

    Can you be more specific with this question please. This video demonstrates how you can cook a rack of lamb by cooking it in butter first and then finishing it off in the oven.

  5. duncansellers says:

    what is this guy …
    what is this guy doing?

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