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Beef Ribs

Beef Ribs and Roasted Potatoes.


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25 thoughts on “Beef Ribs

  1. TheHAMMER77777 says:

    @binsbai WELL …
    @binsbai WELL BBQing means slow Grilling (Indirect Heat)- im sure u guys do that too, right?

  2. DJRoxi says:

    If you used dried …
    If you used dried rosemary … how much do you use or do you swear by the real thing. I plan on doing beef ribs for my pool party next weekend and wanna do it right 🙂

  3. DJRoxi says:

    @HGT617 He says …
    @HGT617 He says Rosemary 🙂

  4. TheHAMMER77777 says:

    looks tasty
    looks tasty

  5. carolinagrl210 says:

    Amazing recipe. …
    Amazing recipe. This has become a family favorite!

  6. HGT617 says:

    what is that leaf …
    what is that leaf that u used?

  7. shkupi1 says:

    lol at 9.30
    lol at 9.30

  8. bigdaddyfoz says:

    ‘i like that that …
    ‘i like that that one right there will be mine’ LOL

  9. tony88192 says:

    loved the video, …
    loved the video, thank you

  10. outbacktraveler says:

    my goodness that …
    my goodness that looks so goody there sir.

  11. philthyco says:

    not a big fan of …
    not a big fan of beef ribs..looks good though..pork its the beast..peace.

  12. cave62 says:

    I wouldn’t consider …
    I wouldn’t consider that BBQ my UK friend. BBQ is done on the grill at a low temp, with a open flame. On the other hand grilling is done on the grill at high temp with a open flame, like you would grill a steak.

  13. BBQTalk says:

    @binsbai Beef …
    @binsbai Beef Broth or beef stock…Google will give you some recipes for making your own.

    at 3:05 , I explain that these are going into the oven, for this video. However, I go on to explain that you can put them on the smoker at this point and cook for the same time/temp.

    Thanks for watching!

  14. binsbai says:

    I live in UK – we …
    I live in UK – we have different names – so, whats that liquid poured b4 the shiraz wine? second question: is this considered “BBQing?” and thanks nice vid

  15. joyceannpumpkin says:

    ahh, may i come to …
    ahh, may i come to dinner?….=)

  16. texNoz says:

    I’ve never cooked …
    I’ve never cooked ribs like this..

  17. MsNegrogato says:

    canadian accent ? …
    canadian accent ? lol , this is better than DAVES FARM !!!!!

  18. BBQTalk says:

    Patience is your …
    Patience is your friend rhino1705. Give them time, or they will fight you for every bite ; )

  19. rhino1705 says:

    Man I’m hooking …
    Man I’m hooking these ribs up right now. The auroma in the house is awsome can’t wait to taste them.

  20. graffnameseed says:

    month? i do it …
    month? i do it every day!

  21. Gman6755 says:

    Excellent video, …
    Excellent video, thanks!! Gonna try that recipe for sure!!

  22. freeloaderjason says:

    i hope you washed …
    i hope you washed your dirty white hands, cracker

    but looks delicious, good job

  23. REDMAN4701 says:

    Great job pal, I …
    Great job pal, I too am a great self made chef. I appericate your down to earth cooking attitude, its the way I cook as well. Wonderful how you came up with this method and perfected it. Keep experimenting, thats the only way to cook. Follow your heart and you’ll always beat recipes and come up with things that are out of this world!

  24. powerhouse2112p says:

    Great Vid. I want …
    Great Vid. I want to try it. My question is. How can you do the ribs and the potatoes using the same oven so that they come out perfect like yours at the same time. Thanks.

  25. BigBadBill2323 says:

    If you have an …
    If you have an interior thermometer for your oven, try leaving the door open somewhat.
    That might allow some of the heat to dissipate

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