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Air Rifle Hunting, Part 2, Skinning, Cleaning and Cooking a Rabbit, 27 oct 2010

This is the second film of a two part series on how to skin, clean and cook a rabbit. This is just one simple why of cooking a rabbit that i thought up one day, but i’m sure that there are so many other things you can do with the meat.

Duration : 0:7:53

34 thoughts on “Air Rifle Hunting, Part 2, Skinning, Cleaning and Cooking a Rabbit, 27 oct 2010

  1. HuntersVermin says:

    @dq9677 Well your …
    @dq9677 Well your guns a little under powered at 495 fps but at 10 feet you should have been ok. But i find even with the higher powered guns i use that an animal or bird can move about a bit for a few seconds after been hit in the heart, and some times they drop clean as a whistle.

  2. dq9677 says:

    Hey man, earlier …
    Hey man, earlier today, I shot a squirrel perched on my fence from about 10 feet away. I was using a .177 at 495 fps. I got a good shot into the chest with a field point, but it didn’t seem like a clean kill. It fell off the fence, went batshit on the ground for like 2 seconds, and quieted down. I couldn’t really see if it was moving, but after I saw over the fence, it was dead. My question is, do squirrels usually do that after a heart/lung shot? I kinda feel bad for the little guy.

  3. HuntersVermin says:

    @treeratbuster …
    @treeratbuster Thanks, glad you liked it.

  4. treeratbuster says:

    Well done Dave, …
    Well done Dave, worth waiting for!

    Mango chutney on bunnies, ill have to try it.


  5. Mrfordtoyou says:

    @Norrad01 After …
    @Norrad01 After it’s defrosted, yes. Just leave it out in the kitchen in the morning, it should be defrosted by dinner time. I’ve only cooked it once, in a mustard sauce, and that recipe required soaking in water and vinegar over night. Rabbits are wild animals, so they use their muscles alot (running away from people like us who want to eat them), unlike pigs and cattle that lead pretty relaxed lifestyles. This makes their meat pretty tough, but tasty. Any marinade would do the job.

  6. Norrad01 says:

    @Mrfordtoyou Your …
    @Mrfordtoyou Your saying soak the rabbit after its removed from freezer?

  7. Mrfordtoyou says:

    @Norrad01 soak …
    @Norrad01 soak after, you put some vinegar in the water too to tenderise the meat

  8. HuntersVermin says:

    @qp0w3r Will do sir …
    @qp0w3r Will do sir, if only she could learn to sharpen them too.

  9. HuntersVermin says:

    @Norrad01 I’m not …
    @Norrad01 I’m not sure as i’ve only ate them when they are fresh.

  10. Norrad01 says:

    What do you do with …
    What do you do with your rabbits if you want to freeze them? Do you still soak in the brine solution prior to or after freeze?

  11. gosst60 says:

    LOL, great vid, n …
    LOL, great vid, n LOL @ doin the dishes hehe

  12. qp0w3r says:

    looks like a …
    looks like a wusthoff knife:P i use them too as well, tell your wife that she has a good choise of knifes 😀

  13. HuntersVermin says:

    @ …
    @ohcaptainmycaptain4 Yeah its my wifes kitchen knife, but after i sharpened it up a bit it cut like a gooden.

  14. ohcaptainmycaptain4 says:

    the knife is rather …
    the knife is rather large for such detailed cuts

  15. 310bbr says:

    very nice vid ill …
    very nice vid ill have to do this soon

  16. HuntersVermin says:

    @LuaiGhazali Your …
    @LuaiGhazali Your welcome.

  17. HuntersVermin says:

    @dflif1996 Thanks, …
    @dflif1996 Thanks, glad you found the vid useful.

  18. dflif1996 says:

    Great vid once …
    Great vid once again HV.Have not eaten any of the rabbit’s that i shot in year’s,like you, the dog’s or cat’s get them.But after looking at your end result,the next one will have to end up in the oven.

  19. LuaiGhazali says:

    Looks delicious… …
    Looks delicious… A new way to cook rabbit.

  20. HuntersVermin says:

    @Ghostmaker1970 …
    @Ghostmaker1970 Thanks Ghostmaker, and keep the peace bother.

  21. HuntersVermin says:

    @angof Yum Yum …
    @angof Yum Yum bunny pie.

  22. HuntersVermin says:

    @MrRobbiewest Thank …
    @MrRobbiewest Thank you.

  23. HuntersVermin says:

    @TamrynRimfire …
    @TamrynRimfire Thanks for the 5 Tamryn.

  24. HuntersVermin says:

    @longclawson Your …
    @longclawson Your welcome, glad you liked it.

  25. HuntersVermin says:

    @hussaruk Thanks,
    @hussaruk Thanks,

  26. Stephanie says:

    Love it! So glad to be a part of your happy ever after!

  27. ZeldaPhan says:

    Hank – Great video. I enjoy when you rant about things you care about. It's always when people rant about their cares that it is the easiest to learn. I'll take a prof enamored with their subject over one with more experience every day; it makes the intake easier.

  28. Twitter says:

    "A step by step guide on preparing and cooking the classic Japanese dish, Gyūdon (beef on rice)"

  29. Goweigus says:

    and that is only the skinning, there are a bijillion other ways to kill a cat!

  30. MarisahBieber says:

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  31. Meryn - Belgium says:

  32. Twitter says:

    Underwear bomb suspect’s trial set for October –

  33. yellatexastud210 says:

    for all the internationals watching this video. yes this is how america really is.

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