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(2 Sick 2) Bar B Q – Higher Quality Repost

Originally posted June 17, 2007

Jackie and Dunlap are having a Summer Fun Barbecue Blowout! Jackie’s ready to get the meat on the grill– but what’s the matter with Dunlap? http://www.redstateupdate.com

Duration : 0:1:45

25 thoughts on “(2 Sick 2) Bar B Q – Higher Quality Repost

  1. headacherack says:

    A cucumber will …
    A cucumber will knock out a hang over and de-hydration…remember that…

  2. ExcessivelyFast says:

    I hope Dunlap feels …
    I hope Dunlap feels better soon.

  3. scottgellermd says:

    who wouldn’t want …
    who wouldn’t want to put some vapo-rub on that belly!

  4. todd6126 says:

    Didja’ get enough …
    Didja’ get enough eggs in there???

  5. jdunk2145 says:

    yuck you could have …
    yuck you could have left that one in low qualiy

  6. oscarlithgow says:

    Still waiting for …
    Still waiting for you’re opinion on the new Arizona ” immigration law “

  7. oscarlithgow says:

    Still waiting for …
    Still waiting for you’re opinion on the new Arizona ” immigration law “

  8. sluggojfm says:

    Vile and hilarious
    Vile and hilarious

  9. fluffydolly says:

    hey jackie…i’ll …
    hey jackie…i’ll bring beer,put a couple steaks on for me!!!!!!

  10. Lordgeek4 says:


  11. 009chiqui says:


  12. harr77 says:

    Now this was funny.
    Now this was funny.

  13. saintsnbraves2 says:

    Why wasn’t this …
    Why wasn’t this song a hit? It sounds better than the crap that’s out these days!

  14. crowman1979 says:

    LOL This looks …
    LOL This looks like one of those late 80’s pop videos with some dude wearing an unbuttoned shirt. The only thing missing is a giant fan blowing a gust of wind at Dunlap.

  15. MrSueVeneer says:

    That’s not TN, that …
    That’s not TN, that is the valley.

  16. audadvnc says:

    Loved that …
    Loved that Alka-Selzer / beer cocktail. Oof! Reminds me of having swine flu last November; gawd it was awful.

  17. fivedinners says:


  18. librano says:

    I feel sorry for …
    I feel sorry for Jackie having to smear that on his chest hair…

  19. ConalCochran says:

    Far and away the …
    Far and away the funniest channel on YouTube. I wonder if Mr. Slaw was too sick for the occasion…

  20. jasonmit says:


  21. N38spl says:

    LMAO! ya’ll folks …
    LMAO! ya’ll folks neva dissapoint!
    i thank ya’ll need ya own tv show

  22. robertpina99 says:

    I guess this means …
    I guess this means you’re too sick to marinade too. Get well and stick a fork it when you’re done. Coleslaw is overrated.

  23. mcmilbc says:

    lmao this takes me …
    lmao this takes me back

  24. MCGEE1115 says:

    Get it together …
    Get it together Dunlap its Kentucky Derby weekend, party time!

  25. 24EvelJustin24 says:

    LMAO! This is one …
    LMAO! This is one of my favorites. My 2nd favorite behind “Dumbass Party”.

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