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What is a good quality drum set?

The price range is 1,000 dollars and under. I’m looking for something that will last me a long time. Are pork pie’s good?

Pearl is the best drums…price ranges vary depending on the type of set, but def a great choice!

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Posted by mark - January 28, 2017 at 1:36 pm

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Taste the Costa Rican Cuisine; A Tropical Blend of Flavors

Costa Rica food is the result of a medley of various types of spices, sauces, oils and other ingredients used in different cuisines from the various corners of the world. In the recipes of Costa Rica you will find the traces of the traditional cuisines of countries like Spain, France, China, Italy and Africa.

Spices like annatto, oregano, nutmeg, pepper, coriander, saffron, thyme, sauces like Worcestershire, soy, and Lizano, oils like vegetable oil and olive oil and ingredients like corn, sweet potatoes, cassava, beans, are all used in Costa Rica food. Rice is a very important part of Costa Rican diet and so are beans.

Apart from a huge variety of veggies, Costa Rica definatelly has good meats. Excellent beef from the local cows, abudance of really good local chicken and of cource fresh, high quality seafood.

Let’s see what the Costa Ricans are eating, bite by bite.

Appetizers are known as bocas in the land of Costa Rica. These are served usually with drinks. These are often distributed free of cost. Even if they are priced it is kept at a bare minimum.
There are some very popular varieties of bocas available. Some of them are:

Tamales- these are cornmeal patties with a stuffing and it is wrapped and then steamed inside banana leaves.

Gallos – tortillas are very common in Costa Rica. Gallos are the tortillas heaped with meat, chicken, beans and lots of cheese.

Ceviche- this is a salad that acts as an appetizer. It is made from marinated seafood.

Patacones- these are fried green plantains that come in the form of chips.

Fried yucca- very popular, close to our french fries.
Tacos- filled in with lots of ingredients, chicken, guacamole and sauces.

Empanadas- breaded goods and pies.

The salads are as interesting as the appetizers. The common varieties of Costa Rican salads are made from tomato bits, onion rings, shredded cabbage, diced red or green peppers, a little cilantro with the seasoning done with lime juice and a little sprinkling of salt.

The Main Dishes are not only tasty and filling but also healthy. The spices are additives enrich the food yet keep it healthy.Some of the popular main dishes are:

Gallo Pinto- made from beans mixed with rice flavored with coriander, onions and some Worcestershire sauce.

Casados- is another dish that is a part of the daily diet of the Costa Ricans. This is a main course meal prepared from beans, rice, pork or chicken with some lettuce, cabbage, tomato salad and some dried plantains.

Frito- is a stew made from pork

Mondongo- a beef stomach soup

Barbudos- an omelet made from string beans

Soups are also an integral part in the Costa Rican diet. The most commonly prepared soups of Costa Rica are the Bacalao that is the cod soup, the Bean Soup, the Mondongo or the beef stomach soup, the Olla de Carne that is the Costa Rican beef soup, the Sopa de Albondigas or the soup that is made of meat balls, the Sopas de Leche or the Tortilla soup and the Sopa de Pescado that is the fish soup.

Besides the main dishes and soups there are also a number of sweet dishes and candies that are fascinating.Here are some of the wonderful desserts of Costa Rica:

The Cono Capuchino is an ice-cream cone with chocolate topping, flan is cold caramel custard, dulce de leche is a syrup made from boiled milk and sugar.

The thicker variety is known as the Cajeta and this is fudgelike and absolutely delicious.

Then there are the Mazamorra, which is a corn starch pudding, milanes are chocolate candies.

The Pan de Maiz is a type of sweet bread made from corn and the queque seco is a pound cake.

The Melcocha is a candy that is made from raw sugar and there is also the torta chilena, which is a multilayered cake full of dulce de leche.

Costa Rica drinks do more than just quenching ones thirst.

The most favorite costa rican drink is of course Coffee. High quality, nativelly cultivated and strong, on asking for milk coffee or ‘cafe con leche’ you will be offered coffee that is a strong blend of coffee and milk mixed in equal proportions. When you wish to have black coffee you need to ask for ‘cafe sin leche’.

A very popular traditional drink of Costa Rica is Agua Dulce. This drink is made from sugarcane that is not strained or bleached.

The native fruits like mango, tamarindo, papaya, etc., are used to make fresh Fruit Juices. You can have these juices with milk or water.

Costa Rica makes good quality Gin and Vodka, moderate quality Rum and poor quality Whiskey. The mixture of coke and rum goes down very well with the locals in Costa Rica.

You can also try the native costa rican Beer, very popular among the natives, Imperial.

Home style cooking dominates the scene in Costa Rica with most people preferring simple dishes. However, the meals are wholesome, nutritious and priced reasonably, especially beef and seafood. People of Costa Rica love eating and so will you, if you try their wonderful, exotic cuisine.

Charles Kassotis

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Posted by mark - January 27, 2017 at 12:40 pm

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Have Fun Wine Tasting

You can easily detect a genuine wine expert by the way he handles the wine in terms of smelling and tasting it and not merely just drinking the wine. Anybody can drink wine but it takes a lot of experience to taste wine.

Wines have become a staple feature of every household during meal times, particularly when they are eating red meat. Red meats like pork or beef roasts are best with red wines. On the other hand, white meats like fish and chicken are better with white whine.

There are a thousand and one varieties, or type of wines depending on the vineyard where they were grown as well as the type of grapes they are made of. It takes experience and a real romance with wine to be able to distinguish its characteristics just by smelling and tasting. 

Basically, wines that have been stored properly should taste smooth. Wines that taste off or stale are either not of good quality or they were stored improperly and their corks tainted.

So how should you taste wine? Wines should be tasted by swishing the wine in your mouth, allowing your taste buds to perceive the flavor and taste of the wine. While the act of tasting makes uses of your tongue, a person’s sense of smell actually does most of the detection. Both a person’s sense of taste and sense of smell should be used when tasting wines.

While the two senses are indeed very important tools in determining a wine’s quality, the physical appearance of the wine is equally important. You can get a better look at a wine’s appearance and color by pouring them in a clear glass and look through it using a white table cloth or other white background.

If wines are generally red or white, then why do we have to study their colors? White wines are actually not perfectly white because their color ranges from yellow to brown and green. White wines with darker colors have more flavor and are older. While aging improves the flavor of red wines, this doesn’t hold true for white wines which may go bad with time. Red wines that are lighter in color are older. You will be able to examine a red wine’s age by tilting a glass with red wine, allowing some to settle on the glass rim, and examining its color. When the color of the wine that settles on the glass rim is brownish, then it has been aged.

Wine experts also swirl the wine to observe how it moves in the glass. A wine that swirls nicely wine may mean it has a higher sweetness and alcohol content.

While the taste of wine is generally subjective as it depends on a persons taste and preferences, wine connoisseurs follow specific guidelines in wine tasting. Being able to taste and smell wine the right way can certainly to the pleasure of drinking them.

Jerry Shannon

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Posted by mark - January 23, 2017 at 10:59 am

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Weezer – Pork and Beans (High Quality)


Duration : 0:4:38

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Do you think that a Kosher diet is better for you?

Isn’t kosher meat supposed to have no fillers?
And isn’t usually better quality, since its a higher pricing. ?
And pork and pig is usually bad for you, or at least the way we make it. Do you think keeping it out of your diet (kosher) is good for you too?

Scientific proof please? Like info about fats, fillers. Thanks

Kosher is preparation, other than no swine the food isn’t any better or worse.

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Posted by mark - January 12, 2017 at 4:16 am

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GI Joe PSA Spoofs by FenslerFilm (Best Quality Version HQ)

This upload is the original Public Service Announcements spoofs as parodied by Fenslerfilm.

This video was converted from an original large format 720×480 MPEG-2 that I dug up on the FENSLERFILM website years ago. The 2nd generation format is 640×480 2-PASS VBR DIVX 4.12, with upsampled 48kHz audio, for “breathing” room. Watch in HQ for best results.

There is no higher quality version on Youtube or anywhere I’ve seen.

“Body Massage”
“Porkchop Sandwiches”
“Your Got Sacked”
“Help Computer”

Sorry I am not more descriptive about episode origin, but I will update later. Enjoy.

Duration : 0:2:15

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Individual sow housing benefits the animals – and people

A hog farmer from Friend, Neb., explains why sows are housed individually and how that individual care benefits the animals, helps maintain herd health and ultimately provides quality pork.

Duration : 0:2:42

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Spicy Chicken & Pork Tetelas recipe part 1 – Hairy Bikers Cookbook – BBC

The Hairy Bikers are in Mexico to demonstrate the best way to cook a delicious and traditional Mexian dish: spicy chicken and pork tetelas with salsa and refried beans. This recipe runs across two videos. Check out part two for the full recipe! Watch more high quality videos on the Food YouTube channel from BBC Worldwide here: http://www.youtube.com/bbcfood

Duration : 0:4:41

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Chorizo Sausage (non-pork)?

Where is the best place to get these in beef or chicken/turkey varieties? I heard the more expensive, the better the flavor and quality of the meat.

Costco has good chorizo. I believe Trader Joe’s carries some varieties but I haven’t tried them. The Latino markets carry the beef kind and are usually fresh because they sell more of it.

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Posted by mark - December 30, 2016 at 10:59 pm

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How to get cooked meat to be tender?

Occasionally a piece of meat, pork, beef or lamb, no matter how well cooked will be tough because it was bad quality to begin with, coming probably from an old animal well past its prime (I know what cuts of beef must be boiled, roasted or fried so that’s not a problem).

But if starting from good meat what are the tips and advice for cooking it tender? As I understand a bad cooking method can make even the best quality meat tough like leather.

slow cook it. you can do it in the oven without a slow cooker. i do london broil at 275 for 4 hours (after searing it on the stove) and i almost cover it with water. then i make a gravy out of the water after it is cooked. mmmm delicious and it falls apart.

also, after cooking meat, cut it against the grain. it is easier to chew.

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Posted by mark - December 25, 2016 at 7:59 pm

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