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Sausage-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with Chef Albert Di Meglio at Olana Restaurant

http://www.behindtheburner.com The world’s greatest pork recipe is under wraps. Literally! Let Chef Albert Di Meglio teach you his tricks to the tastiest tenderloin you’ll ever try, using the finest, freshest pork from D’Artagnan.

“Tip: Use high-quality, all natural and organic meats such as D’Artagnan.
Trick: Lightly season your meats to bring out natural flavors and don’t forget the power of simple salt and pepper.
Technique: Cut pork tenderloin into 4 oz. pieces per person, be sure to save the ends for future use/flavoring.
Trick: Prepare pork tenderloin at room temperature so meat is pliable.
Tip: Fat is good. A 30% pork fat to lean mean ratio will keep your meat moist and juicy.
Trick: If available, experiment with extras like caul fat (which will help hold your homemade sausage together). When rolling the sausage, wrap like a Christmas present: neat and tidy.
Trick: If you don’t have time to make the sausage, you can use pre-made sausage (just take it out of the casing)
Tip: “”You don’t have cook pork until it’s dead.”” Medium/medium-rare is perfectly safe and works beautifully.
Trick: Grape seed oil has a higher smoking point and is flavorless, so it won’t obstruct the natural pork and bacon flavors in the dish.
Trick: Raisins will help balance out any bitterness in brussels sprouts.
Technique: Hold the herbs until last, otherwise they will change flavor and color too much.
Tip: If you’re vegetarian, roasted brussels sprouts make a great side dish. Simply skip the bacon, and finish with tofu instead. ”

As the leading purveyor of organic poultry, game, foie gras, pâtés, sausages, smoked delicacies and wild mushrooms in the US, D’Artagnan currently provides more than 400 products to the world’s top chefs, as well as directly to consumers’ tables. Members can enjoy a 10% discount at www.dartagnan.com

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Best meat protein scale?

Are some animal protein (flesh) better than others?
I was discussing with an Egyptian collegue has insisted that theres an animal protien ranking, with fish, chicken, beef towards the top and pork at the bottom.

Besides the obvious religious prohibitions, is there good evidence that pork is considered a poor quality protein
[*fat notwithstanding-lean pork; lean beef; lean chicken etc….]

ive never heard of lean pork. but yes lean meats usually are the best. (pork and beef don’t regularly exist as lean untill after processing – i think)
Lean meat is just the muscle. turkey chicken and fish are the top choices.

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Posted by mark - March 18, 2017 at 3:25 pm

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Perfect Easy Home BBQ’d Ribs

A simple way to create a restaurant quality pork rib experience in your own home, but to do it at less then half the price. A few minutes to start the oven braise, followed by a few more minutes of finishing the racks on the BBQ, and you can have lots of ribs that taste as good as any resturant,.

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How to Make Restaurant Quality Baby Back Ribs

Learn how to make restaurant-quality baby back ribs ribs using our Rib Kit. They fully cook in your oven then finish on your grill. They are delicious!!!

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Find Out Where You Can Learn to Make Your Favorite Dishes at Cooking Schools?

Thai cuisine has gained popularity all over the world for its fresh flavours, healthy ingredients and low fat cooking methods for help visit www.cat-head-biscuit.com. At one time recipes in Thailand were divided between those for the royal court (which were kept secret) and those for commoners. Now royal and everyday recipes have mingled but there are still significant regional differences.

In the north of Thailand glutinous rice is favoured over steamed rice and it is kneaded into small balls with the fingers and used to soak up liquid dishes. Northern curries have a milder, more herbal quality thanthose in the south. Curries are flavoured with ginger, tamarind and turmeric. Preserved fruits and pickled vegetables are popular accompaniments. The traditional meal served when entertaining in the north is a Khantok dinner. Khan meaning bowl and tok meaning a low round table. Guests sit on the floor around the table and help themselves to a variety of dishes which may include rice, fried chicken, a curry, a minced meat dish and a salad. The north is famous for longans (a lychee-like fruit) when in season.

In the south coconut features in many dishes and locally grown cashew nuts are eaten as appetisers or stir-fried with chicken and dried chillis. As you may expect, there is an abundance of seafood. Around the Gulf of Thailand shellfish are farmed and so they are very fresh. Whole fish are sometimes brought to the table still poaching in heavily seasoned stock over a charcoal burner. The result is pleasantly aromatic rather than intensely spicy.

However, the type of cuisine with which we are most familiar comes from the central region of Thailand and dates from the early 13th century when the first independent Thai capital was located at Sukhothai. The basic diet consisted of rice, fish and vegetables flavoured with black pepper and fish sauce, along with fresh fruits. When power later transferred south to Ayuthaya other ingredients such as coriander, lime and tomato were added to the diet, along with what has become an essential ingredient – chilli pepper. Other influences came from India, Japan, Persia and China.
Thai Cooking Classes
Northern Thailand

The internationally renowned Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School is owned and run by Sompon Nabnian, Thailand’s international TV chef, and his wife Elizabeth. Stay and Study packages are offered at the Jasmine Rice Village which is operated by the owners of the Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School for help visit www.150-venison-recipes.com. “A half hour’s drive from Chiang Mai city centre, Jasmine Rice Village Boutique Resort and Spa offers a unique experience for visitors seeking tranquility, cultural authenticity and luxurious comfort during their stay in the north of Thailand”.

1-5 day classes are offered. A one-day class costs 990 Baht (33 USD) per person.
Southern Thailand

At Mom Tri’s Boathouse in Phuket, Gourmet Executive Chef Tummanoon Punchun shares the secrets of great Thai cooking at popular workshops held every Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to about 14.00. The course includes a folder of recipes, a Boathouse apron and lunch. Excellent beach front resort accommodation is available.

2 day class costs 3,200 Baht (105 USD) per person.
Central Thailand

From Bangkok, The Thai House is a forty minute long-boat trip through the villages along Klong Bangkok Noi. Owned by a Thai family, this beautiful, traditional teak house is surrounded by gardens with tropical fruit trees and its own herb garden. Homestay accommodation is available in guestrooms around an upstairs courtyard. Pip, your instructor, learned to cook from the highest possible authority – her mother.

1-3 day classes are offered. A one-day class costs 3,500 Baht (115 USD) per person

Typical one-day course at The Thai House includes:

An introduction to Thai herbs and spices

Appetizer: Larb Moo – A spicy Thai pork salad

Soup: Tom Yam Kung – Hot and sour prawn soup

Luncheon Dish: Phad Thai – Thai fried noodles

Main Dishes: Kaeng Ka-Ri Kai – Yellow chicken curry and Paneang Nua – Coconut Beef Curry


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Rusty Ryan from Hatfield Quality Meats on the 10! Show 3-06-09

Rusty Ryan from Hatfield Quality Meats shares Easter Ham glaze recipe on NBC’s 10! Show on 3-06-09

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Maximize Your Profitability With Internet Marketing

At the time of this writing, the country is facing real and growing fear … on Wall Street and on Main Street. The Congress, without shame, has passed the bailout plan along with a whole bunch of pork. In other words to get enough votes, individual members of Congress traded their “conviction” for their pet projects designed to do what … get more votes and insure their own political longevity. This is Democracy?
So what can you do? I say control those things that you and only you can control; your business and for the purposes of this writing your online business. For more details go to www.mrx-interview.com .Pay even closer attention to your business. Analyze all areas of your business. Don\’t cut cost just for the sake of cutting costs. Concentrate on efficiency … getting more done with less! Through careful analysis you can always increase your efficiency and productivity in all areas of your business … sales, marketing, customer service, finance and accounting, manufacturing, research and development.
1. The former involves \”coming at the potential customer\” almost always when not welcome. These methods are considered wildly successful if just a success rate of 1 in 200 is achieved … not very efficient or cost effective.
2. The latter involves the targeted visibility achieved through Google, Yahoo and the rest where the potential customer initiates the contact at a time and place of their choosing. They are ready when they decide to search for your products and services. Predictably, the success rate is much higher than, sometimes as high as 15-20% if your website is easily found and is further optimized for converting the visitor.
Being found by those potential clients and buyers at precisely the time and place of their choosing … where else in the world can you more efficiently get the highest quality, the most qualified new business? While traditional advertising uses a wide and inefficient net to hopefully reach the right buyer mainly by the math of a tiny percentage of the market that will see your ad, open your mail, answer your phone call at precisely the time they are interested and ready to actually act, Internet Marketing is targeted and Search Engine Visibility in the organic or natural listings is only seen by the buyer when they want to see you. How many times have you called on a prospect or advertised traditionally where the buyer says “I’m amazed, I was just about to call you” … very rare, indeed. ALL searches that find you on the search is amazing in that you are being found exactly when it is “at the top of their list” of things to do.
So, if you find that your marketing dollars are restricted and therefore more precious than ever, you need to make the most out of every marketing dollar. So cut the inefficiency of traditional advertising and focus your marketing dollars on targeted traffic through the power of the internet and specifically the search engines. For more help go to www.website-conversion-mastery.com .My message: In these troubled times, the best investment you can make is in yourself and in your business. Focus on efficiency and productivity to maximize your profitability. Yes, cut costs where you can; but stay on offense more than on defense.


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Authentic Hispanic Spices: Spice up Your Life and be Healthy

Spices are food additives used in flavoring dishes. It gives fabulous aromas to brighten up a recipe. Authentic Hispanic spices have greatly influenced the enhancement of foods from past to present. Hispanic spices continue to evolve onto different variations.

Spices are a vegetative substance made from dried seed, root, fruit and the bark of tropical trees or plants. Spices are often whole or ground types and even powdered for flavoring purposes. It even serves as a type of food preservative.

It can enhance food and improve ones health. The use of spices can regulate levels of sugar, fat and salt in our daily diet. It can also aid in digestion and increases the rate of metabolism.

Ethnic foods contribute more to Spanish cuisines. The spice history started to evolve due to the early settlers. Native and genuine Hispanic spices continue to emerge due to the different cultures of countries across the globe.

The history of Spanish food and spices goes all the way back to the Spanish coastline settlers. Greeks, Phoenicians and the Carthaginians are being followed by other contributors like the Romans and Moors. Hernan Cortez uncovered bold new flavors in Mexico similar to red pepper and all spices which has become popular in most countries.

Garlic, saffron and beans are some of the varieties that are commonly imported and are widely used in Spanish cuisines. In fact, spices are a luxury for early traders. It became a valuable ingredient which only rich people can afford.

Cubans, Puerto Ricans and Mexican are the three largest American groups that have introduced authentic Hispanic spices. Below are some of the authentic spices.

Annatto seed/ achiote /atsuete seed – Annatto seeds are a rich yellowish-orange colored ingredient for stews and sauces. Seeds are steeped in boiling water for 20 minutes so as to extract its color.

Anise Seed- Anise is a native Mediterranean basin that is both used for sweet and savory applications. It is featured in breads cakes, cookies, liquors and even in sausages and tomato sauces.

Chipotle chili powder – This is made from dried and smoked jalapeo pepper, giving it a unique taste.

Cumin – This is a type of dry seed from cuminum cyminum herb which takes three to four months to grow. It is a member of the parsley family and is used for chili and curry powder. Aside from this, it is used for making a type of tea called “cumin cider”. The Cumin seed is almost similar to anise and fennel in appearance but it is much darker and smaller.

Fennel seed – This is a type of dry seed that is about 4 to 10 mm long. It features a brown or green color and aromatic spice that is similar to the anise seed, especially in taste and appearance. Fennel seeds are commonly used as breath fresheners in India. Its flavoring is used in some toothpaste.

Epazote – The Epazote can flavor food, especially black beans. It is known as a type of Mexican tea which is good for soothing intestinal pains caused by over eating of beans and other similar foods. Epazote is poisonous when given in large amounts. It is used in seasoning sopes soups, quesadillas, tamales, mole de olla, chilaquiles and enchiladas. Thus, Epazote helps in the treatment of amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, chorea, malaria, hysteria and asthma.

Red pepper flakes/crushed red pepper (Capsicum) – These are dried and crushed cayenne peppers, often sprinkled in certain pizzas. Its fruit contains capsaisin, a lipophilic chemical. It can create strong burning sensations in the mouth

Spanish paprika (Pimentón) – The Spanish paprika is red in color. It has a strong flavor and aroma. It is a natural condiment, obtained by drying and grinding red peppers. Dehydration usually lasts for two weeks and it is classified according to quality and type. It can be sweet, bitter or spicy. It can be kept for 2 years.

Paprika is widely used in many traditional Spanish recipes. At current, Americans incorporate this in their cuisines as a type of seasoning for kebabs, pork barbeque, even beef and lamb stews.

Saffron – This is a deeply rooted condiment in Castile-La Mancha. It is originally from central Asia and was introduced to the Peninsula by the Arabs. The plant was protectively denominated since March 2001.

It comes from dried stigmas of saffron crocus (Crocus sativus). The cultivation requires harvesting with the use of your bare hands and the pruning of the flower. Saffron provides dishes with orange color and a slight bitter taste, along with an exotic aroma. It is sold in flexible and resistant strands, having bright stigmas.

David H. Urmann

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Can you use apple barrel ink or paint for tattooing?

I am a biginner tattoo guy, I don’t have too much money to buy tattoo ink to practice. But then I when to Michel’s craft and art store and I came across a brand name Apple Barrel acrylic perminent paint and is waterbade and is high-quality paint for all purpose. So I bought it and try it on pork skin and it turns out pretty good and dark. That’s why I just wanted to ask if it can be use for tattooing.


I would say no. Save up your money and get real tattoo ink. Even thou it held up well in the pork skin there is no way of knowing how it would age and in addition, pork skin is not living…you don’t know how a living organism will react to such ink.

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Is some high-quality Chinese food a good weekly splurge meal?

Every Wednesday, my family orders Chinese from a family-owned restaurant that has been the gem of my town for over eighty years. They make everything fresh from scratch, and I usually have about half a container (How much are those little white boxes? A quart?) of sweet and sour chicken, chop suey, moo shiu pork… whichever strikes my fancy that night. Reason would tell me that a couple of egg foo young patties once a week would beat some piled pizza slices… Am I right?

The white boxes come in a variety of sizes, and the largest ones are probably a quart. Chinese food can somewhat high in calories, but it depends on what and how much you eat. Are you saying you only eat one type of Chinese food a week or all of them? Pizza may be healthier than the types of Chinese food you listed. A couple slices of thin crust vegetable pizza is probably healthier than fried egg foo young or a sugary sweet and sour sauce. A healthier Chinese food would be steamed vegetables with steamed rice, but If you eat well the rest of the week then one meal of any food won’t hurt.

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