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Thrifty Cooking – How to Sear and Slice Pork Tenderloin

Take advantage of low Pork prices and stock up if you can. Freeze it, cure it, we’ll show you how. These low Pork prices will not last forever. In this Thrifty Cooking Solution we present how to prepare a Thrifty, but high quality cut -Pork Tenderloin. Enjoy! www.ThriftCultureNow.com...
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Episode 2 (Part 1): Puerco Pibil

A delicious, spicy, slow roasted pork from the Yucatan. INGREDIENTS: 5 Tbsp. Annatto Seeds (Achiote) 2 tsp. Cumin Seeds 1 Tbsp. Allspice 1/2 tsp. Whole Cloves HabaƱeros (to taste… seeded and veined, then minced) 1/2 Cup White Vinegar 1/2 Cup Orange Juice 2 Tbsp. Salt 8 Cloves Garlic...
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What is a good quality drum set?

The price range is 1,000 dollars and under. I’m looking for something that will last me a long time. Are pork pie’s good? Pearl is the best drums…price ranges vary depending on the type of set, but def a great choice!
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