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Tour Smithfield Foods: Pork Processing

Take a look behind the scenes of one of Smithfield Foods state-of-the-art pork processing facilities, and learn how the safe, high quality food we make is processed and packaged.

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Posted by mark - August 17, 2017 at 11:31 pm

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Episode 2 (Part 1): Puerco Pibil

A delicious, spicy, slow roasted pork from the Yucatan.

5 Tbsp. Annatto Seeds (Achiote)
2 tsp. Cumin Seeds
1 Tbsp. Allspice
1/2 tsp. Whole Cloves
Habañeros (to taste… seeded and veined, then minced)
1/2 Cup White Vinegar
1/2 Cup Orange Juice
2 Tbsp. Salt
8 Cloves Garlic (pressed and crushed)
5 Lemons (juiced)
Splash Tequila (finest quality)
5 lb. Pork Butt (pork shoulder)
(Banana Leaves, optional)

1) Grind annatto, cumin, pepper, allspice, and cloves into a fine powder using a coffee grinder (reserved only for grinding spices, NOT coffee).

2)Combine minced habañeros, vinegar, and orange juice. Mix. Add salt, garlic, lemon juice, and tequila. (food processor or blender works best)

3) Mix powder with habañero mixture. Shake well.

4) Cut pork into 2″ cubes and combine in a bag with spice/habañero mixture and shake well. Place all ingredients in a turkey bag (remembering to poke holes) or wrap in banana leaves. Bake for 2 hours at 325. (Banana leaves version: bake for 4 hours at 325)

Duration : 0:5:4

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Meat Eating Quality: Pork, Part 1

Pork Chapter from the QMS DVD Meat Quality, Science into Practice. Contains some abattoir scenes.

Duration : 0:6:33

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Posted by mark - August 16, 2017 at 10:50 pm

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quality pork with atovi 1

Wonder what kind of pork Atovi produce? Heres a video of a hog slaughter from the farm of Mr Ed Limon. Listen and observe on what he has to say.

Duration : 0:9:39

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Posted by mark - August 15, 2017 at 10:16 pm

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Egg burps? I think I’ve found an answer.. What do you think?

I’ve been struggling with fininding a reason why every once in a while I would get these nasty egg burps and then a few hours later vomit, and then immediately feel better. Well, I narrowed it down to fast food. ANY time I ate anything burger-like from one of any fast food places I used to go to, the next day I’d feel horrible. I’d have incessant egg burps, nausea, sometimes diarhhea, and then vomiting which would make me feel %100 better. I stopped eating fast food, and I’ve felt just amazing. Until two nights ago, I made a recipe that called for ground beef. It was %20 fat, but I thought since I made it at home I’d be fine. No sir. I was not fine. All yesterday I experienced the hideous burps and then hours later I finally threw up and felt fine. I think this problem has to do specifically with low-quality animal products with high pork and beef fat. I don’t have the pain or other symtoms people complain of with gall bladder problems. I think its an animal fat intolerance.
Is there any proof of people being allergic to the hormones animals are fed?

I get rotten egg burps if I eat anything containing poultry. It can be lean chicken breast and the result is the same. For me, I don’t vomit, I run to the bathroom a dozen times. I do this for three days in a row. That is just from one or two bites of chicken. Honey, beets, cherries, and eggs affect me the same way.

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Posted by mark - August 12, 2017 at 4:20 pm

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This is own version of cooking PORK MENUDO… I’m sorry about the quality of the video…

Duration : 0:9:35

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Dumplings in NYC?

I am a dumpling fanatic, particulary pork gyoza, shrimp shumai and pierogies. Does anyone know where to find the highest quality, most delicious dumplings (price doesn’t matter) possible in NYC? Thanks.

Mandoo on West 32nd Street right off Fifth Avenue

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Is mechanically recovered turkey and pork, as in Wilkinger Frankfurters, of reasonable quality?

It doesn’t sound it but apparantly it is just meat seperated from the boneby a sieve

Alot of times the spray the carcases with high pressure water to remove all the traces of meat from the bone, and aside from the first persons answer, in sausage and hot dog processing they do not use organ meats as they can taint the flavour of the product, now some may blend several meats like pork, beef, chicken and turkey to extend there product economically, but no one uses unsanitary or other discarded parts, mainly as they do not cooked tender, cartilage, bone and other internal organs like tripe and other product need longer cooking times, and Hot dogs once stuffed into the removable casings are either smoked, washed in a smoked flavoured solution then steam cooked, removed from the casings and package, watch the Food Network show "UnWrapped" sometime they often show these products being made and will clear up and misconceptions you may have heard.

And in the UK they have much more strict food product laws than the US as the per EU dictation, I have had the hot dog sausages when I visit the Uk and find them quite pleasant, not as gummy as US frankfurters.

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Posted by mark - August 6, 2017 at 4:10 am

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Fishing With Lures

Fishing is a popular sport. For many it is an opportunity to share common interests and develop new friends at the same time. Big business has created marketing lines for every possible product, targeting the outdoor lifestyle. The number of available fishing lures has grown along with the need for diverse capabilities in fishing lures. Using a lure is a part of fishing, required to ensure success.

Using fishing lures improves the chances for a quick, quality catch. A lure that pushes through the water, with ready resistance, wobbling its way, will draw attention to fish. Hopefully the lure entertains the fish, until they are in place for a strike. Use of lures has become a part of fishing protocol today. Choice of a lure depends on the particular fish sought. Each lure has a sort of dance that will appeal to certain fish and lead the fish to a place for strike.


A light lure, cast with a moderate speed, will glide through the water and attract a school of fish. As the lure runs through the water, these fish will follow: crappies, albacore, bluefish, and certain species of bass, along with numerous freshwater fish. Use of heavy lures will bring heavy fish: walleye and bass.


Some fishermen thrive on their creativity. They add plastic, pork rind, or pieces of chamois to their lures. It is their way of getting the attention of certain fish. Some attach colorful yarn, especially red yarn, to their lures. This is a very effective draw for the fish.

Plastic worms have become popular. With rods the fisherman cast and cast, using plastic worms, scented for the fish they plan to catch. From the beginning it was thought these plastic worms would be durable and functional. Testing them confirmed their sterling quality. With a strong plastic head and soft durable body, the scented plastic worms survived the durability test. This lure is available today at a reasonable price. Plastic worms go fishing, rigged with the caster’s swing. The action of this plastic lure guarantees a strike. It is so successful that fisherman want to fish forever.


Controversy surrounds the research of a laser lure, soon to be marketed in Canada, before it is released in the United States. This lure has been tested in fresh and salt waters, with the use of a boat. The laser lure drew more fish than other lures from the same boat. It is deemed to be safe.


Fishermen are courted by an industry that includes every aspect of the sport of fishing. Accessories for fishing are available for purchase in a multitude of places. As the consumer makes a choice of fishing gear, casting equipment, and the type of lure he wants to use, he will be able to find the quality of equipment desired. There are many magazines available with an outdoor life theme, complete with excellent photography and timely articles. An avid consumer will find useful information within these magazines and will track changes in fishing accessories and new items, as well.

Yuki Shoji

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Power Rangers Ninja Storm Ep 15 – Pork Chopped Part 2

Power Rangers Ninja Storm Ep 15 – Pork Chopped Part 2/3 Hope You Like It ^^ add &fmt=18 behind the link for better quality

Duration : 0:6:56

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