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Is a beef rib roast the same as prime rib?

I bought a beef rib roast(expensive) and i’m wondering if it is the same as prime rib.Also how do i cook it & does anyone got any good ideas on what else would be good to cook with it? Our daughter is going to spend the night at...
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prime diced beef? help please?

ok i am making a pizza have dough made, i am just using what is in fridge. that is cheese, onion, tomatoes and thought i had sweetcorn and tined tomatoes but i dont. so will have to use keptup for sause argh, but have no time to go...
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how do you cut prime beef?

primes are not divisible. I guess if it were prime beef you have to divide the cow by just one person. In that case you wouldn’t cut it up, you’d have to eat the whole thing in one bite.
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