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Match Vegan Pork – Cooking Pork Tenderloin

Match™ premium meat alternative looks like meat. It tastes like meat. It prepares like meat. Because it is meat from a healthier source. Match is a gourmet-quality vegan match for animal meat. So it provides the taste, texture and nutrition meat lovers want, without the saturated fats, cholesterol,...
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Fort Lee Culinary Competition Training Video on Aspic

Go to http://www.militarychefs.com/1A/2_Media/TrainingCourses/TrainingCorsesFortLeeAspic.html to download higher quality versions of this clip. An ACES Aspic Training Video for the 2008 competition. Culinary Arts Program – U.S. Army Culinary Arts Competition http://www.quartermaster.army.mil/ACES/programs/culinary.html The American Culinary Federation sanctions the competition. Medals received from federation entries can be used towards chef certification....
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Spiced Pork Chops Agrodolce

Spiced Pork Chops Agrodolce Here is a recipe that gives you an easy way to jazz up what could be a bland meal. With a recipe for Spiced Pork Chops Agrodolce as east as this, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner!   Ingredients: 4 (3/4in) pork chops...
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