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Food Study Number eight?

15. Lower grades of beef and veal A. are leaner than higher grades B. have more fat than higher grades C. are considered prime D. None of these 17. Variety meats are A. meats from animals other than cattle, sheep, or hogs B. processed meats C. the organs...
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Cattle Decapitation – Bovine, Swine, and Human-Rinds

*** MUSIC ONLY *** Click the high quality button for better sound quality! Band: Cattle Decapitation Track: Bovine, Swine, and Human-Rinds (16) Album: Human Jerky (1999) Lyrics:Deep in the butchery Spurs a concoction of human innards Sauteed and boiled with poultry and swine The stench is unbearable Twitching,...
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Pumpkin Meat For Pie

For more Stories, Food News, and Cooking Fresh videos, visit: http://cookingupastory.com Larita, from the local farmers food stand often answers questions from customers about what to do with particular produce items. Here, she explains how to extract pumpkin meat, to use in making fresh baked pumpkin pie. Roasted...
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