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Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

Goodbye Pork Pie Hat by Charles Mingus, lyrics by Joni Mitchell. Live performance of the San Francisco School Of The Arts Latin Advanced Jazz Combo directed by Melecio Magdaluyo, Vocals by Natalie Cressman. Contact SFSOTA for high quality audio and video. Duration : 0:8:9
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Chorizo Sausage (non-pork)?

Where is the best place to get these in beef or chicken/turkey varieties? I heard the more expensive, the better the flavor and quality of the meat. Costco has good chorizo. I believe Trader Joe’s carries some varieties but I haven’t tried them. The Latino markets carry the...
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Low Fat Spinach Dip Recipe

Need a great dip for your next get together? Looking for something to top your bland meal with? Well here is the recipe you needed! With this Low Fat Spinach Dip Recipe the possibilities are endless! Low Fat Spinach Dip Recipe   I don’t know about ya’ll but...
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