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How to Fog

Learn how to use the fogger (a do-it-yourself pest control machine) to get rid of all the invading pests using Best Yet: a all green, deadly organic pesticide

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what would you grade this informative speech out of 100 points I’m in a high school speech class?

Close your eyes and imagine one of the most deadly viruses that could kill hundreds of people, birds, and other animals in the world this virus is called the bird flu virus. The bird flu virus is one of the most worst flu viruses that is infecting the whole world as of now and is killing many people, birds, and other animals daily due to so many birds are carrying this virus and are infecting humans as well as other birds and other animals with this virus. The main areas that I will be discussing in this speech are what the bird flu virus is, what the signs and symptoms of bird flu are, and how to prevent yourself from not getting bird flu.

To begin with, Bird flu can also be known as avian influenza or H5N1. Bird flu is one of the most leading causes of death of many humans, birds, and other animals in the world today. Bird flu is considered to be a respiratory disease. There are four different types of the bird flu virus H5N2, H5N3, H9N2, and H5N1. Bird flu can infect the lungs and other parts of the human body such as the muscles and the throat. The bird flu virus is caused by birds receiving this virus in there nose and then once the virus that is in the birds nose hardens up and breaks into pieces, the bird can then infect other birds and people and also other animals such as pigs and tigers with this virus. The bird can infect a person, another bird, or another animal with this virus by their saliva. Normally right after the bird receives this virus it automatically dies. Some birds that carry this virus are ducks, sea birds, crows, and shore birds, these birds can infect other birds such as chickens and turkeys. In 2000 there were 200 chickens that died on a poultry farm from the bird flu virus. According to the July 20, 2007 edition of Farmers Weekly in the article called “migrated birds bring risk of avian influenza”, farmers weekly stated that birds that have passed through Germany, France, and Czech Republic may be at risk for having bird flu. About 45 countries in the world have been infected with bird flu such as Nigeria, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Poland, and Vietnam. Bird flu has also infected countries in Asia, Europe, Russia, Africa, and Canada. In 1997 bird flu had its first out break in Hong Kong killing six people and millions of birds. According to the student edition of the world almanac titled “Avian flu” the world almanac stated that between 2003 to 2005 there have been 115 people who have been infected with bird flu and 50% of those people died. There has been only one known vaccine for bird flu so far. According to the April 26, 2006 edition of The Journal of American medical association in an article titled “mixed success found for avian flu” Tracy Hampton stated that an experimental vaccine from an inactivated avian influenza virus can induce immune responses in about more than half of healthy adults this vaccine requires two doses of it to be taken in order for the vaccine to work.

Next off, Bird flu symptoms can range from being mild to sever. Some of the symptoms of bird flu are diarrhea, fever, sore throats, muscle aches, coughs, swelling of the head, lack of appetite, and respiratory distress. Birds may experience a drop in egg production if they have caught this virus. Some people who have a regular flu virus on top of the bird flu virus, the two viruses will combine in the body and form a new type of virus which can be even more deadly. Symptoms of bird flu virus usually occur within two to four days after being infected with the virus. Some people can develop a pink eye or an eye infection. Sometimes bird flu can lead to phenomena. Some people can be hospitalized if bird flu virus gets sever enough. Sometimes people can go into a coma for weeks. Some birds and people may die without showing any signs or symptoms of having bird flu. The drug Relenza may help to relieve the symptoms of bird flu. According to the January 7, 2007 edition of New Scientist in an article titled “the bird flu threat” Debora Mackenzie stated that a drug called tamiflu saved a few Asian victims who had the bird flu virus but in order for tamiflu to work you have to take it within 48 hours within the start of the bird flu symptoms in order for it to make a difference.

Lastly, one way to prevent yourself from not getting bird flu would be to avoid open air markets. Be very cautious when at a poultry farm some of the birds or other animals there may be infected with bird flu. Try to avoid rural areas sometimes infected birds with the bird flu virus like to hang out there. Always be sure to wash your hands a lot during the day germs tend to always be on your hands. Also be sure to always cover your mouth when you cough this is a very easy way to spread bird flu to other people. Never eat anything with undercooked eggs in it. Never eat raw or not well cooked meat this can be very dangerous and can be a good way to catch bird flu. According to the science and development homepage titled “bird flu update” the science and development homepage had stated that a 23 year old teacher from northern Phu Tho province in northern Vietnam had became ill with the bird flu virus after eating contaminated poultry. Consider getting a flu shot at your local clinic this flu shot will protect you from hopefully not getting bird flu but the shot wont guarantee you that you wont get bird flu. Bird flu has caused many people in Asia to have to wear surgical mask in public so that people that aren’t infected won’t catch the bird flu virus from them and some people must avoid all social contact with other people so that they don’t infect the people who don’t have bird flu. Some restaurants and theaters and schools are going to close in Asia in order to prevent the spread of bird flu.

In conclusion the bird flu virus is one of the most dangerous viruses in the world today that could kill hundreds of people, birds, and other animals. So now you know what bird flu is, what the symptoms of bird flu are, and ways that you can prevent yourself from not getting bird flu. So the next time that you go to a poultry farm or come in contact with a bird or a person that is infected with the bird flu virus you will know how to take proper precautions so that you don’t catch the bird flu virus.


Some grammatical errors, some awkward sounding sentences here and there and some of the paragraphs/sentences had repetitive words (i.e virus)

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Ukrainian Wife – Love and Understanding

International marriages are becoming more than standard in the last few years. People often prefer to search and find the perfect match abroad in Ukraine, but what happens after the marriage?

After 1991 Ukraine become a separate country and the Ukrainian people opened their souls to the west. For many years they had been stuck to the communist regimes and fake promises and all of a sudden they became ready to explore the forbidden lands of America, Australia, Germany and other western countries.

Ukrainian culture is following the well established standards of Europe but at the same time is slightly different. The country was part of the huge Soviet Union but managed to preserve its own rituals, traditions and language. People love their country but not in a nationalistic manner.

The Ukrainian wife is good mother. She was educated not only in chemistry, physics and literature, but also in understanding and tradition. These things are not taught in school; they come in the genes and are transferred from mother to daughter.

Unlike the west where wives follow their career and later they think about family, for most Ukrainian ladies, family always occupies the first place. It stands before anything else and after the woman signs the marriage papers she becomes fully engaged with the family.

A Ukrainian wife will drop her career to have children. These ladies love kids and make impossible things for them. They are ready to sacrifice everything in the name of their family and babies. Most western women prefer to postpone the birth of their first child to the moment when they are sure that their career will not suffer.

This is untypical for the Ukrainians. They will never hire a babysitter to look after their child and educate it. Their understanding of love and parenthood is exactly the quality time they spend with the family.

Soon you will discover that cooking is more a kind of art than just a process of preparing the food. The local cuisine is rich and tasty. The most usual products are meat (especially pork), vegetables and fruit. Widely used are also mushrooms, berries, and herbs. Your Ukraine wife will prepare huge amounts of food and you should not be surprised.

Part of the understanding of food is to be much. This has its roots in the old times years ago when the shortage of all products was normal in the Soviet Union. People live poorly and when they wanted to show that they have special respect to someone, they prepared food and invited him for a supper or dinner. To them the full table actually is sign for hospitality and conscientiousness.

These two values play a big role in modern families. Young couples are expected regularly to invite their parents to pay them a visit. During these visits the dining room becomes a lavish festival of cuisine and traditional drinks.

A Ukrainian wife usually prepares special bread. They have their own names for it, starting with Korovai (round bread usually baked for weddings or other similar events, decorated with birds or other baked figures), also Babka (Easter bread, usually sweet). According to the tradition the bread is something sacred and man should eat a lot of it in order to be strong and a good husband.

So guys who are on a low GI diet, take note!

Peter Finch

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Power Rangers Ninja Storm Ep 15 – Pork Chopped Part 2

Power Rangers Ninja Storm Ep 15 – Pork Chopped Part 2/3 Hope You Like It ^^ add &fmt=18 behind the link for better quality

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So with the Quality of Food decreasing… What will we Eat?

Can’t eat pork,
Swine flu…

Can’t eat chicken,
Bird flu.

Can’t eat Beef,
Mad cow….

Can’t eat eggs,

Can’t eat fish,
heavy metal poisons in their waters.

Can’t eat fruits and veggies,
insecticides and herbicides.















Cooking takes care of salmonella, swine flu and bird flu.

Organic fruits and veggies are supposed ly insecticide and herbicide free.

Heavy metals can be minimized by avoiding certain fish.

The only thing questionable is mad cow… There’s no definitive cause for mad cow.

No need to panic. There’s plenty to eat.

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How To Build A Smoker For All Your Meat-smoking Needs

Smoking animal food is a fine art that many have lost or never even known it today’s society. This is the process of cooking meat, fish, turkey, chicken or any other wild game by a smoking method. Unlike grilling, broiling or baking, the temperature used in smoking meats is much lower and becomes blended with the wood that is used to smoke the food. In turn, this type of cooking does take a bit longer than other ways of cooking, yet the taste is so enjoyable, that often it is worth the extra effort. When a person chooses to build a smoker for their home and personal use, they usually have an idea of what they want by looking at other smokers available on the market as well. Then, putting their handiwork to the test, they often create smokers that are hard to beat, even among the manufactured types.

Ways To Build A Smoker For Personal Use

There are many reasons why one would desire to build a smoker for their own personal use. First, if one is handy or enjoys building things as well as loves animal foods, then this is the perfect match. A man or woman who has developed skills in carpentry will find that to build a smoker is an easier task than they may think. Using scraps that one may have around the home is an ideal way to begin the process. Secondly, a person will often save a great deal of money building their own smoker as opposed to buying a pre-manufactured brand. Often, these brands cost $150 to $200 and can be even more expensive, depending on the size and quality of the smoker. Most people can build their own for far less than they would find in a store, especially when using parts that they already have available.

Building a smoker can be done using scrap metal that one has laying around the shed or barn just gathering dust. Even aluminum garbage can make a wonderful smoker with the right preparations. Attaching the scrap metal in a rectangular shape with an enclosed section is the first step, then adding the type of power one wants to use, whether electric or propane. Adding the wood to the bottom of the smoker is essential, as the flavors of the meats depend on the wood. No matter what size, shape or style one would like, building a smoker can be a wonderful project to undertake…with a tasty treat at the end!

Ann Marier

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Are rib-eye steaks and prime rib the exact same beef, but simply cut, cooked, and served differently?

I wanted to make prime-rib at home for one or two people, but did not want to make a whole prime rib. It’s just too much food and I don’t want it to be leftover. Someone told me I could get a really big rib-eye steak and bake it at 400 for 20 minutes, then lower the heat to 200 until the meat was 120 F inside, and it would be pink and perfect just like a prime rib and that it was the same meat.

I have a hard time believing this but I don’t actually have any idea if it’s true or not.

Can anyone confirm or deny this for me?

Wow. Talk about fast response. Yahoo won’t let me pick an answer yet, and I’ll probably have to flip a coin w/ all these good ones, but I’m looking forward to french dip sandwiches, prime rib at home w/ horseradish and au jus, and also, hitting it with some cold mesquite smoke (far end of the smoker – small fire) for a touch of outdoor flavor. This is going to be wonderful. I love prime rib but didn’t know it was feasible to make a small amount at home for a reasonable price.

Ribeye and Prime Rib are from the same cut of meat… if you are wanting to do a small prime rib (boneless) then just ask butcher at most grocery stores to cut you a 2-3 lb boneless Prime Rib. Most will do it no problem,and they will usually tie up the roast as to not get mis shaped. Ribeye, although from the same loin, is usually cut from the fat cap end, meaning it is more marbled than what you may fine in a prime rib. That or just do a whole prime rib, use the left overs, for beef stew, stroganoff, endless options there:) Good luck,

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Rum Marinated Pork Loin with Pineapple Rum Salsa

An Inspired Cooking Show with Lurie Lufkin. Recipe at

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How can I help my roommate to eat healthy?

I’m a college student who is trying to be decently health conscious – eating right, going to the gym semi-regularly, etc. Unfortunately, my roommate (who I’ve actually known since the 6th grade) doesn’t seem to feel the same way. He is probably the pickiest eater I’ve ever come across, and his diet is absolutely disgusting. Because he’s actually pretty skinny and seemingly healthy, he sees no problem with his eating habits. What do you think?

First of all, he completely despises the following:
– All fruits
– All vegetables (except carrots, which he rarely eats, anyway)
– Chicken, turkey, and all other poultry in every shape and form
– Steak
– Pork
– Rice
– Beans
– All breads, except Italian bread
– Yogurt
– Most ice creams
– Milk
– Cheese
– All soups
– Sandwich meats (ham, bologna, etc.)

His average day goes like this (his diet LITERALLY consists of the following):
– Either a bagel or dry cereal for breakfast (because he hates milk, and he doesn’t choose the healthiest cereals, either)
– For lunch and dinner he eats either pizza or a hamburger (with no cheese, lettuce, tomato or anything) and a heaping helping of french fries, all loaded with enough ketchup to feed a third-world country

Back in the dorm room, he likes to snack on goldfish crackers, Doritos, popcorn, Twizzlers, chocolate chip cookies, Little Debbie snacks, ice cream sandwiches, Italian bread smothered in butter, pop tarts, pound cakes…and a bunch more garbage.

He also drinks NOTHING BUT SODA. In addition to the glass or two he has with lunch and dinner, he also goes through about 2 cans a day just sitting in the dorm.

Now, the trick is this: he’s an extremely stubborn, immature and pigheaded guy. How do I let him know that his eating habits are not only poor on the short term, but in the long term as well? All attempts to talk to him so far have failed; he takes them as a personal attack. What do I do?

You cannot change him and the more that you try, the more stubborn he will become. As you say, he sees no reason to change and he is happy with his dietary habits. He is also not trying to force you to change your way of living.

I commend you on your approach to your health and fitness. Your attitude in regard to yourself is healthy and mature. I commend you on that. If you find that it is impossible to sit by quietly while he eats, try to spend more time doing your research in the library or the common room at your dorm. Your other option would be to request a change in roommate, which should be a last resort if you want to remain friends.

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