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Match Vegan Crab – Cooking Crab Cakes and Crab Rangoon

Matchâ„¢ premium meat alternative looks like meat. It tastes like meat. It prepares like meat. Because it is meat from a healthier source. Match is a gourmet-quality vegan match for animal meat. So it provides the taste, texture and nutrition meat lovers want, without the saturated fats, cholesterol, hormones or antibiotics of animal meat.

Theyre the perfectly healthy, perfectly easy premium meat ingredients for your favorite recipes.

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Posted by mark - April 30, 2016 at 4:33 am

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Fuddruckers – Fudds Prime

New Fuddruckers commercial for “Fudds Prime” beef- 2009

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Posted by mark - April 28, 2016 at 1:59 am

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Where can you get "Prime Rib of Beef" in London ?

Wher can you get that magnificent American cut of beef "Prime Rib" in London? I have been told that British butchers cut the animal in a different way from American so the "Prime Rib" cut (usually on the bone) isn’t avialable. Anyobe know a restaurant where it is?

Thanks for your answer. I agree. Perhaps those who think that it is obtainable don’t quite know what it is! Anyone out there – please help!!
Prime Rib to me is not really conventionally "steak". There is a good desciption of it on Wikipedia:

OK – over to you all again. Wher can I get it in London??!!
10 points up for grabs! So far the recommendations have drawn a blank. The restaurants suggested don’t do Prime Rib. The butcher recommendation was good – but I don’t want to cook myslef! I want a good chef in a good restaurant to do me a Prime Rib !

Try the oldest pub/restaurant in London – Rules – went there the other day and my friend had Rib of Beef – looked spectacular!!! Comes with Yorkshire pud and creamed horseraddish!

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Posted by mark - April 27, 2016 at 1:23 am

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Personal Trainer in Singapore Says "meat is Like Mozart"

As a personal trainer in Singapore, I get asked a lot about diet, nutrition and supplements for losing fat and gaining muscles.

One common mistake that people in Singapore and around Asia especially make when it comes to fat loss and muscle gain is a lack of meat! Simply not enough.

The Singapore and Asian diet has too little of it. A bowl of fish soup has a few pathetic slices of fish. A plate of roast pork rice has a few slices of roast pork… TINY.

When I mention meat, I mean quite a large amount of meat. At least a kilo per day for men (more is better as long as your digestive system is good!) and 500g per day for women.

“But I heard meat gives you all kinds of health issues”… like – kidney problems, gout, hypertension (high blood pressure) etc…


The problem is not the meat, its the so called “meat” that many men and women end up eating.

Let me explain.

Meat is like a Mozart composition. If you heard a Mozart piece played by me who is an average (or worse) piano player…you would certainly think that Mozart was an average (or even below average) composer!

But it’s not his fault, its mine!

Similarly, people who get problems from meat have bad habits in general and eat BAD meat. This, I do not even consider meat at all!

Smoked meats, preserved meats, sausages, hams and other varieties of “meat” are not meat! They are random animal parts mixed with massive amounts of bad artificial flavoring and preservatives that are cancer causing.

Real meat causes no problems. In fact it’s so good for you that its been known for men in hard labor like soldiers or explorers to eat 4-5kg of meat per day!

The human body has the teeth, the enzymes, the absorption systems to handle meat intake!

Meat boosts your testosterone levels, it improves your liver’s ability to detoxify your body, it improves your immune system, it helps build muscle, it helps you burn fat!

The only thing you should also do is match meat eating with vegetable eating. Meat is acidic while veggies are alkaline.

If these two components (acid and alkaline) are not balanced in your diet, your body will leach chemicals from your muscles and bone structures to restore a correct balance. This weakens you and is certainly something you should be aware of.

So, don’t blame Mozart for my piano playing and don’t blame good quality meats for the ills of those who eat poor quality “meat”! (And don’t forget your veggies either!)

Jonathan Wong

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Posted by mark - April 24, 2016 at 12:03 am

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What Are the Main Causes of Cold Sores?

Which of these causes of cold sores are responsible for your outbreaks? In this article you will discover your top three causes of cold sores.

Stress and illness are considered causes of cold sores because an outbreak is often nearby. Actually they are just triggers. The real causes go much deeper.

Nearly everyone in the world carries the herpes simplex virus. This virus is the root cause of every cold sore, fever blister or oral herpes sore. Usually the herpes virus is latent – hiding in the root of its chosen nerve fiber.

The herpes simplex virus chooses to live in your nerves and so can quickly tell the slightest change in your body. When conditions are right, the virus will move to the surface along the nerve – usually to the lip or nose area.

The main purpose of the herpes virus is to create new virus. It does so by forcing the surface cells to be virus factories. This replication procedure destroys many adjoining cells resulting in an open cold sore wound.

Here are the top three causes of cold sores. These cause the favorable conditions for herpes activity.


The pH level of your body is a critical factor in your health. You are in the best health when your body is slightly alkaline. This would measure 7.45 on the pH scale. Your body becomes acid when it drops below pH 7.0.

The more acid your body becomes, the lower your oxygen levels will be. This lowers your immunity and encourages many diseases including cold sores.

The cold sore triggers – stress, illness winter weather – cause your body to become acid by changing your chemical and hormonal balances. If you get a lot of cold sore outbreaks, you are quite likely in the acid side of normal.

Our bodies will always try to maintain the healthy alkaline balance. The primary nutrient it uses for this is calcium. Foods that are rich in calcium will help to avoid a cold sore causing acid situation.

Items such as soda, alcohol, white flour, pickled products and pork tend to encourage an acid body.

You will find kits at vitamin stores that will keep you in the alkaline zone. Many folks have good success with these.


Arginine is the main protein (amino acid) making up the herpes simplex virus particle. Your cells cannot create new virus particles without a plentiful supply of arginine. Your cells store arginine in a special area within the cell.

Lysine is another protein (amino acid) that is very similar to arginine. And it uses the same storage place within the cell as arginine. But your cells cannot use lysine to build new herpes virus.

To stop cold sores, the key tactic is to flood your cells with lysine. Your cells will then store more lysine and less arginine. If the cell low on arginine, it will discourage the herpes virus and send it packing.

Eating high lysine foods – such as fish, chicken and dairy products – will help. Avoiding high arginine foods – such as nuts, seeds, grains and chocolate – will help also.

The most convenient approach to “lysine loading” is to use lysine capsules. People using this tactic will take about 4000 to 6000 milligrams per day during an oral herpes cold sore outbreak.


One of the main causes of cold sores is vitamin and mineral deficiency. And scientists have proven beyond a doubt that the vegetables we eat today contain 50% less nutrients than 50 years ago.

Your health and immunity depend on the vitamin and mineral building blocks. When your immunity drops, so does your pH balance. Then the herpes simplex virus is free to create another sore.

If you get a lot of cold sores, or they last forever, you should be sure to get and take a high quality vitamin supplement. Look for at least 50 milligrams of the B vitamins, 300 milligrams of vitamin C.

Also very critical is the intake of at least 1000 milligrams of calcium each day. As mentioned above, calcium will greatly help in keeping your body alkaline and prevent cold sores.

Of all the base causes of cold sores, your pH balance is probably the most important. If you keep this in the alkaline zone, you probably will not be bothered with oral herpes or cold sores. Eat green vegetables.

Decreasing stored arginine and taking a high quality vitamin supplement will also greatly help. Hopefully you now have a better idea as to what your causes of cold sores are.

Denny Bodoh

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Posted by mark - April 11, 2016 at 6:05 pm

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Looking for how Ruth’s Chris cook their steaks, not recipe 4 garlic butter!?

Anyone knows how Ruth’s Chris cook their steaks? Besides the quality of meat & a really hot broiler/over, there must be a method & timing to get the same juicy melt-in-your-mouth perfection that comes on the plate.

Actually I think you have everything right there already.

They use a top quality beef that was raised just for them using their standards. They use a patented broiler that I hear gets up to 1600 or 1800 degrees that would not be doable at home, and they use garlic butt on them to season.

To get a great steak, you have to start out with a great piece of beef – that is half the battle.

I agree, they have one of the better slices of cow available.

edited to add: And I would guess that they dry age their beef. The best steaks are dry aged 6-8 weeks. But any dry ageing is generally better than wet aging using enzymes.

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Posted by mark - April 10, 2016 at 5:45 pm

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