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what’s the best kind of meat to use to make good burgers? Ground round, beef, sirloin??

I just made burgers on my gas grill and I tried to get the "best" meat so I chose ground sirloin 90/10. It tasted funny/fatty. I made some last week with ground beef 95/5 and still not the best. Should I be using ground round? I thought it was lower quality so I avoid it. Help!!! I have no cooking skills and awesome new gas grill! I can make hot dogs well so far thats it!!!!!

Your problem is the avoidance of fat!
Mix about half groud round or ground sirloin with regular ground beef. With out a little fat the burgers will be dry and tastless.
Take out all the fat, you take out all the flavor.

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Posted by mark - March 27, 2016 at 8:53 am

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Fishing With Lures

Fishing is a popular sport. For many it is an opportunity to share common interests and develop new friends at the same time. Big business has created marketing lines for every possible product, targeting the outdoor lifestyle. The number of available fishing lures has grown along with the need for diverse capabilities in fishing lures. Using a lure is a part of fishing, required to ensure success.

Using fishing lures improves the chances for a quick, quality catch. A lure that pushes through the water, with ready resistance, wobbling its way, will draw attention to fish. Hopefully the lure entertains the fish, until they are in place for a strike. Use of lures has become a part of fishing protocol today. Choice of a lure depends on the particular fish sought. Each lure has a sort of dance that will appeal to certain fish and lead the fish to a place for strike.


A light lure, cast with a moderate speed, will glide through the water and attract a school of fish. As the lure runs through the water, these fish will follow: crappies, albacore, bluefish, and certain species of bass, along with numerous freshwater fish. Use of heavy lures will bring heavy fish: walleye and bass.


Some fishermen thrive on their creativity. They add plastic, pork rind, or pieces of chamois to their lures. It is their way of getting the attention of certain fish. Some attach colorful yarn, especially red yarn, to their lures. This is a very effective draw for the fish.

Plastic worms have become popular. With rods the fisherman cast and cast, using plastic worms, scented for the fish they plan to catch. From the beginning it was thought these plastic worms would be durable and functional. Testing them confirmed their sterling quality. With a strong plastic head and soft durable body, the scented plastic worms survived the durability test. This lure is available today at a reasonable price. Plastic worms go fishing, rigged with the caster’s swing. The action of this plastic lure guarantees a strike. It is so successful that fisherman want to fish forever.


Controversy surrounds the research of a laser lure, soon to be marketed in Canada, before it is released in the United States. This lure has been tested in fresh and salt waters, with the use of a boat. The laser lure drew more fish than other lures from the same boat. It is deemed to be safe.


Fishermen are courted by an industry that includes every aspect of the sport of fishing. Accessories for fishing are available for purchase in a multitude of places. As the consumer makes a choice of fishing gear, casting equipment, and the type of lure he wants to use, he will be able to find the quality of equipment desired. There are many magazines available with an outdoor life theme, complete with excellent photography and timely articles. An avid consumer will find useful information within these magazines and will track changes in fishing accessories and new items, as well.

Yuki Shoji

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Posted by mark - March 24, 2016 at 7:31 am

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How to make sausage James at Jasper Quality Meats and Smokehouse in jasper, texas agreed to do an interview and how us how to make smoked sausage.

Duration : 0:8:22

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New Mexicos Hot Chefs tm Vernons Hidden Valley Steakhouse Creme Brulee

Looking for a big city dining experience? Find it at Albuquerques prestigious Vernons Hidden Valley Steakhouse on 4th Street.

Designed after the old speakeasy of the Prohibition Era, Vernons cozy and intimate atmosphere is punctuated by shiny black diamond plaster walls, rich red planked ceilings, and elegant live music including piano solos and jazz vocals.

Sometimes referred to as one of Albuquerques best kept secrets, Vernons is a popular destination for those in the know. And what they know is that the dining experience at Vernons Hidden Valley Steakhouse is memorable.

Noted for its sumptuous steaks, Vernons menu includes butter-tender filets, rich-flavored bone-in rib eyes, and prime rib aged to perfection.

Youll also find exceptional choices in seafood, veal and lamb, all prepared for the most discriminating palette. From tempting appetizers, soups and salads to delectable desserts, youll marvel at the exquisite flavors, dramatic presentations, superb service and extensive wine list.

Vernons Hidden Valley Steakhouse. Discover it for yourself. Make the reservation

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Posted by mark - March 18, 2016 at 4:50 am

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Now and Then Here and There Full OP Theme [High Quality]

Now and Then Here and There Full OP Theme [High Quality]

Image is from Bakuretsu Tenchi and can be found at
or pm me

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Food Study Number eight?

15. Lower grades of beef and veal
A. are leaner than higher grades
B. have more fat than higher grades
C. are considered prime
D. None of these

17. Variety meats are
A. meats from animals other than cattle, sheep, or hogs
B. processed meats
C. the organs of an animal

19. Cured meats are perserved by adding
A. salt and sodium nitrite
B. bacteria
C. sugar and spices

20. Which of the following statements about poultry is NOT true?
A. small birds cost more per pound than larger birds.
B. plump birds will give the most serving per pound
C. whole birds cost more per pound than parts

22. Fish Fillets are
A. crosswise slices of a dressed fish
B. the sides of a dressed fish
C. wide strips of breaded and frozen fish

23. The parasite that causes trichinosis is found in
A. raw fish
B. the muscles of some pigs
C. undercooked eggs
D. the connective tissue of beef

If you post your answers and the reason you chose them,
I’ll be more than happy to check them.

~ Mitch ~

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Posted by mark - March 11, 2016 at 1:16 am

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