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QOTV: What’s your favorite grocery store?

(QOTV = question of the video. leave your answer in the comments below!)

No this video isn’t an ad. I’m just really weird and love grocery stores lol


Thanks to Jenna for pushing me in the shopping cart:








Oh, hello there kids?
What are you doing over there?
You should be joining me to a trip to Harris Teeter..
Well, come on!

Oooh I packed up my VIC card
and I laced up my shoes
I’ve got a wad of cash
and a sexy fake mustache
What else can ya do?

Hmm.. well you could go to Harris Teeter.
Yeah, here we go!

I’m at the Teet
Look who I meet!

Oh, fancy seein’ you here!
What are you doin’ at the Teet?
Ooooh I’m just here gettin’ a gallon of milk

So I go to get my milk
What do you say, cuz there’s no other way!

I wonder if there’s any USDA Prime Beef on sale today
Lemme go see

Take a look, in the nook
If there’s any beef on sale today

So did ya get that gallon of milk you were looking for?
Oh yeah, and I got so much more!

I got hot pockets, chocolate chip cookies, reynolds wrap and a sack of cat food

Well I think it’s time for to break it down now


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Poll: Send a Sheila’s kids to the movies, or just…………….?

…………throw a pork chop behind the trailer, and let them fight the dingo’s for it?

That would keep them occupied for at least a half hour.

I need some quality time alone with Sheila, but her kids want to watch.
(pervy little buggers)


I’m offended luv. Fancy using my kids to get to me when you know the promise of alcohol would have been alot more effective.

@STFU: That would be me luv. As to whether I ride a motorcycle or not, let me just say that I’ll ride anything that can hold my alcohol soaked behind.

@Dr.House: Just because you use fruit loops to lure my kids away so you can spend time with me, don’t be thinking it’s going to work with everyone.

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Grill Dome Dutch Oven Veal Roast

Created on April 2, 2010 using FlipShare.

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Hogs & Water Quality

A segment on the toll large-scale hog farming takes on water quality. Produced by the Science & Journalism Program at UNC-Chapel Hill.

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