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Prime Rib Recipe : Season Meat for Prime Rib

Learn how to season the meat for Prime Rib with expert tips for cooking beef in this free online video recipe clip.

Expert: David Postada
Bio: David Postada is Chef and owner of the Big Easy Catering company in Santa Barbara, California.
Filmmaker: Diana Bacon

Duration : 0:1:19

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Washing dishes keeping a clean working kitchen. Simple tips

Dishes the alpha and omega of the kitchen. How much thought do we put into washing dishes? Nowhere near enough consideration is given to this so-called menial task. It is probably the most important thing done in the kitchen if you have improperly washed dishes your life and others can be compromised food poisoning is no laughing matter and cleanliness determines who is plagued with this malady and who is not. I know we should put some time into washing dishes I like most people want to put as little time as possible and maintain the highest standard. Safety is your first priority I have had OSHA training we use to make little jokes about OSHA but this group takes the time to consider things that were overlooked making all our lives better. Never put knives in dishwater use a knife sharpen it wash it and place it on the magnet on the wall keep track of them by keeping them in their place where they are less likely to cut you. You have your kitchen set up our way you will always have a good sharp knife clean and ready to do your bidding.

Some let the clean up pile up and never return to cooking in their home short of microwave dinners cereal and popcorn. If you are that person cheer up you didn’t shoot the pope, get pen and paper evaluate your kitchen go get the supplies you need to get your kitchen back to work this can be fun. Many would call these people lazy I beg to differ they have a failed system to start with. Get a pan and a plan start these dishes to soaking so you can get the crusty caked on mess off call a friend to help. I am a true friend If I encounter a friend that has sunk into a depressed state I have helped clean their house you do have friends that would be glad to help you get your life back.

Ask yourself what can I do to accomplish the task and make it more enjoyable. If you have a roach problem because of the mess get some fogger bombs first. Then turn on every light you can in the area if it seems dim get more lights crank up the stereo start a pot of coffee. Take out the trash clear off the counter tops put things in boxes if you have to but get more than enough space to get your job done.

Ever wonder why dish drying racks sold at the store barely do the job? As with everything it is a conspiracy it’s because if you have a dinky useless strainer it will keep you from wanting to wash dishes this keeps you from cooking and the downward spiral has begun. You will buy the prepared foods maximizing the stores profits. Your waistline the larger it gets the more clothes you have to buy. Then there is the weight loss industry now you are going to buy useless exercise equipment useless because most equipment is never used it’s just purchased; don’t believe me go to a yard sale or a thrift store you will find plenty of workout stuff there near free.

In this video, I address some of these problems and my simple solutions that are inexpensive and require a measuring tape and a trip to the wal-mart. Using a dishwasher tray like the one I do is recycling it is the key to maintaining a working kitchen it is the most important thing in my kitchen and it was FREE. This is a sturdy basket that will never flip over, you have more space than you need you can stack over 2 foot high with it using heavy pots plates casserole dishes you name it this thing is designed to last years its industrial grade. It drives my wife nuts I will use a spoon and instinctively toss it in the sink. Why, because it is sanitary you do not want to cross contaminate use it wash it immediately.

If you handle poultry wash up and afterward I even change the water immediately take no chances wipe everything you might have touched use sanitizer (bleach water).
I start a dishwater with a fresh towel first then I start getting out pots, food etc. It will change dishwater some 3x while cooking if it gets cold or dirty what ever I change it. Using the pan inside the sink the way I do means I can change water quickly, just flip and all the contents are free from your pan you can go to the other side the sink and begin a fresh water. It is the fastest most flexible way to get the job done.
Sometimes you will have dishes pile up when you are in and out the house you just place things in the dishwater to soak. We just roll those dishes out into the sink and start fresh hot dishwater in the next sink takes seconds and you don’t have to pull the gross plug.

Sure, we have those tips like placing a sponge in the microwave for 2 min to kill any germs in the sponge ok I do that. We like to use 1 to 2 tablespoons of bleach to sanitize the water that way I know we are going to be safe. When you wash dishes you are not doing this for show you are first and foremost doing it to be healthy and that requires you kill germs I wish you the best enjoy your kitchen. This is a major wealth wound in many families today many are eating out getting poor food choices as a result they are paying a lot of money for their mortality.

Duration : 0:1:17

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Make Prime Rib by

Learn to make prime rib with Professional Chefs Chris “Stu” Randell, Mike Yakura and

Duration : 0:1:41

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Can you use apple barrel ink or paint for tattooing?

I am a biginner tattoo guy, I don’t have too much money to buy tattoo ink to practice. But then I when to Michel’s craft and art store and I came across a brand name Apple Barrel acrylic perminent paint and is waterbade and is high-quality paint for all purpose. So I bought it and try it on pork skin and it turns out pretty good and dark. That’s why I just wanted to ask if it can be use for tattooing.


I would say no. Save up your money and get real tattoo ink. Even thou it held up well in the pork skin there is no way of knowing how it would age and in addition, pork skin is not living…you don’t know how a living organism will react to such ink.

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Cats – Bustopher Jones [with lyrics]

Bustopher Jones
with lyrics

Bustopher Jones is not skin and bones
In fact, he’s remarkably fat
He doesn’t haunt pubs – he has eight or nine clubs
For he’s the St. James’s Street Cat!

He’s the cat we all greet as he walks down the street
In his coat of fastidious black
No commonplace mousers have such well-cut trousers
Or such an impeccable back

In the whole of St. James’s the smartest of names is
The name of this Brummel of cats
And we’re all of us proud to be nodded or bowed to
By Bustopher Jones in white spats

In the whole of St. James’s the smartest of names is
The name of this Brummel of cats
And we’re all of us proud to be nodded or bowed to
By Bustopher Jones in white spats

In the whole of St. James’s the smartest of names is
The name of this Brummel of cats
And we’re all of us proud to be nodded or bowed to
By Bustopher Jones in white spats

My visits are occasional to the Senior Educational
And it is against the rules
For any one cat to belong both to that
And the Joint Superior Schools
For a similar reason when game is in season
I’m found not at Fox’s but Blimp’s
I am frequently seen at the gay Stage and Screen
Which is famous for winkles and shrimps

In the season of venison I give my ben’son
To the Pothunter’s succulent bones
And just before noon’s not a moment too soon
To drop in for a drink at the Drones
When I’m seen in a hurry there’s probably curry
At the Siamese or at the Glutton
If I look full of gloom then I’ve lunched at the Tomb
On cabbage, rice pudding and mutton

In the whole of St. James’s is the smartest of names is
The name of this Brummel of cats
And we’re all of us proud to be nodded or bowed to
By Bustopher Jones in white
Bustopher Jones in white
Bustopher Jones in white spats

So, much in this way passes Bustopher’s day
At one club or another he’s found
It can be no surprise that under our eyes
He has grown unmistakably round
He’s a twenty-five pounder, or I am a bounder
And he’s putting on weight everyday

But I’m so well preserved because I’ve observed
All my life a routine, and I’d say
I am still in the prime, I shall last out my time
That’s the word from the stoutest of cats

It must and it shall be spring in Pall Mall
While Bustopher Jones wears white
Bustopher Jones wears white spats!

Habe keinerlei Recht an diesem Song, dies ist auschlie├člich aus Spa├č entstanden und alle Rechte den Uhrhebern vorbehalten.

Duration : 0:4:21

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Carlton The – Pittsburgh, PA

Carlton The 412-391-4152

Duration : 0:0:52

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Prime Beef yt.wmv

As more US forces surge into Afghanistan, existing bases have to increase in size to accommodate the new people. Airman Josh Mullenary takes us to Camp Marmal, Afghanistan and explains how civil engineers are making more room for service members.

Duration : 0:1:17

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Ukrainian Wife – Love and Understanding

International marriages are becoming more than standard in the last few years. People often prefer to search and find the perfect match abroad in Ukraine, but what happens after the marriage?

After 1991 Ukraine become a separate country and the Ukrainian people opened their souls to the west. For many years they had been stuck to the communist regimes and fake promises and all of a sudden they became ready to explore the forbidden lands of America, Australia, Germany and other western countries.

Ukrainian culture is following the well established standards of Europe but at the same time is slightly different. The country was part of the huge Soviet Union but managed to preserve its own rituals, traditions and language. People love their country but not in a nationalistic manner.

The Ukrainian wife is good mother. She was educated not only in chemistry, physics and literature, but also in understanding and tradition. These things are not taught in school; they come in the genes and are transferred from mother to daughter.

Unlike the west where wives follow their career and later they think about family, for most Ukrainian ladies, family always occupies the first place. It stands before anything else and after the woman signs the marriage papers she becomes fully engaged with the family.

A Ukrainian wife will drop her career to have children. These ladies love kids and make impossible things for them. They are ready to sacrifice everything in the name of their family and babies. Most western women prefer to postpone the birth of their first child to the moment when they are sure that their career will not suffer.

This is untypical for the Ukrainians. They will never hire a babysitter to look after their child and educate it. Their understanding of love and parenthood is exactly the quality time they spend with the family.

Soon you will discover that cooking is more a kind of art than just a process of preparing the food. The local cuisine is rich and tasty. The most usual products are meat (especially pork), vegetables and fruit. Widely used are also mushrooms, berries, and herbs. Your Ukraine wife will prepare huge amounts of food and you should not be surprised.

Part of the understanding of food is to be much. This has its roots in the old times years ago when the shortage of all products was normal in the Soviet Union. People live poorly and when they wanted to show that they have special respect to someone, they prepared food and invited him for a supper or dinner. To them the full table actually is sign for hospitality and conscientiousness.

These two values play a big role in modern families. Young couples are expected regularly to invite their parents to pay them a visit. During these visits the dining room becomes a lavish festival of cuisine and traditional drinks.

A Ukrainian wife usually prepares special bread. They have their own names for it, starting with Korovai (round bread usually baked for weddings or other similar events, decorated with birds or other baked figures), also Babka (Easter bread, usually sweet). According to the tradition the bread is something sacred and man should eat a lot of it in order to be strong and a good husband.

So guys who are on a low GI diet, take note!

Peter Finch

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Time to Change your Real Estate Strategy

We have all heard it. The real estate bubble has burst or is at the very least deflating. Homeowners in approximately two-thirds of the country are watching their home equity melt away. While bemoaning the fact your equity loss is painful, there is still time to look sensibly for housing deals and act accordingly if we begin reassessing how we view real estate.

This article is the first of a series that will provide an explanation of the phenomenon of the housing bubble, why it had to burst and perhaps most importantly, how we should now approach housing as the housing market corrects. Rest assured, the long term picture of rising property values will return as it is fundamently still your best and most important investment. However, in the meantime we need to take stock, just as we would any investment, and assess which way to go from here.

Unless you are a professional investor, most people view their home as a place to live and raise their family while paying bills using wages earned in a growing local economy. Perhaps it is time to look at your home for what it really is a commodity. And just as any commodity, whether it is common stock, pork bellies or real estate, it is subject to the same economic principles that will make its price increase one day and fall the next. The only real difference is the amount of time it will take for the housing market to respond to those factors influencing its price.

What is it that causes your home to have value? The obvious answer is and always will be how much demand is there by potential buyers of your home. Think of it a like selling art. Its selling price is determined solely by what others will pay for it. If the art looks as if it were scrawled on the back of an envelope, you will have few buyers. Conversely, if the art has mass appeal, much like the famous Currier and Ives prints seen so frequently on classic Christmas cards, then there will be more potential buyers.

The greater the number of potential buyers creates the demand (as defined in economic terms) for your home. If you are located in an area where the local economy is brisk, companies are expanding, everybody is enjoying an increasing standard of living, there will obviously be greater demand for housing in the area as more job seekers move to the community in an effort to cash-in on the local prosperity. If you are one of the lucky ones who own a home in the community, the increase in the value of your home is a direct result of its demand. You can see from this example that the value of your home is not a reflection of the construction cost, but rather demand. This is the very reason a home in Sioux City, Iowa is priced less than a home of comparable size and construction cost in Boston.

How expensive must house become before no one will buy? Let us look at an example that has existed in numerous communities in California and south Florida. We will use an an example someone who wishes to purchase a home in California. In this market it is quite common to pay in excess of $450,000 for a 1,300 square foot house. If this small house were purchased with the buyer financing 95% of the purchase price ($427,500) using a typical 30-year, 6.125% mortgage, the monthly payment for only principle and interest would be $2,453. Since most mortgage underwriting limits the maximum monthly payment the homeowner may make to 28% of gross income, the buyers combined annual household income must be not less than ($2,453 x 12) / 0.28 or $105,151 excluding taxes and insurance. And just what percentage of households in California have an income this great? Fewer than 10%! This in no way implies there are nott numerous families who wish to live in the area. It is simply that there are few families who are able to qualify for the requisite financing.

As housing prices increase, the fewer families are able to secure the necessary financing. This situation has spawned a whole group of mortgage programs designed to permit more individuals to qualify for larger mortgages allowing the purchase of these higher priced homes. Mortgage programs that have emerged vary from numerous types of adjustable rate mortgages to those that during times of higher interest rates result in payments which are less than the amount required to pay only interest. The risk of this type of mortgage is that it creates greater debt for the homeowner. Many of these mortage programs effectively cause the homeowner to gamble on creating home equity through appreciation without any debt retirement. This is a good bet when the demand by potential qualified buyers is larger than the supply of available houses in the market, but what happens if there is either an increase in mortgage rates or even worse an economic downturn in the local or national economy.

As interest rates for mortgages increase, fewer prospective buyers are able qualify for the a mortgage. As the number of qualified buyers becomes smaller, home owners must reduce the cost of their house in an effort to sell. Those who remember the when Jimmy Carter was President may also recall that the Federal Reserve Board during the 1970s caused mortgage money to be loaned at interest rates in excess of 14%. During this period many homeowners discovered that if you could sell your house it was usually at a loss. The price of housing was almost in a freefall because the number of individuals who could qualify for a mortgage was so small in relation to the large quantity of houses for sale. Supply had exceeded demand creating a buyers market. While this does not compare to the minor increases experienced recently by the mortgage industry, it does point to the reason home prices have been reduced in most overheated housing markets.

Now that you have the basic economic fundamentals of supply and demand, what do you do if you currently live in one of these formerly hot markets. The answer is very simple. TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN! In investment circles this is called profit-taking. However, remaining in the same market requires you to re-invest your profits returning to the same financial position as you were before. Hence, my recommendation is to consider seriously the advantages to relocating to a city where both housing is more affordable and it is possible to enjoy the same or better quality of life. I am not going to recommend you move to the middle of the Mohave desert, but rather to a location the value of housing is appreciating. Just as anyone with a sound investment strategy, your simple goal is to sell high, take your profits and buy low with the reasonable expectation that you will again be able to do it again.

I would like to introduce you to a little gem you should consider for your next home address. Located within a two hour drive of sandy ocean side beaches and a three hour drive of world class mountain ski resorts this metro area provides all any family could desire — plus the potential of a solid 7 percent growth on your home value rate as predicted by Veros Real Estate Solutions. This area has moderate climate with little snow each winter. So where is this little gem? Raleigh, North Carolina.

Formerly thought of as just another sleepy southern city, Raleigh North Carolina began capturing headlines because of its growth in the late 1970s. Fueled, in part, by the Research Triangle Park in conjunction with three major research universities: Duke University, NC State University and the University of North Carolina, Raleigh has grown consistently and now rates as a technical and cultural center in the region.

The US Census Bureau currently ranks Raleigh North Carolina together with the adjacent city Cary North Carolina the 10th fasting growing metropolitan area in the United States. Forbes magazine has named Raleigh North Carolina the 2nd best place for business and careers. Kiplingers Personal Finance has named the Raleigh-Durham area one of the Seven Cool Cities for Young Professionals. Rated the 3rd most educated city in the country by the US Census Bureau, Raleigh provides a wealth of talent creating what Entrepreneur magazine has called 3rd Hottest City for Entrepreneurs.

Check Raleigh, North Carolina out. Look at how much your housing dollar will buy where the advantages are many and housing is still affordable. The local multiple listing service can be accessed through a number of real estate agencies serving the Raleigh regional area — where you can discover how taking the money and running to Raleigh, North Carolina could be the smartest move you will ever make.

Tim Butler

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Now and Then Here and There Full OP Theme [High Quality]

Now and Then Here and There Full OP Theme [High Quality]

Image is from Bakuretsu Tenchi and can be found at
or pm me

Duration : 0:3:19

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