SMK PBP 1 Wind Orchestra ‘Prime Time’ 23/10

A puchong band.. SMK Pusat Bandar Puchong 1

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Posted by mark - October 25, 2016 at 12:24 pm

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Prime Dancers & Rump Roaster – Omaha Beef- July 11, 2009

The Omaha Beef win vs. Billings Outlaws on July 11, 2009. (48-45) The Beef go to 11-3 and make the play offs.
The halftime entertainment was top-notch as always when the Prime Dancers & Rump Roasters together danced to “Poison” before the Prime danced to “Can’t Touch This”. The Rump Rosters along with the Jr. Rumps conclude with a awesome number. There is no place like the slaughterhouse!

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Posted by mark - October 24, 2016 at 11:43 am

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Sexy Dining: Taos, Lambert’s of Taos

Taos, New Mexico is famous for ‘destination dining’, with perhaps the highest number of restaurants per capita in the USA. As a feature of, ten top Taos restaurants were videoed in July 2009 during the summer-long ‘Taos Summer of Love 2009’ festivities.

Zeke Lambert and Tina Lambert established one of the best dining experiences anywhere. Dinner nightly 5:30 pm to closing. Cocktails start at 5pm. Lambert’s menu contains some very tasty dishes, including: dungeness crab cakes, roasted corn and smoked bacon chowder, grilled chicken satay.tempura lobster tail, grilled lamb tenderloin, romaine salad, roasted tomato and mozzerella, pepper crusted lamb, glazed roast duck, grilled medallions of beef tenderloin, pistacio crusted chicken breast, rib eye steak, grilled veal chop, rutabaga-potato herb cake, filet of beef, ginger-grilled shrimp.

Lambert’s was winner of 4 “People’s Choice Awards” for the best of Taos County 2006, including: Best Restaurant – Second Place, Fine Dining – First Place, Best Service – Second Place, and Most Impressive Place to Bring a Date – Second Place. 2007 Lambert’s won three more “People’s Choice Awards”: Best Restaurant – First Place; Best Splurge Restaurant – First Place; Best Chef – tie Second Place. Additionally, in both 2008 and 2009 Lambert’s won the same 4 “People’s Choice Awards:” Best Restaurant – First Place; Restaurant With Best Service – First Place; Best Chef – Second Place; Best Romantic Restaurant – Second Place

Video by Peter Walker, in association with Moon Studios.
Executive Producer: J. R. Ransom, for
©2009 Taos Music & Art, Inc.

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Posted by mark - October 23, 2016 at 10:58 am

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I just bought a beef rib eye roast. Is that the same as prime rib? And, how do I cook it?

When I bought it, the clerk said it was the same as prime rib. I love prime rib but I need someone to tell me how to cook it. Anyone out there know? Thanx!!
It is 3.23 lbs., and is boneless.

Yes, it is the same cut. To get rib eye steaks you would just cut the roast into slices between the bones.

Don’t underestimate the importance of using a meat thermometer with this cut of meat.

Couple of recipes here:

"Cracked Black Pepper Prime Rib Roast

1 boneless rib roast (6 to 8 pounds)
1 tsp. cracked black pepper
6 large cloves garlic, crushed
1 1/2 tsp. dried thyme leaves

Preheat oven to 350°F.

Combine garlic, thyme leaves and black pepper. Press evenly into surface of prime rib beef roast.

Place prime rib beef roast, fat side up, on rack in shallow roasting pan. Do not add water or cover roast.

Roast approximately 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 hours. Use instant read thermometer and remove when internal temperature reaches 135°F for medium rare or 150°F for medium.

Tent loosely with foil and let stand 15 minutes prior to carving."

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Posted by mark - October 22, 2016 at 10:22 am

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How can i make this recipe healthier…?

1 tbsp vegetable oil
16 good-quality pork and herb sausages
2 large onions, sliced
2 celery sticks, chopped
12 rashers smoked streaky bacon, chopped
2 tbsp plain flour
2 tbsp tomato purée
330ml bottle Guinness
300ml beef stock, hot
250g chestnut mushrooms, halved
3 tbsp fresh parsley leaves, to garnish

Per serving:
39g fat (13g saturated)
21.1g protein
16.9g carbs
5.7g sugar
3.6g salt

I’ve already taken out the bacon…not sure how that will reduce the salt and fat content. I like the idea of the guiness for flavour and its good for iron (thats my story and im sticking to it!) I also plan to use reduced fat sausage, wll probably half the sausage amount and up the veg amount instead as well…but not sure about how this will effect calories etc…

Overall i like traditional foods but my boyfriend and i are going on a healthy food kick and trying to put more veg in our diet…any advice or similar recipies would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Try these substitutions:
-use turkey sausage (I would keep same amount since you cut out the bacon)
-use low-fat, sodium-free beef broth
-use olive oil

I’m not familiar with stout, but do they have light version of this?

You can add more veggies – carrots sound good with this.

Add salt after the cooking, if you need it.

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Posted by mark - October 21, 2016 at 10:10 am

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Lakeside Inn & Tavern – The Finest Steaks, Prime Rib & Fresh Fish In Lake County!

Charming Lakeside Inn & Tavern – located in the quaint village of Wauconda, Illinois – built in 1847 orginally a stagecoach stop, a brothel and the Grand Hotel – operating in recent years as a historic restaurant and bar.

Serving the finest steaks, prime rib, burgers, specialty salads; including the freshest fish in Lake County. Sample Lakeside Inn & Tavern’s Award Winning Chili. Other fine menu items include: philly cheesesteak sandwiches, lakeside inn house burgers and cheeseburgers, fresh salmon, house soups and much more.

We also offer a wide range of tavern selections; red wine, white wine, grey goose, bombay, wild turkey, crown royal, guinness, sam adams, fat tire, bass ale, harp ale, negra modelo, and many othe fine draught and bottled tavern selections.

Stop by and experience fine menu fare all while stepping back into a time gone by…. Don’t worry we also have all the amenities and comforts of the 21 Century….

Reservations not required – however, always accepted by phone or Online:

We hope to see you soon…
The Girls of Lakeside Inn & Tavern

Lakeside Inn & Tavern, aka
Lakeside Inn of Wauconda
110 S. Main Street
Wauconda, Illinois 60084

Call or email:

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Posted by mark - October 20, 2016 at 8:59 am

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Sueing Your HOA So You Can Install Solar Panels
John Forbes: The year before last (2007) Xcel (Energy) had been sending out these mailers with your bill and they were talking about their solar credit program, and I have been really interested in all things solar. I tell people that I had in the 8th grade in 1958 I was standing up in front of the class giving them my science presentation and telling them I wanted to be a solarologist.

My science fair project I had a big solar cooker made out of card board and tin foil. The next year I did one with corala algae and composting that in to methane and generating electricity from that, so I was really interested into it a long long time ago.

The prices were prohibitive and the products really were not available anyway. So I say this an I was really intrigued and the Cary Hayes and REC Solar showed up at Costco. My wife had seen him and and she said he still might be there and I got home from work and Costco was open a little later. And she took me down there and she met him. OK, I gotta do it.

And from then it was September of 2007 and I thought I would just put in my application to the Architectural Committee (Rock Creek HOA) because I had to do that for the yard and the deck and you are supposed get a 45 day turn around. Well when I didn’t get it by October – I went to inquire, I was told you can show up at the next meeting by that time – I check and gave them a little more time back in December or November I think they were skipping December and going in to January so I had to wait even longer. So I got involved, so then I found out that they were not doing anything on my application at all.

They said they couldn’t make a decision because they didn’t have any guidance. They didn’t have any rules drafted and that really made me angry. I wanted them to either up or down yes or no – because if they said not I was going to go off and sue them because under state law (Colorado Solar Access Law) there is no question I would get what I wanted – but I couldn’t sue them (the HOA) or I could not get an injunction until they actually made a decision. Which was driving me crazy!

So finally I talked to my friend Rich and told him we have to do something to make them make a decision. They insisted on drafting this one paragraph about it can’t be more than 4 inches off the roof and then they made the claim that these panels should match your roof color. So I was told they come in gray and brown and red – which is not true! I told them that is a restriction that can not be meet and you will just have to take that out, and I demanded to know what their source of information was – so they gave me a local solar contractor Rich did and he said there is not such thing as red panels!

So I want back and politely inferred that they misunderstood. So they took it out and finally they had the guidance. They were still dragging their feet. Each iteration was another month and another month and finally Rich came in a brought case law in and pressed. And hinted that they will get sued if they don’t make a decision. A week and a half later I got my decision that approved it.

I called up REC Solar and all through this process Cary Hayes was giving me support and technical information he got me and stuff. They came out (REC Solar) got the survey had their plans ready and we thought oh this is going to go through really quickly and went down to the city (Town of Superior) – well the city now…they said the electrical plan we just can’t accept that you have got to have a wet stamp, another electrical has to stamp it like a notary. That would be like getting a wet stamp to wire up your stereo – it was a delaying tacit. Further behind and cost more money because you had to pay the guy.

Eventually it was put in – the whole thing took more than a year. It could have been done in like two months. And what startled me was the people on the Architectural Committee knew nothing about solar and you would think here in Boulder County the stuff has been out there since – well I learned about it in 1958!

So asking questions like what color are the panels – what planet are you on?

So I found that whole thing kind of depressing – I was hoping that other people it would make it easier.

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Posted by mark - October 19, 2016 at 8:13 am

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Dead Kennedys Jock O Rama

You really like gorillas?
We’ve got just the pet for you
It’s the way you’re forced to act
To survive our schools

Make your whole life revolve around sports
Walk tough-don’t act too smart
Be a mean machine
Then we’ll let you get ahead

Jock-O-Rama-Save my soul
We’re under the thumb of the Beef Patrol
The future of America is in their hands
Watch it roll over Niagara Falls
Pep rally in the holy temple
And you’re forced to go
Masturbate en masse
With the favored religious cult
Cheerleaders yell-“Ra Ra Team”
From the locker room parades the prime beef
When archaeologists dig this up
They’ll either laugh or cry

Jock-O-Rama-On the brain
Redneck-a-thon drivin’ me insane
The future of America is in their hands
Watch it roll over Niagara Falls
Unzip that old time religion
On the almighty football field
Beerbellies of all ages
Come to watch the gladiators bleed
“Now boys, this game ain’t played for fun
You’re going out there to win
How d’ya win?
Get out there
And snap the other guy’s knee!”

Beat ’em up! Beat ’em up!
Ra Ra Ra
Snap those spinal cords
Ha Ha Ha

The star quarterback lies injured
Unconscious on the football field
Looks like his neck’s been broken
Seems to happen somewhere every year

His mom and dad clutch themselves and cry
Their favorite son will never walk again
Coach says, “That boy gave a hundred percent
What spirit
What a man”

But who cares?
Games over-Let’s go get wasted man
To the 7-11, to the liquor store
Let’s party all night and party some more

Another Trans-Am
Wrapped itself around a telephone pole
“I ain’t drunk, officer
I just fell gettin’ out of my car”

Don’t worry about it, son
We were that way when we were young
You’ve got all the skills
To make a good businessman

Jock-O-Rama-that’s the law
Come lick the butts of the Beef Patrol
If the future of America is handed to them
Watch it roll over Niagara Falls

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Posted by mark - October 18, 2016 at 7:28 am

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real meat versus canned food?

I have two 9-week-old kittens. They are currently on wet food about 5 times a day. They have dry food out all the time that they nibble on. Water is provided which they are drinking.

They are currently being weaned off Whiskas and Felix wet food (which they were fed in foster care) and onto a higher quality wet food. I am mixing some Pets at Home (UK) "Purely" food which seems better quality. It has 50% real chicken, sunflower oil, vitamin and mineral supplements and tapioca starch. That’s the list of ingredients. It seems better than other brands. There doesn’t seem to be any byproducts or ash or corn fillers.

The kittens don’t seem to enjoy this food that much (both higher and lower quality food), but they will pick at it. A couple of times I have given them some salmon steaks and frying steak (both cooked) which I’ve chopped up. They love this and lick the plate clean!

My question is, is it wrong/safe/unhealthy to feed them exclusively real meat (beef, pork, tuna etc) as opposed to high quality canned food? I know that canned food has all the vitamins and minerals, etc that a cat needs, but is real meat actually better for them since they are carnivores? I am a little worried about them having too much protein in their diet as I know this can cause kidney problems. Also, because they are so young, is real meat appropriate? I would not feed them processed meats (ham, deli meat etc). I know that canned food contains water, but they are drinking pretty well too.

I want to give my kittens a good start in life and feed them the best.
Thanks for the answers I’ve been getting. So, what about if I give them a combination of real and canned food, all mixed in together. The real meat might make the canned stuff taste better. But then again, they might just pick out the real stuff and leave the canned stuff!

A raw diet is the best thing you could possibly feed them. They are obligate carnivores and designed to digest high protein foods, so you needn’t worry about kidney problems. Meat contains water just like canned food does.

Making a nutritionally complete homemade diet isn’t easy. Research: (MAKING CAT FOOD) (Foodmaking) (Easy Homemade Diets for Cats and Dogs)

Raw feeding is an excellent option but should also be thoroughly researched before being attempted. There’s a lot more to it than just feeding your cat raw meat. You need a careful balance of raw muscle meat, raw organ meat, and raw meaty bones. Research: (Raw Fed Cats) (Raw Fed: What About Cats?) (Jane Anderson’s Raw Learning Site) (Raw Meaty Bones) (Raw Prey Model Diet Vs. BARF Diet) (Raw Dogs Livejournal Community [not just for dogs despite the name!], excellent raw feeding information on the profile page and overall helpful community for raw feeding questions.) (Myths About Raw Feeding)


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Chef Brett McKee Carmelized Brussels Sprouts

Chef Brett McKee Carmelized Brussels Sprouts

Duration : 0:2:43

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