Chef Brett McKee Carmelized Brussels Sprouts

Chef Brett McKee Carmelized Brussels Sprouts

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Rusty Ryan from Hatfield Quality Meats on the 10! Show 3-06-09

Rusty Ryan from Hatfield Quality Meats shares Easter Ham glaze recipe on NBC’s 10! Show on 3-06-09

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London Has the Best Indian Food?


Better quality meat, fish and vegetables could very well put London ahead of any Indian city when it comes to high end Indian food.
World renowned London-based Michelin star Indian chef, Atul Kochhar said
Indian needed to reform and reorganise its farming industry, so consumers and
caterers had reliable access to fresh produce.

Watch out – be warned! Chefs in India could lose their cutting edge in preparing top quality Indian food to chefs in London.

Atul Kochhar is one of the few Michelin star Indian chefs. He warns that if India’s farming industry is not reorganised – London will become the center of Indian cuisine in terms of quality.

[Atul Kochhar, Owner, Benares Restaurant]:
“It’s not because of lack of good skill, or lack of good spices. It’s purely because of lack of excellent ingredients. India doesn’t have excellent ingredients in terms of fish, meat or vegetables.”

Kochhar is the head chef and owner of Benares – a high-end Indian restaurant in the exclusive Mayfair area of central London.

Back in 2001 Kochhar became the first Indian chef to be awarded the highly coveted Michelin star. Kochhar is looking to return to India and open up restaurants. His biggest worry however is getting a regular supply fresh food.

[Atul Kochhar, Owner, Benares Restaurant]:
“How will get the best produce India has to the restaurants and to the tables of my guests. The lamb farming has to be niche. The goat farming has to be niche. The vegetable farming has to be amazingly good. All those things are there, but there is no organized effort.”

London is home to five Michelin star Indian chefs, New York has one. And there is no reason why more Indian chefs or restaurants in this city will be awarded Michelin stars in the near future given that the reputation of high end Indian food is growing.

[Atul Kochhar, Owner, Benares Restaurant]:
“There are more people traveling to India right now. there are more people conducing business with indians. they are trying to understand the culture and cuisine better now. hence the recognition.”

Kochhar says the corner curry house which churns unique English scorchers such as ‘chicken tikka masala’, or ‘balti chicken’ – are on the decline.

[Atul Kochhar, Owner, Benares Restaurant]:
“It was never an authentic cuisine. I call that British Indian food – because that’s how brutish people liked it. That’s why they were cooking it and thats why it went on for so long.”

The curry house will always be part of the British landscape. But with changing tastes – its high end and expensive Indian food that is on the rise.

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Cooking Class Party – The Organic Personal Chef

Cooking Party
Cooking Class Long Island

Gather your friends for a “Girls Night Out” with a twist. Chef Vanda will come to your kitchen for an educational, interactive demonstration – how to prepare a Mexican Fiesta, Japanese Sushi, Low Carb, or Seafood Carnival

Happy Clients at Cooking Class
What you get:

* A Fun Night and Learning Experience
* Customized Menus
* Meal Preparation in Your Home
* Learn From A Professional
* Freshest Vegetables
* Freshest Fish
* Complete Grocery Shopping
* Variety of Healthy Menus
* Top Quality Meats
* Freshest Herbs & Seasonings

Cooking Classes in New York Knife Technique for Healthy Eating Cooking Classes

And then the best part, after the washing, chopping, diceing, sauteeing, flipping, frying – you get to sit down and enjoy your creations.
Great Idea For:

* Bachelorette Parties
* Girls Night Out
* Monday Night Football Alternative
* Small Family Gatherings
* Client Bonding
* Corporate Team Building
* Office Holiday Party

Learning to cook was never this much fun!
Need to Know More?

NY Personal Chef Vanda With a brief phone conversation Chef Vanda can help you determine the best service for your needs and answer any questions you might have about The Organic Personal Chef and my services. Invite Health! Call me today 888 – CHEF WOW!
toll-free 1 (888) 243 – 3969

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Nolan Ryan’s Texas Ranch – America’s Heartland

Nolan Ryan is a baseball legend with a record-breaking career that placed him in the Hall of Fame. Today, he’s the president of the Texas Rangers ball club, but not many people know that he is also a very successful Texas cattle rancher. Ryans ranch raises prime beef cattle…some of which is sold at the Ranger’s home games.

Visit to see the rest of America’s Heartland: Episode 511. The Monsanto Company – and the American Farm Bureau Federation – make presentation of America’s Heartland possible.

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I just want to……….. cut all my damn ugly jiggle flipping ughh!?

Recently I’ve been trying to eat healthier. POINTLESS. Im 14, and 148 pounds, about 5’3. I have jiggly fat on my arms, stomache, and thighs. I’ve tried to eat veggies, fruit, and poultry, which I have. I’ve drank more water. But I caved! I had a WHOLE butterfinger bar yesterday, and some peanut cluster this morning, and had a whole 7-up this morning with a HUGE freakin cinnamon role! And had a most half dr.pepper yesterday night. I lost a bit a weight in my shorts, and I went to the store to get some new shorts ( I’m a size 13). I tried a size 9, NOPE. Im wayyy to fat for them. im just FAT! I can cry! I’ve resented becoming fat from the day I went into 7th grade. But im FAT. I feel ugly, fat, and boring.

What do I do? I feel horrible in every way! Please dont be mean…
I’ve also tried to walk, but have no motivation.
im 14, a size 13

I’m glad that you’re trying to lose weight in a healthy way 🙂
Well what you have to realize is that you’re losing the weight not for vanity, but to be a better, healthier you.
You can’t give up on yourself.
Motivation is sometimes the hardest part in losing weight. But if you really want it, then you’ll keep going.
Also, seek support from maybe friends or family.

Don’t ever think negatively about yourself, that will just bring you down.

Also don’t weigh yourself everyday! If you don’t see weight loss each day then that’ll just bring your hopes down again.

Keep up the healthy eating but make sure that you’re not over eating so watch your portions.

Cut out junk and snacks and don’t eat after 7 or 8.

Oh and exercise is crucial. Make sure to get at least any hour of physical activity a day 🙂

Remember that you’re beautiful in every way. A number on a scale does not measure a person’s level of beauty, it comes from within. Be confident and stride to youe goal.

Hope I helped and good luck 🙂

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Prime Beef yt.wmv

As more US forces surge into Afghanistan, existing bases have to increase in size to accommodate the new people. Airman Josh Mullenary takes us to Camp Marmal, Afghanistan and explains how civil engineers are making more room for service members.

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What’s the difference between Beef Tenderloin and Prime Rib?

Or are they the same thing?
If they are different, is it best to use a different method of cooking for each one?

The Tenderloins are located on either side of the spine and are different cut of meat than the rib. The rib roast or "prime rib is between ribs 6-12. The Tenderloins are located further back on the cow. If you slice a "prime rib" you will get "ribeye" steaks. These steaks tend to have a higher fat content and are considered the mos flavorful of steaks. When you slice the Tenderloin you end up with "Filet Mignon" which is a much leaner and more tender cut of meat.

Both Tenderloin and prime rib are Delicious when roasted whole. they can both be cut in to steaks and are best grilled when in steak form.

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Maximize Your Profitability With Internet Marketing

At the time of this writing, the country is facing real and growing fear … on Wall Street and on Main Street. The Congress, without shame, has passed the bailout plan along with a whole bunch of pork. In other words to get enough votes, individual members of Congress traded their “conviction” for their pet projects designed to do what … get more votes and insure their own political longevity. This is Democracy?
So what can you do? I say control those things that you and only you can control; your business and for the purposes of this writing your online business. For more details go to .Pay even closer attention to your business. Analyze all areas of your business. Don\’t cut cost just for the sake of cutting costs. Concentrate on efficiency … getting more done with less! Through careful analysis you can always increase your efficiency and productivity in all areas of your business … sales, marketing, customer service, finance and accounting, manufacturing, research and development.
1. The former involves \”coming at the potential customer\” almost always when not welcome. These methods are considered wildly successful if just a success rate of 1 in 200 is achieved … not very efficient or cost effective.
2. The latter involves the targeted visibility achieved through Google, Yahoo and the rest where the potential customer initiates the contact at a time and place of their choosing. They are ready when they decide to search for your products and services. Predictably, the success rate is much higher than, sometimes as high as 15-20% if your website is easily found and is further optimized for converting the visitor.
Being found by those potential clients and buyers at precisely the time and place of their choosing … where else in the world can you more efficiently get the highest quality, the most qualified new business? While traditional advertising uses a wide and inefficient net to hopefully reach the right buyer mainly by the math of a tiny percentage of the market that will see your ad, open your mail, answer your phone call at precisely the time they are interested and ready to actually act, Internet Marketing is targeted and Search Engine Visibility in the organic or natural listings is only seen by the buyer when they want to see you. How many times have you called on a prospect or advertised traditionally where the buyer says “I’m amazed, I was just about to call you” … very rare, indeed. ALL searches that find you on the search is amazing in that you are being found exactly when it is “at the top of their list” of things to do.
So, if you find that your marketing dollars are restricted and therefore more precious than ever, you need to make the most out of every marketing dollar. So cut the inefficiency of traditional advertising and focus your marketing dollars on targeted traffic through the power of the internet and specifically the search engines. For more help go to .My message: In these troubled times, the best investment you can make is in yourself and in your business. Focus on efficiency and productivity to maximize your profitability. Yes, cut costs where you can; but stay on offense more than on defense.


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Authentic Hispanic Spices: Spice up Your Life and be Healthy

Spices are food additives used in flavoring dishes. It gives fabulous aromas to brighten up a recipe. Authentic Hispanic spices have greatly influenced the enhancement of foods from past to present. Hispanic spices continue to evolve onto different variations.

Spices are a vegetative substance made from dried seed, root, fruit and the bark of tropical trees or plants. Spices are often whole or ground types and even powdered for flavoring purposes. It even serves as a type of food preservative.

It can enhance food and improve ones health. The use of spices can regulate levels of sugar, fat and salt in our daily diet. It can also aid in digestion and increases the rate of metabolism.

Ethnic foods contribute more to Spanish cuisines. The spice history started to evolve due to the early settlers. Native and genuine Hispanic spices continue to emerge due to the different cultures of countries across the globe.

The history of Spanish food and spices goes all the way back to the Spanish coastline settlers. Greeks, Phoenicians and the Carthaginians are being followed by other contributors like the Romans and Moors. Hernan Cortez uncovered bold new flavors in Mexico similar to red pepper and all spices which has become popular in most countries.

Garlic, saffron and beans are some of the varieties that are commonly imported and are widely used in Spanish cuisines. In fact, spices are a luxury for early traders. It became a valuable ingredient which only rich people can afford.

Cubans, Puerto Ricans and Mexican are the three largest American groups that have introduced authentic Hispanic spices. Below are some of the authentic spices.

Annatto seed/ achiote /atsuete seed – Annatto seeds are a rich yellowish-orange colored ingredient for stews and sauces. Seeds are steeped in boiling water for 20 minutes so as to extract its color.

Anise Seed- Anise is a native Mediterranean basin that is both used for sweet and savory applications. It is featured in breads cakes, cookies, liquors and even in sausages and tomato sauces.

Chipotle chili powder – This is made from dried and smoked jalapeo pepper, giving it a unique taste.

Cumin – This is a type of dry seed from cuminum cyminum herb which takes three to four months to grow. It is a member of the parsley family and is used for chili and curry powder. Aside from this, it is used for making a type of tea called “cumin cider”. The Cumin seed is almost similar to anise and fennel in appearance but it is much darker and smaller.

Fennel seed – This is a type of dry seed that is about 4 to 10 mm long. It features a brown or green color and aromatic spice that is similar to the anise seed, especially in taste and appearance. Fennel seeds are commonly used as breath fresheners in India. Its flavoring is used in some toothpaste.

Epazote – The Epazote can flavor food, especially black beans. It is known as a type of Mexican tea which is good for soothing intestinal pains caused by over eating of beans and other similar foods. Epazote is poisonous when given in large amounts. It is used in seasoning sopes soups, quesadillas, tamales, mole de olla, chilaquiles and enchiladas. Thus, Epazote helps in the treatment of amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, chorea, malaria, hysteria and asthma.

Red pepper flakes/crushed red pepper (Capsicum) – These are dried and crushed cayenne peppers, often sprinkled in certain pizzas. Its fruit contains capsaisin, a lipophilic chemical. It can create strong burning sensations in the mouth

Spanish paprika (Pimentón) – The Spanish paprika is red in color. It has a strong flavor and aroma. It is a natural condiment, obtained by drying and grinding red peppers. Dehydration usually lasts for two weeks and it is classified according to quality and type. It can be sweet, bitter or spicy. It can be kept for 2 years.

Paprika is widely used in many traditional Spanish recipes. At current, Americans incorporate this in their cuisines as a type of seasoning for kebabs, pork barbeque, even beef and lamb stews.

Saffron – This is a deeply rooted condiment in Castile-La Mancha. It is originally from central Asia and was introduced to the Peninsula by the Arabs. The plant was protectively denominated since March 2001.

It comes from dried stigmas of saffron crocus (Crocus sativus). The cultivation requires harvesting with the use of your bare hands and the pruning of the flower. Saffron provides dishes with orange color and a slight bitter taste, along with an exotic aroma. It is sold in flexible and resistant strands, having bright stigmas.

David H. Urmann

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