Sausage-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with Chef Albert Di Meglio at Olana Restaurant The world’s greatest pork recipe is under wraps. Literally! Let Chef Albert Di Meglio teach you his tricks to the tastiest tenderloin you’ll ever try, using the finest, freshest pork from D’Artagnan.

“Tip: Use high-quality, all natural and organic meats such as D’Artagnan.
Trick: Lightly season your meats to bring out natural flavors and don’t forget the power of simple salt and pepper.
Technique: Cut pork tenderloin into 4 oz. pieces per person, be sure to save the ends for future use/flavoring.
Trick: Prepare pork tenderloin at room temperature so meat is pliable.
Tip: Fat is good. A 30% pork fat to lean mean ratio will keep your meat moist and juicy.
Trick: If available, experiment with extras like caul fat (which will help hold your homemade sausage together). When rolling the sausage, wrap like a Christmas present: neat and tidy.
Trick: If you don’t have time to make the sausage, you can use pre-made sausage (just take it out of the casing)
Tip: “”You don’t have cook pork until it’s dead.”” Medium/medium-rare is perfectly safe and works beautifully.
Trick: Grape seed oil has a higher smoking point and is flavorless, so it won’t obstruct the natural pork and bacon flavors in the dish.
Trick: Raisins will help balance out any bitterness in brussels sprouts.
Technique: Hold the herbs until last, otherwise they will change flavor and color too much.
Tip: If you’re vegetarian, roasted brussels sprouts make a great side dish. Simply skip the bacon, and finish with tofu instead. ”

As the leading purveyor of organic poultry, game, foie gras, pâtés, sausages, smoked delicacies and wild mushrooms in the US, D’Artagnan currently provides more than 400 products to the world’s top chefs, as well as directly to consumers’ tables. Members can enjoy a 10% discount at

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Michael Chiarello – Quick Au Jus

New Michael Chiarello Quick Homemade Au Jus recipe. Chairello explains how to use Progresso broth to create a simple Au Jus which turns an ordinary roast beef sandwich into a delicious French dip.

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How to cook great BBQ Meat with quality produce

This video tells us about Coorong Angus Beef, which is restaurant quality Angus Beef which is avaliable direct to all consumers through Feast! Fine Food stores.

The video also provides tips on cooking your steak to perfection on a barbecue. Additionally the video tells us why many of the lesser known cuts of beef (e.g Blade) can still provide a very tasty result.

The video also looks at ‘Marbling’ which occurs with Coorong Angus Beef. It explains what it is and how it intensifies the flabour of the beef.

Coorong Angus Beef as well as many other cuts of branded beef are avaliable at all Feast! Fine Foods stores. Check us out online at

Duration : 0:3:1

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what would be the tastiest beef roast to serve to 50 people,excluding prime rib? Something affordable and nice

This will be for a Valentine’s Day banquet.

London Broil is very nice and affordable. It is best cooked medium rare and sliced thin.

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Is a BEEF RIB ROAST (BONE IN) prime rib?

and how would I cook it?

YES. There is a really good recipe on It is a little unconvential being that you cook the roast at very high heat for a time then turn off the oven and let it sit (not opening the oven), then reheat the oven to finish cooking. I did this last year for Christmas and the roast was excellent. They may still have the video I saw.

I found the recipe: Foolproof Standing Rib Roast by Paula Deen,,FOOD_9936_20872,00.html

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Neptune Northern Disinfecting System – Canopy / Poultry IV

Neptune Northern Disinfecting System can be designed with various spray nozzle configuration to deliver an all over mist or a more concentrated focused spray depending on the application and the consistency of the size of the vehicles using the system.

Neptune Northern recommends the use of a series of non-corrosive disinfectant that degrades to ordinary table salt. That limits the damage to the vehicles and limits concerns about the drift of the disinfectant.

The disinfectant can be captured and discharged to a small detention pond and allowed to dissipate, or in small quantities, simply allowed to pool on the ground and allowed to evaporate.

Neptune Northern system is set on a flat grade and uses small integrated ramps to make the transition from the road to the wash platform.

Neptune Northern system requires a minimum of installation.

Neptune Northern system is designed to operate on 110 or 240 single phase power.

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I just want to……….. cut all my damn ugly jiggle flipping ughh!?

Recently I’ve been trying to eat healthier. POINTLESS. Im 14, and 148 pounds, about 5’3. I have jiggly fat on my arms, stomache, and thighs. I’ve tried to eat veggies, fruit, and poultry, which I have. I’ve drank more water. But I caved! I had a WHOLE butterfinger bar yesterday, and some peanut cluster this morning, and had a whole 7-up this morning with a HUGE freakin cinnamon role! And had a most half dr.pepper yesterday night. I lost a bit a weight in my shorts, and I went to the store to get some new shorts ( I’m a size 13). I tried a size 9, NOPE. Im wayyy to fat for them. im just FAT! I can cry! I’ve resented becoming fat from the day I went into 7th grade. But im FAT. I feel ugly, fat, and boring.

What do I do? I feel horrible in every way! Please dont be mean…
I’ve also tried to walk, but have no motivation.
im 14, a size 13

I’m glad that you’re trying to lose weight in a healthy way :)
Well what you have to realize is that you’re losing the weight not for vanity, but to be a better, healthier you.
You can’t give up on yourself.
Motivation is sometimes the hardest part in losing weight. But if you really want it, then you’ll keep going.
Also, seek support from maybe friends or family.

Don’t ever think negatively about yourself, that will just bring you down.

Also don’t weigh yourself everyday! If you don’t see weight loss each day then that’ll just bring your hopes down again.

Keep up the healthy eating but make sure that you’re not over eating so watch your portions.

Cut out junk and snacks and don’t eat after 7 or 8.

Oh and exercise is crucial. Make sure to get at least any hour of physical activity a day :)

Remember that you’re beautiful in every way. A number on a scale does not measure a person’s level of beauty, it comes from within. Be confident and stride to youe goal.

Hope I helped and good luck :)

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GI Joe PSA Spoofs by FenslerFilm (Best Quality Version HQ)

This upload is the original Public Service Announcements spoofs as parodied by Fenslerfilm.

This video was converted from an original large format 720×480 MPEG-2 that I dug up on the FENSLERFILM website years ago. The 2nd generation format is 640×480 2-PASS VBR DIVX 4.12, with upsampled 48kHz audio, for “breathing” room. Watch in HQ for best results.

There is no higher quality version on Youtube or anywhere I’ve seen.

“Body Massage”
“Porkchop Sandwiches”
“Your Got Sacked”
“Help Computer”

Sorry I am not more descriptive about episode origin, but I will update later. Enjoy.

Duration : 0:2:15

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The New York Butcher Shoppe

The New York Butcher Shoppe

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How to make Pork adobo and garlic fried rice

This is a simple, cheap, delicious filipino pork adobo, you may also use chicken or you can put both. Garlic fried rice and egg is a good combination with this dish. Enjoy the show ^_^

DISCLAIMER: Since FTC have a new law, I just want to make it clear that I bought and purchase everything that I use/own on this video, NON of the products are given to me for advertisement or for any commercial use. I spent my own money for everything you will see on this video.

video quality will improve

Duration : 0:7:22

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