Where can I buy USDA prime beef? (Safeway? Wholefoods?, Specialty market?)?

I live in San Francisco

Depending on where you live some upscale grocery stores carry it at their meat counter. In Minneapolis, for example, the Byerlys and Lunds chain has it. You might also look for a meat market that only sells meats – they often will carry Prime beef.

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Looking for how Ruth’s Chris cook their steaks, not recipe 4 garlic butter!?

Anyone knows how Ruth’s Chris cook their steaks? Besides the quality of meat & a really hot broiler/over, there must be a method & timing to get the same juicy melt-in-your-mouth perfection that comes on the plate.

Actually I think you have everything right there already.

They use a top quality beef that was raised just for them using their standards. They use a patented broiler that I hear gets up to 1600 or 1800 degrees that would not be doable at home, and they use garlic butt on them to season.

To get a great steak, you have to start out with a great piece of beef – that is half the battle.

I agree, they have one of the better slices of cow available.

edited to add: And I would guess that they dry age their beef. The best steaks are dry aged 6-8 weeks. But any dry ageing is generally better than wet aging using enzymes.

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Raised in a musical family out of Cleveland, Ohio, Maria has always been surrounded by diversity in music that reached far beyond what could be found in record stores. From the tender age of six, she has sung in her church choir where eastern melodies and percussion were heard from the Melkite Catholic Mass. In the fourth grade Maria began fifteen years of classical flute study and some piano, gaining a new appreciation for European melody and harmony through much practice and listening.

Her first encounters with live music were with her father Mike Jacobs, a drummer who frequently brought Maria to the bandstand to render her interpretations of favorite standards on which she was raised. All of these rich, early experiences lead to superior ratings in flute competitions throughout high school, a music scholarship at The Ohio State University and singing jazz in area night clubs.

Maria has jammed with many great musicians including Grover Washington Jr. and Nancy Wilson. She has opened for Bob Dorough and recorded with bassist Alphonso Johnson and drummer Ndugu Chancler, both formerly of Weather Report.

Upon graduating from college with a degree in Journalism, Maria started working with several jazz radio stations as a disc jockey, but it was in Cleveland that she met up with friend and mentor Bobby Jackson, three-time Gavin Radio Person of the Year. The musical director of then 24-hour jazz station WCPN hired her as his research assistant. It was here that she realized she would forever be a student of music, absorbing all she could from her various surroundings.

In 1997, Maria moved to Los Angeles, CA upon the coaxing of Alphonso Johnson, who also encouraged her to fulfill her musical journey. He introduced her to JVC recording artist Kevyn Lettau, with whom she studied privately for three years, and later followed to the Los Angeles Music Academy for more group study in vocal improvisation and technique.

Other musicians Maria has worked with include Bob Conti, Tony Dumas, Ralph Penland, Greg Poree, George Gaffney, Tom Garvin, Earl Palmer, Ernie McDaniel, Richard Sherman, Geoffrey Aymar, Sherry Luchetti, Greg Bandy, Paul Kreibech and Wilford Middlebrooks. She has participated in master classes of some the finest vocalists in the business including: Betty Carter, Diane Reeves, Jay Clayton, Kitty Margolis, Ellen Johnson, Suzanne Pittson and Cathy Segal-Garcia.

Maria is a professional member of the Jazz Vocal Coalition and the International Association of Jazz Educators. She currently teaches private flute and voice at the AMUSE Music Center in Palos Verdes, and attends Chapman University for Music Therapy. She sings professionally throughout Los Angeles, New York and Cleveland, and is featured singing in the film “Made Up,” directed by Tony Shalhoub, and starring Brooke Adams and Gary Sinise.

Hen House Studios is a record label and documentary film company in Venice, California. First made famous by their unique concept to record musicians for free in exchange for the right to film them, Hen House has grown to a premiere, web based multi media company featuring music videos, CDs, DVDs, and podcasts all produced by the studio.
Hear the Music and See the Stories.

©2007 Hen House Studios . All Rights Reserved.

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Meat Loaf – Modern Girl – Live 1985

Not sure if this is already up, but it’s a very high quality live recorded performance of the underrated classic “Modern Girl” sung by Meat Loaf.

Duration : 0:5:19

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How is Prime Rib different from Roast Beef?

Are they the same?

Prime rib refers to a whole or large cut of rib eye roasted then sliced and served. Roast beef can be any cut from the cow.

Prime can also be used to describe the quality of the particular cut. Prime, choice, and select in that order are the 3 top qualities. After select it’s only fit for ground beef and dog food.

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Many say Bison is better tastin’ than beef, and we agree. Full of that rich prime beef like flavor without all the steroids and antibiotics, these American Buffalo burgers are real popular around the Pit. And they’re really easy to grill on the barbecue, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys. Bison provided by Blue Bison at http://www.CrownBlueBison.com Use the coupon code YOUTUBE to get 10% off your next purchase!

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Vigiluccis Restaurant Group in San Diego CA

Visit one of Vigilucci’s nine locations in San DIego County from Oceanside to Coronado and enjoy menu highlights including pasta dishes, savory veal, chicken, prime steak and seafood paired with award-winning wine lists. Vigilucci’s Restaurant Group also offers full-service catering with customized menus and staff to suit every occasion and group size. Buon Appetito!

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Meat Eating Quality: The Chef

Butcher Chapter from the QMS DVD Meat Quality, Science into Practice.

Duration : 0:4:5

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What is the difference between Roast Beef and Prime Rib?

Roast beef is just a generic name for a cut of beef that’s baked (roasted) in the oven.

Prime rib is roast beef, but a specific cut of beef that generally refers to a Rib Roast, also known as a Standing Rib Roast. Technically, it’s a rib roast using USDA Prime meat, but most restaurants do not use USDA Prime.

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Grade and Specification of Menage Beef

Chef Flynn is in his kitchen cooking Menage beef and educating us about USDA grade and specifications. You may not know that there is more to quality meats than USDA grade. Chef Flynn is cluinary trained at Wales and Johnson. He is an Executive Research Chef.

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