real meat versus canned food?

I have two 9-week-old kittens. They are currently on wet food about 5 times a day. They have dry food out all the time that they nibble on. Water is provided which they are drinking.

They are currently being weaned off Whiskas and Felix wet food (which they were fed in foster care) and onto a higher quality wet food. I am mixing some Pets at Home (UK) "Purely" food which seems better quality. It has 50% real chicken, sunflower oil, vitamin and mineral supplements and tapioca starch. That’s the list of ingredients. It seems better than other brands. There doesn’t seem to be any byproducts or ash or corn fillers.

The kittens don’t seem to enjoy this food that much (both higher and lower quality food), but they will pick at it. A couple of times I have given them some salmon steaks and frying steak (both cooked) which I’ve chopped up. They love this and lick the plate clean!

My question is, is it wrong/safe/unhealthy to feed them exclusively real meat (beef, pork, tuna etc) as opposed to high quality canned food? I know that canned food has all the vitamins and minerals, etc that a cat needs, but is real meat actually better for them since they are carnivores? I am a little worried about them having too much protein in their diet as I know this can cause kidney problems. Also, because they are so young, is real meat appropriate? I would not feed them processed meats (ham, deli meat etc). I know that canned food contains water, but they are drinking pretty well too.

I want to give my kittens a good start in life and feed them the best.
Thanks for the answers I’ve been getting. So, what about if I give them a combination of real and canned food, all mixed in together. The real meat might make the canned stuff taste better. But then again, they might just pick out the real stuff and leave the canned stuff!

A raw diet is the best thing you could possibly feed them. They are obligate carnivores and designed to digest high protein foods, so you needn’t worry about kidney problems. Meat contains water just like canned food does.

Making a nutritionally complete homemade diet isn’t easy. Research: (MAKING CAT FOOD) (Foodmaking) (Easy Homemade Diets for Cats and Dogs)

Raw feeding is an excellent option but should also be thoroughly researched before being attempted. There’s a lot more to it than just feeding your cat raw meat. You need a careful balance of raw muscle meat, raw organ meat, and raw meaty bones. Research: (Raw Fed Cats) (Raw Fed: What About Cats?) (Jane Anderson’s Raw Learning Site) (Raw Meaty Bones) (Raw Prey Model Diet Vs. BARF Diet) (Raw Dogs Livejournal Community [not just for dogs despite the name!], excellent raw feeding information on the profile page and overall helpful community for raw feeding questions.) (Myths About Raw Feeding)


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Math help, my son needs help? 10 points best answer?

He is in 4th Grade, I am terrible in math, yesterday he had a party but he failed to mention his homework thats worth half his grade, HE IS FAILING, passing this will help him pass, the teacher said its a " Act of charity", please help, he is going in late and he has 1 hour, please 10 POINTS!

Fresh Meat 75,000 lbs
Fresh Fish 11,000 lbs
Salt & dried fish 4,000 lbs
Bacon and Ham 7,500 lbs
Poultry and game 25,000 lbs
Fresh Eggs 40,000
Sausages 2,500 lbs

Net tonnage: 24,900 tons

Fresh Milk 1,500 gal
Fresh Cream 1,200 qts
Condensed Milk 600 gals

Lifeboat Total Rated Capacity: 1,178 persons
Personal floatation devices: 3560 life jackets and 49 life buoys
Fuel requirement: 825 tons of coal per day
Water consumption: 14,000 gallons of fresh water per day
Top Speed: 23 knots
Staterooms: 840.The Titanic was designed to hold 32 lifeboats, though only 20 were on board; White Star management was concerned that too many boats would sully the aesthetic beauty of the ship.

1.) How many tons of meat (fresh meat and fish, salt and dried fish, poultry and game, bacon, ham and sausages) were aboard the ship?
2.) How many pounds was the net tonnage?
3.) How many pounds of coal were used per day?
4.) How many quarts of fresh milk, fresh cream and condensed milk were present?
5.) How many additional 30′ life boats should have been on board to avoid this catastrophe?

1) add up the pounds and divide by 2000 lbs per ton.

2) a ton is 2,000 pounds: 24,900 tons x 2,000 lbs/ton = 49,8000,000 lbs or 4.98 x 10^7 lbs

3) the answer is on the page: 825 tons : convert this to pounds using the ratio 2000lbs per ton.

4) the answer is on the page, sorta: You have to convert gallons to quarts and add up:
1500galx 4q/gal + 1200 qts + 600galx 4q/gal = 9600 qts

there are 4 quarts per gallon.

5) we don’t know how many people were onboard, so we can’t find out how many boats were needed. we also don’t know how many people a single boat holds.

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Where can I buy USDA prime beef? (Safeway? Wholefoods?, Specialty market?)?

I live in San Francisco

Depending on where you live some upscale grocery stores carry it at their meat counter. In Minneapolis, for example, the Byerlys and Lunds chain has it. You might also look for a meat market that only sells meats – they often will carry Prime beef.

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Beside Prime Rib what is the 2nd best beef roast to cook?

Beef Tenderloin is better than prime rib. If you know what your doing it is absolutely not even a contest. I don’t mean to seem snotty but I would not use tender for a roast only because it is much better served as filet mignon approx 6-8 ounces each mmmmm. Since a Prime rib has the bone in and a rib-eye roast doesn’t, those would be my #1 and #2

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I bought a pre-marinated vacuum sealed package of pork?

It was store brand, and it was one of three varieties, pork, chicken, or beef, all labelled suitable for fajitas and stir fry. It was a value pack of 4.45 lbs and cost me $8.81 for the pork. When I opened it it was in much bigger pieces than that, pretty and brownish pink, and very lean meat. No bones. I was able to prepare some and freeze two more meal sized portions of it. The tacos I made with the first round of the meat were very tasty, kind of like a spicy pork chop.

Anyway, I through the package away, and don’t want to dig it back out, so does anyone venture to guess what cut of meat I was dealing with here? I know it isn’t the oddest of the odds and ends, such as pre-hotdog stage, it was better quality than that. And I wonder if it is a particularly good bargain at $1.98 a pound for whatever this was?

Not much to go on to be sure, I appreciate all reasonable guesses.

Also if anyone has any recipe ideas for these meats?

The meat your are asking about is pork tenderloin and that’s about the average price. It is the same cut of meat you get your pork chops from.

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EDWARDS MEATS in Wheatridge, Colorado

Edwards Meats Wheatridge, Colorado a Full Service Family run Meat Market with personalized service. For over 45 years and three generations Edwards meats has been a staple for the community. U.S.D.A. prime and choice aged beef, pork, poultry, fresh seafood, buffalo, elk, venison and a large variety of sausages are just a few of the selections available besides fresh produce and a lunch deli made to your liking. It’s worth the trip, check them out at:
12280 West 44th Ave. Wheatridge, CO 80033
(303) 422-4397

Music: guitartest1 by Rico

Duration : 0:1:2

Read more…

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Sausage-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with Chef Albert Di Meglio at Olana Restaurant The world’s greatest pork recipe is under wraps. Literally! Let Chef Albert Di Meglio teach you his tricks to the tastiest tenderloin you’ll ever try, using the finest, freshest pork from D’Artagnan.

“Tip: Use high-quality, all natural and organic meats such as D’Artagnan.
Trick: Lightly season your meats to bring out natural flavors and don’t forget the power of simple salt and pepper.
Technique: Cut pork tenderloin into 4 oz. pieces per person, be sure to save the ends for future use/flavoring.
Trick: Prepare pork tenderloin at room temperature so meat is pliable.
Tip: Fat is good. A 30% pork fat to lean mean ratio will keep your meat moist and juicy.
Trick: If available, experiment with extras like caul fat (which will help hold your homemade sausage together). When rolling the sausage, wrap like a Christmas present: neat and tidy.
Trick: If you don’t have time to make the sausage, you can use pre-made sausage (just take it out of the casing)
Tip: “”You don’t have cook pork until it’s dead.”” Medium/medium-rare is perfectly safe and works beautifully.
Trick: Grape seed oil has a higher smoking point and is flavorless, so it won’t obstruct the natural pork and bacon flavors in the dish.
Trick: Raisins will help balance out any bitterness in brussels sprouts.
Technique: Hold the herbs until last, otherwise they will change flavor and color too much.
Tip: If you’re vegetarian, roasted brussels sprouts make a great side dish. Simply skip the bacon, and finish with tofu instead. ”

As the leading purveyor of organic poultry, game, foie gras, pâtés, sausages, smoked delicacies and wild mushrooms in the US, D’Artagnan currently provides more than 400 products to the world’s top chefs, as well as directly to consumers’ tables. Members can enjoy a 10% discount at

Duration : 0:4:48

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what makes USDA prime cuts of beef so "prime"?

The Trump steaks extole quasi-mythical virtues to the steaks they sell, before flogging them off at quasi-galactic prices.
Can anyone tell me why? Is the beef organic and free from hormones? Do the cows get massages and drink beer, like the ones Kobe beef comes from?

Prime beef is thoroughly and evenly marbled with fat in it which makes it more tender and juicy than select.

Above Prime would be Prime Certified Angus Beef and WAY above that would be the Kobe beef, which typically retails for $100/pound or more and is often eaten raw.

This is what the different grades look like:

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Prime Rib Recipe : What is Prime Rib?

Learn what Prime Rib is with expert tips for cooking beef in this free online video recipe clip.

Expert: David Postada
Bio: David Postada is Chef and owner of the Big Easy Catering company in Santa Barbara, California.
Filmmaker: Diana Bacon

Duration : 0:1:4

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FOOD NEWS: Michael Pollan: In Defense Of Food

For more Stories, Food News, and Cooking Fresh videos, visit:
Michael Pollan’s new book, In Defense of Food, provides the backdrop for his talk at the Bagdad Theater in Portland, Oregon, and this prior interview with Deborah Kane of the environmental nonprofit organization, Ecotrust. Remarkably, Mr. Pollan is talking about a defense of food in a literal sense: it’s increasingly difficult to escape from eating foods that are food-like substances (processed foods), but are not whole (real) foods. We have come to look upon “nutritionism” as a valid means of determining (healthy) value in our diet; food has been reduced to its composition of good and bad nutrients, but are we really eating healthier? In part one, we see how simple changes in food labeling requirements can influence consumer behavior, and how food manufacturer’s apply overwhelming pressure to effect laws that ultimately protect their own interests.

To see more stories, get recipes, and links to additional resources, go to:

Duration : 0:9:56

Read more…

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