Are you concerned about meats and its potential to harbor parasites?

even if meat is fully cooked, you would still be eating dead parasites right? heck some might even still be alive, or its eggs might have survived. the quality of meat (pork beef chicken fish) i think has been severe degraded compared to what it used to be. chicken and beef products are neglected and treated with no care during preparation and slaughter, and fish are over fished to the point where company’s are now having to group fish within a artificial farm within the sea/ocean which encourages parasitic outbreaks.
i think meat nowadays isn’t being treated with respect whatsoever and cutting corners are leading to the degradation of the quality

Parasites are not found in beef and chicken. Trichinosis is a parasite found in pork. However, there has not been a case of someone in the US getting trichinosis in years. If you go overseas, just make sure you don’t eat undercooked pork, because trichinosis is quite common in third world countries.

Sashimi grade fish used to make "raw fish" sushi has been flash frozen to kill any parasites or eggs. Eating sushi is very safe because of these regulations. However, in others counties, sashimi grade fish may not have been frozen.

Parasites can be eliminated by properly cooking pork and fish. Cooking fish and pork to a minimum of 145 F for fifteen seconds will kill any eggs or parasites.

So, sure, eating fully cooked meat that had parasites in it means that you are eating dead parasites. They usually won’t hurt you, although some people will have an allergic reaction if they eat cooked parasites found in fish.

I think the fact that trichinosis has been eliminated in the US just goes to show how much food safety in the US has improved over the years. I totally disagree with your statement. New improvements and advancements are being made in food safety and sanitation all the time. There was once a time that food was not being inspected at all. A man by the name of Upton Sinclair wrote a book called the "Jungle". The book is about the meat packing plants of Chicago in the early 1900′s. The reason that the US has the FDA and USDA is because of this book. If you want to read some really gross stuff about meat, then read that book. I think the meat industry has made great strides in keeping our food safe.

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30,000 pounds of Prime Beef

APUSH project to the tune of 30,000 pounds of Bananas by Harry Chapin

…well, at least we tried I guess

Duration : 0:2:42

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Poultry Thigh Defatting with AirShirz Pneumatic Scissors

Easily remove fat from poultry or turkey thighs with the AirShirz pneumatic scissors from Bettcher.

Duration : 0:0:41

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Chinese Dumpling Making : Delicious Recipe (HD Quality)

Ellen Huang demonstrates the way to make Chinese Pork Dumplings. Kathir Vel and team follow and help her. Nice video with a faint chinese song playing in the background.

How to make dumplings, eat with chop sticks, make dumpling dipping sauce, enjoy good food, cook with friends.

Duration : 0:5:57

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How do i roast a prime silverside beef joint its 0.980kg?

Never done a roast before! I’m doing slimming world so bought and thought i would roast it and make salads out of it for the next couple of red days on the diet plan. How do i roast it? My oven is the crappest, slowest oven in the world.
Do i have to do anything to it, like marinate it or something

Silverside is normally boiled or done in a slow cooker, it is one of the toughest cuts of beef.
My suggestion would be:
Place your silverside in pan or slowcooker
2 tsps mustard
1/2 cup vinegar
2 tbsp sugar
2 bay leaves
1 onion peeled and halved
Cover with water
Simmer slowly until cooked (should be floating)
Approx 2 hours, if roasted could turn out leathery.

I would substitute the sugar for sweetex or similar

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2 girls ROCKIN OUT! watch in high quality

girls just wanna have fun: cindy lauper
pork and beans: weezer
distrubia: rihanna
best friend: toybox
pull shapes: the pipettes
aint no stressin: step up 2 soundtrack
control: metrostation


Duration : 0:4:30

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Low Fat Spinach Dip Recipe

Need a great dip for your next get together? Looking for something to top your bland meal with? Well here is the recipe you needed! With this Low Fat Spinach Dip Recipe the possibilities are endless!

Low Fat Spinach Dip Recipe


I don’t know about ya’ll but not only am I a dip FANATIC but I just LOVE to “top” my food with something yummy. With our increasingly health conscious society, I’m sure some of you are wagging your fingers at me while silently wishing you could do the same. Well I’ve got a surprise for you, you can have your cake and eat it too! (figuratively speaking) This Low Fat Spinach Dip Recipe is the answers to your prayers. Not only is it Low Fat, but because of the great ingredients it is high protein as well!

Take your spinach dip a step further by making it a meal! Try it on top of a chicken breast or even in a panini with some roast beef! Also if YOU have any other suggestions on what you can pair this great recipe with LET ME KNOW! Don’t forget to keep checking back here for more great recipes!



Low Fat Spinach Dip Recipe

Low Fat Spinach Dip Recipe



What You’ll Need:

Skinny Spinach Dip (3-4 servings)

6-7 oz of fresh spinach (can also use frozen)

1/3 cup of fat free Greek yogurt

1 clove of garlic (finely sliced)

2 minced green onions

1/4 cup of shredded Parmesan

1/2 cup of skim shredded mozzarella

pepper or red chili flakes


What to do:

If using frozen spinach, totally thaw out your spinach and  squeeze as much liquid out as you can. Make sure to press between a couple paper towels to remove as much moisture as you can.

Now, preheat the oven to 350 degrees F and spray a 4×4 dish with some non-stick cooking spray. Get a med bowl and combine together all the ingredients, making sure to mix them well.  Put your mix in the baking dish and bake it for 25-30 min. You’ll want the dip to be bubbling and have the cheese starting to brown around the edges.

Serve it hot with chips or on top of your favorite quality meat! Enjoy!


Resources: Spinach Dip Spinach Dip

TwoFoodies&APup~Skinny Spinach Dip


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Prime BEEF Supports FOB Walton

The folks of the Triple 7 Prime BEEF Squadron travel from one construction project to the next throughout Afghanistan. Air Force Master Sgt. Samantha Lowe reports on Prime BEEF building structures so others can build trust.

Duration : 0:1:39

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5 Easy Crock Pot Roast Recipes

Here are a group of recipes anyone is sure to love. 5 different takes on the classic pot roast that you can fit to your schedule!


5 Easy Crock Pot Roast Recipes


Many years ago it was custom for the women to stay at the house all day and keep up the home, while the husband worked. However, it today’s society, while some women do stay home the majority are now off in the workforce as well to help bring more money for the family. Today I’m giving you not just one but 5 Easy Crock Pot Roast Recipes! Each recipe uses their own ingredients with different prep and cook times to fit just about everyone’s busy schedule.




#1 Easy Crock Pot Roast Recipe


5 East Crock Pot Roast RecipesTo Die for Crock Pot


Pros: With a Prep-Time of ONLY 5MINS and a Cook-Time of 9hrs, this recipe works perfectly for working moms and stay at home moms alike! Just prep in the morning and let it slow cook the day away while you’re at work or getting things around the house done.

Cons: Side vegetables aren’t included in the prep-time and recipe, so if you want some you’ll have to allot more time to chop them.


#2 Easy Crock Pot Roast Recipe


5 Easy Crock Pot Roast Recipes

5 Easy Crock Pot Roast Recipes

Best Crock Pot


Pros: This recipe has very few ingredients that include most staples people keep in their kitchen. With vegetables included in the cooking process more flavor is added to your roast.

Cons: This specific recipe calls for you ti THINLY slice the carrots and potatoes and let them soak in water for 15mins. this DOES up the prep-time to around 20mins and not everyone has the extra time in the a.m.


#3 Easy Crock Pot Roast Recipe

5 Easy Crock Pot Roast Recipes

5 Easy Crock Pot Roast Recipes

Slow-Cooker Pot


Pros: This recipe has you adding new flavors and spices so you’re not stuck with the same ol’ pot roast. Also while it seems a few more steps are added to this dish, the prep time is still pretty short at only 15mins.

Cons:You may or may not have all the ingredients called for in this recipe, so a check of supplies and quick run to the store may be needed.


#4 Easy Crock Pot Roast Recipe


5 Easy Crock Pot Roast Recipes

5 Easy Crock Pot Roast Recipes



Pros: You’ve never tasted such flavor in your pot roast as this! It even calls for Chardonnay, so whatever you don’t use for the roast you can always drink! Also there is a short video of Paula Dean cooking this to use as a guide.

Cons: There is a definite trip to the grocery store in your future if you choose this recipe, that claims a prep-time of 10mins, but that may be stretching it for those new to the kitchen.


#5 Easy Crock Pot Roast Recipes


5 Easy Crock Pot Roast Recipes

5 Easy Crock Pot Roast Recipes

Perfect Pot


Pros: If you are looking for an in depth yet easy recipe this one is for you. While there are more steps and will take more time, she offers step-by-step instructions (including pictures!) to help you through EVERYTHING!

Cons: Another trip to the store is in order, and for those who are a little less kitchen savvy, this may scare you, but don’t let it!



All of these recipes offer easy step-by-step instructions and with different prep and cook times you can choose the one that works best for you and your schedule while still getting a flavor spiked meal! Who doesn’t want that?! Thanks for looking and make sure to check back for more easy recipe posts!

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Episode 2 (Part 1): Puerco Pibil

A delicious, spicy, slow roasted pork from the Yucatan.

5 Tbsp. Annatto Seeds (Achiote)
2 tsp. Cumin Seeds
1 Tbsp. Allspice
1/2 tsp. Whole Cloves
Habañeros (to taste… seeded and veined, then minced)
1/2 Cup White Vinegar
1/2 Cup Orange Juice
2 Tbsp. Salt
8 Cloves Garlic (pressed and crushed)
5 Lemons (juiced)
Splash Tequila (finest quality)
5 lb. Pork Butt (pork shoulder)
(Banana Leaves, optional)

1) Grind annatto, cumin, pepper, allspice, and cloves into a fine powder using a coffee grinder (reserved only for grinding spices, NOT coffee).

2)Combine minced habañeros, vinegar, and orange juice. Mix. Add salt, garlic, lemon juice, and tequila. (food processor or blender works best)

3) Mix powder with habañero mixture. Shake well.

4) Cut pork into 2″ cubes and combine in a bag with spice/habañero mixture and shake well. Place all ingredients in a turkey bag (remembering to poke holes) or wrap in banana leaves. Bake for 2 hours at 325. (Banana leaves version: bake for 4 hours at 325)

Duration : 0:5:4

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